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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MadDog7


MadDog7 Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, I'm sorry but I am tired of seeing all the ****py people trying out Brand so I figured I would make a nice build that really jacks up his ability power so you can do some awesome burst damage.

This guide is NOT going to be in depth in any way. I basically am going to get you started with the core basics of this amazing champion and get you out there ganking noobs.

All you really need to do with Brand is have a good concept of how your skills work together. i.e. Pillar of Flame with Sear stuns. Always try to hit this combo at the beginning of your encounter with another champion. Anyways, just be aware of the combos before you ever try to play Brand otherwise you'll see me on chat telling you to uninstall your game because you're no help to your team whatsoever.

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Items with Brand are pretty interchangeable in my opinion when if comes to your big money items. What I have for a build doesn't necessarily have to be the order you buy them in. Be smart and think about what you will need. I'm not going to force anything upon you.

One thing I didn't put up on the build above this is some delicious Elixir of Brilliance.
This **** rocks. Use some common sense and if you cannot fix it into your budget Don't worry about it, but if you are getting some kills and have a little extra gold pick one up. It really comes in handy mid-game so you can do a little more damage then usual.

I'm sure some people will ask about the placement of Mejai's, and I have a good reason just bear with me. Over all I think this item is highly misused in this game because I see people getting it so early and not keeping or obtaining stacks. I like to get a big hitter item before ever going for Mejai's with brand because i never seems to get a ton of stack in the beginning when adding in a couple deaths and a few assists. It's just not efficient when looking for damage output mid game. SO finally once you get your big item i like to pick it up so I can get my stacks and have a lot late game for big time damage. I have just found it a waste of money to get too early in the game. But again it's up to you, I am just letting you know how I like to play.

Late game just sell that ring and buy what you feel like. Just be smart in your choice. Use discretion and don't be an idiot.

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I cannot count how many time I have heard a Brand complain if someone else takes the middle. It's ridiculous. All I can say is, "SHUT THE F@%&K UP!" Sure middle is cool if no one else wants it, but there is absolutely no need for it. Top and bottom work great as Brand, honestly i bet he would be a jingler too, I'll leave that for some one better than me to figure out though. All you really need to do as brand in top or bottom is focus on last hits and harass like crazy. Pillar of Flame does unbelievable amounts of damage and that combined with Sear followed by a Conflagration can get you some good early game kill to fund your items you will need in the future. And not to mention harassing with Brand is the most fun I have had since I Started playing this game two years ago.

Need to Know
-Minion domination with Pillar of Flame
-Harass with those important combos
-Help gank mid for easy money
-Be Smart/ Use common sense

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Skill Sequence

This is totally up to you. How do you play the game? Do you like to start with a stun, or end with a stun? Be situational in you decision. Look at the scenario and make it up as you go. I think Brand is so easy to do high amounts of damage as long as you know your combos. So read up on those and know what they do.

One thing I will say for sure is to be careful with your ult. It isn't strong if it hits the person want to connect many times to get the best out of it. Be sure to try to take on a 1v1 situation without it and save it for team battles. It really comes in handy when bouncing off a group of champs. will for sure get you some kills in the long run.

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Summoner Spells

I mainly am choosing summoner spell for running away!
After playing this champion for a few weeks I have come to realize that Brand can do pretty much anything on his own except run away. The damage output by this champion definatly is higher than a lot if don't correctly, but the survivability of the champ is pretty low in a tight situation. I rely on flash so much that a low level cheap shot with ignite is never worth it. I know the jungle well just from years of playing and if you don't know all the ins and outs of it i would recommend getting to know it well especially if playing brand.

Flash through walls...Best use for it and will save your squishy butt a lot until you get your 20 stacks and kill everyone solo. haha

exhaust is a required one for me...useful in so many situations.

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It isn't hard to play this champion if you have any common sense.

He is slow and squishy and easily ganked, that's why I urge you to get flash and know your jungles well.

HE is so much fun and I really recommend trying him out.