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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bulletcatcher


Bulletcatcher Last updated on October 28, 2010
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My build

Now I have tried many of the Miss Fortune builds, but in my opinion they all have their flaws, some seem to focus too much on damage and don't provide survivability, and others focus too much on survivability and don't provide her with the tools she needs to be a carry for the team. However when I experimented with a few builds I decided to revamp her and this is the build I have discovered. Personally I think this is the best build, I am a little partial to it as it is my own build! But I have achieved 26 kills in a game before with this build if I pull my ganks right, and normally consistently top the kills chart. First I will explain my reason for my runes, and then explain the rest of my build.


First I have chose marks of desolation for the armor penetration, this is essential when going against those heavily geared tanks such as Rammus or Garen. Second you will notice I stack Alacrity Glyphs and Seals, This is because as a DPS character I feel that it is most important that Miss Fortune be able to get as many shots off as possible, especially when stacked with her Impure Shots, which can decided the fate of a team fight when facing a Sona or even 1 v 1 on characters such as Vlad, who can heal their team or themselves.

Skill Sequence

My sequence build is fairly common, other than the fact that I like to open with Make it Rain, instead of Double up, as most do. The reason for this is that most of the time I play the middle lane on the map. Make it Rain is a great farming tool and when used correctly can prevent opposing characters from being able to Gank you, as you can slow them down, and also it will allow you to kill minions much faster and level up. The other thing I like to focus on is upgrading my Impure Shots as much as possible and as fast as possible, this is also great for farming and when you are ready for your 1v1 engagement which inevitably happens around level 6 in the middle lane, you will be able to attack faster and accumulate the more damage buff that you get as you continue to attack them. Couple this with my Summoner Spells and I all but guarantee that you will kill the other laner and farm that precious gold.

Item Build

Now this is the area that I experimented the most with and I feel that this is the best item sequence build.
I first start with Meki Pendandt and two health pots. This is because it is vitally important with Miss Fortune to have a good Mana regeneration when controlling a lane solo. The health pots are also essential as Miss Fortune has no natural heal and so you have to take care to watch your health.
About minute 6 or 7 in the game you should be approaching your first 1v1 battle in the center lane, hopefully if you play it smart you will emerge the victor in this fight, then port back and buy Tear of the Goddess and start building your Mercury treads. The tear of the goddess is amazing in keeping Miss Fortune in mana and the Mercury treads provide the essential magic resistance and speed increase that Miss Fortune will need to survive team fights. I feel it is more important to get the boots completed then to finish Manamune right away as the boots allow you to run down weak characters that would otherwise get away and allows you to manuever fast for ganks, all of which are essential to getting the high amount of gold this build requires. Of course after you get the boots you need to get more damage as you can always rely upon your impure shots for a speed increase in the early game. For this you have to save up a large amount of gold and buy a BF sword, which will be used to finish your bloodthirsty later. After obtaining this it is important to get a armor penetration weapon and MORE SPEED, as that is vital in her engagements. The obvious choice is the last whisper as it provides an amazing 40% armor penetration, a little but if attack damage and a big speed increase. Watch the enemy teams wilt before your barrage of bullets now when you engage in team fights. Next you should Finish up your bloodthirster as you will need the 15% lifesteal in the later game as the team fights become longer to decide. Most games end right about here, but if the game is still continuing the obvious choice is the Infinity Edge which gives you a huge damage increase and a vital critical chance increase. If the game is still continuing or the team is comprised of mostly tanks, the alternative is to build the black cleaver, this will help take down those pesky tanks that never seem to want to die.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoy my build, any feedback is appreciated or tweaks. Also if you have any questions about my build feel free to ask and I will answer them as soon as I am able to!