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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neku

Blitzcrank - Dps Blitzcraaaaank ( Grasshyren )

Neku Last updated on January 20, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 20

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 10

Chapter 1

- I: Foreword -
- A: Patch Notes - Blitzcrank Updates -
- B: Pro / Con -
- C: Summoner Spells -
- D: Alternative Summoner Spells -
- E: Runes and Masteries -
- F: Items & Boots -
- G: Playstyle -
- H: Early Game / Mid Game / Late Game -
- I: Final Word -


Hello to you all, this is my very first build so i hope you all enjoy it. I have been playing Blitzcrank for a long time now useing other peoples build and i think i may have found one that works for me and other players as well, so i hope u like it and pls comment. I love to see what people have to say wether my Grasshyren inspired build is good or not.

There is only one condition. Try it yourself. I promise you... you'll love it^^

Release Notes - Blitzcrank Updates

Release Notes v1.0.0.101
* Power Fist now resets the auto-attack timer

--> Small buff, huge difference. Attack and immediately activate . Helps you fix your lack of attackspeed early in the game a bit.

Release Notes v1.0.0.103
* Mana per Level increased to 40 from 36
* Static Field cooldown reduced to 30 from 40
* Static Field no longer targets stealthed units
* Overdrive
o Cooldown reduced to 15 from 20
o Mana cost reduced to 75 from 90
o Now reduces movement speed by 75 instead of 25% , which also fixes an edge case bug
* Mana Barrier no longer uses (or refunds) Blitzcrank's mana when it is activated

--> Decent patch with some useful buffs for Blitzcrank. No need to save mana for passive anymore.

Release Notes v1.0.0.104
* Magic resistance per level increased to 1.25 from 0
--> This buff was more necessary than you can imagine...

Release Notes v1.0.0.106
* Overdrive no longer has a movement speed reduction when it ends
* Fixed a bug where Power Fist was not breaking spell shields
* Fixed a bug where Static Field and Power Fist did not display the hit particle when they killed a unit
* Base attack speed increased.
* Updated recommended items

--> Okay serioesly... This was the WTF - Patch for Blitzcrank. The fact that Riot removed the speed reduction from his is just ridiculous. In fact the best Dps skill ingame imo. His base attack speed buff makes Blitzcrank an even more viable Dps champion.


- awesome Dps skills (3rd, 2nd skill)
- awesome Faaalcooooon Hooook! (even without dmg hook does its job)
- awesome crit with 2nd skill
- sorta tanky cause of item build


- everyone expects you to be the tank
- often caught myself acting as i were the tank
- being focused by noobs who think youre the tank

Summoner Spells

I take this because your mobility is one of your biggest advantages. With your 3rd skill and your passive you are a beast of a bait and if you youre tank does his job well youre cleaning the battlefield like no other champ.

You got a ****load of movement speed but youre lack of slow can be a pain in the ***. Exhaust helps you a lot.

Other Summoner Spells you should consider
For a unstoppable feeling
with your movement speed.
For pros who can
hook better than me.
This is a viable skill
for Blitzcrank. Good
for unexpected Hooks.

Runes & Masteries

Still not sure about these. Masteries are not that big of a deal. Runes can vary. I usually take Armor Penetration Quints and Marks or Crit chance Quints and Marks or Attackspeed Quints and Marks. I am still experiamenting with Glyphs and Seals so your advice would be helpful.

Items and boots

is another great item to have. The 150% base dmg boost, I think it was raised to 150% in a patch, will work great when the next attack that consumes will be Great stats, awesome bonus procs, and all around great item for Blitz.

is a great item for this kind of blitz. It gives more mana, AND gives me some AD. Its not a lot, but some it better than none. Lets do some math shall we?

Ok with the 100 bonus mana, he will have 2558 mana. Very nice for him. Now 2% of that is 51 dmg (thats rounded down). Thats a nice bonus if you aske me. combine that to his dmg and he has 259. Thats not bad, and when you add the ArP his dmg will be great. Add the bonus of and its even better.

Adjust to the situation.
<> <>

Nuff' said.


Your first skill brings some kind of responsibility with it. Take your time (important thing) and watch out for careless enemies. Despite all of your dps you should also be aware of defensive roles like stunning enemy carries who chase your carry or even silencing them with your ult (the short silence saved some ***es more than one time). Dont hesitate to use your ult for farming otherwise you have a hard time farming properly. The short cooldown allows my opinion. And finaly... you cant say this often enough... ****ing Map Awareness guys. Wards <3

Early game

You are not yet a dps champion. Farm and let them pay for careless moves. Important situation: if youre low hp and youre being chased. Wait for the moment when the path is clear and youre near by a turret. Hook and stun. I got so many kills by this mistake. Your passive makes this easier. Trust in it ;)

Mid game

If you did a decent job you should have your Manamune and maybe you Zeal by now. You are dealing good damage and your passive can be an unexpected annoyance for your enemy. Concentrate on hooking before upcoming teamfight. Check Baron Nashor sometimes. Get Lizard Buff. And most important: time your arrival in teamfights. If you have the right timing you'll be devastating like every other dps champ.

Late game

Same as mid game. Your passive makes you now a semi-tank. But be careful. Your hooks can now get you in a bad position.

Final word

As you may know, I took the idea from Grasshyren (check out his channel on youtube). I experimented a lot and think that this is a good build for him. Also please excuse my grammar mistakes... I'm german... I'm the only one who is allowed to be a grammar Nazi ;D