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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Mrwafflebrainz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mrwafflebrainz

Blitzcrank the Tank

Mrwafflebrainz Last updated on January 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a very very tanky Blitz build. Early game, it will be a slow start and you are limited to grabs. However, once you receive your Talisman, you have a lot of mana to play with and a shorter cooldown on your grabs, leaving you tons of chances to land a pull for your ADC. Near late game, you will be able to tank a turret of full health while your teammates destroy it and you only lose a tiny bar of health. You will be able to initiate fights first, meaning when you land a pull, pop them up in the air, and ult, you can still stay in the fight as the opposing team will probably target you first and you lose little to no health.

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Blitzcrank is super ability dependent. Without his abilities, he is useless. So, here's a quick overview of them.

Mana Barrier
His passive gives him a temporary mana shield that gives him a big shield depending on his current mana pool. This is only activated when he hits below 20% health. Also note that the shield has a longer cooldown, but this shouldn't really affect anything unless you go Big Balled Brian and play aggressively every minute. I suggest seeing a doctor if your balls are obscenely huge.

Rocket Grab
is his signature Q. He shoots out his arm and grabs someone and then proceeds to pull them in towards him. This is used to pull an enemy to your team or to your tower. It deals higher than average magic damage by the way. Keep in mind that it only pulls the first target it hits. Be wary though since the area of effect is wider than the animation, it may accidentally pull a minion to its left or right. Also, the length of the grab is slightly longer than the animation.

is his W and speeds him up and gives him extra attack speed. This gives him a great escape tool as well as a great evasive maneuver. Also, since AD will be built on Blitz, it provides the attack speed.

Power Fist
is his E and DOUBLES the attack damage in the next attack and knocks up the enemy(hehe). This restarts the attack speed and so you can auto-attack and automatically use Powerfist right after.

Static Field
This is his ultimate. Its passive shoots randomized lightning bolts to nearby enemies. This helps with accidental farming :) When he activates his ultimate, a field of static erupts from him and deals an AOE around him, silencing and damaging the enemies. However when his ultimate is on cooldown, his passive stops. So that is why it is better to not activate his Ult early in a one v one scenario.

For skill sequence, I start with Rocket Grab usually. This is great when the game starts and is probably the best ability out there if your team is gankinng the enemy's buffs. You'll want to begin the game with Grab then Fist then Overdrive. You'll want to max your Rocket Grab, picking up points in ults as usual and max overdrive second, finishing off with powerfist last.

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Skill Sequence

Put simply, Rocket Grab them, Power Fist them, Pop Overdrive and hack away their health while lightning bolts electrify them, and then when the try to leave Powerfist should be up. If they continue to flee, you can grab them again and start it over. By this time, your ADC should have the kill. If needed and your grab isnt up, use your exhaust to slow down a fleeing enemy.

Another way to do it is to Powerfist if that idiot surprises you. Then Rocket Grab them close range. This is because that added stun is essential to confusing them and well,stunning them. Then proceed to Overdrive and then Ult.

If you want to flee, simply Overdrive and Flash would do the trick. If that doesn't work then add in your Talisman, which gives you AND your nearby champions an extra boost of speed

In teamfights, your job is to disrupt the problem makers. This means Powerfisting the AD carry so that the mage can use their whole arsenal on them. This meaning Rocket Grabbing that Mage away from the fight. That means ulting in the midst of the fight. Get the picture?

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While farming, try to stay in the bushes as much as possible (unless they are warded) so your passive from your ult doesn't disrupt your ADC's farming.