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Brand Build Guide by Derothaan

Brand- Damage and survivability

Brand- Damage and survivability

Updated on June 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derothaan Build Guide By Derothaan 9 7 20,057 Views 8 Comments
9 7 20,057 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Derothaan Brand Build Guide By Derothaan Updated on June 17, 2011
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I am creating this guide to get my play style out and hopefully expose more people to the face melter who is Brand. I like to play Brand a little more beefy in the health category compared to many other build that I see and I believe it all depends on your play style. Brand may seem difficult to some when they are first attempting to play him but i think after a few games as him you can easily get the hang of him.
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The runes that I chose are just simple runes built for damage. I decided that I did not need to get defensive runes because of the early health items I buy. I run manna regeneration per 5 per level on many different characters because due to my love of spamming spells. Spells can be utilized in a few different way like killing the person you are laning against, farming, and harassing.
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For masteries i went with a standard 9/0/21 that many people use of most casters. I made sure to grab improved flash for the reduced cooldown because you never know when you will need it to surprise someone, get a final hit on someone, or RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Also i made sure to grab both things that give you cooldown reduction that way you have 9% with just masteries.
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First i start with a dorans ring for the extra health, AP, and manna regeneration, After that i buy boots so that i can move quicker to get in range and stay in range with my spells. Then i buy another dorans ring just to make me seem more beefy with extra health and with 2X dorans rings, masteries, and runes you should have good enough manna regeneration for the early parts of the game till you have a large manna pool. Since i do not build that much manna regen you should make sure to try and grab blue buff everytime you jungler allows you too to fix that issue and also to make it so your ult has a shorter cooldown. Then finish your boots for obvious reasons. After that i get a rylai's crystal scepter as my first real item because the slow is very helpful for him. The slow will allow you to start with either your E or your W depending on how far your target is away form you and then you will be able to catch up to land an easier Q on your slowed target. Then I get a death cap to help maximize Brand's damage. Then I would get a Banshee's veil to help you live longer so you can cast more spells during the fight. Then getting a void staff for late game when many of the people are buying magic resist will help penetrate their MR and do more damage. For the last item i get a Zhonya's Hourglass for some extra armor to help you survive and physical damage dealer on the other team. Also it gives you a *****in' activate to allow you to hide while waiting for your cooldowns or avoiding enemies.
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Skill Sequence

In my opinion Brand has a very wide range of options to go for level his spells. My favorite spells to max first are either his Q or his E. The times that I would max my Q first are the times when you are either being pressured a lot by whoever you are laning against and you need to just sit back and Q creeps for kills or attempting to keep the enemy away. Also maxing the Q can help you zone the enemy out of experience since it will give you a long range hard hitting skill shot that will be easy to hit if there are no creeps blocking your path. The times that i will make my E first is for harassing someone that I know I can lane against and that I know i can either just kill or force them to leave. Brand's E is such a powerful spell because you can use it while you are hiding behind your creeps and hit the enemy while they are also behind their own creeps. With a few E's hitting for decent damage and the DoT from his passive taking effect the enemy will either just be in an easy position to kill or they will have to leave. Maxing the E first also allows you to farm creeps easier. If your E is at least rank 3 then you can W the caster minions and then E 1 of them that has the DoT on them and it will either kill them or bring them down to 1 auto attack away form death. When you have your ult you are a very deadly force to be reckoned with. Make sure you try and use your ult when your target is either standing next to creeps so it has the chance of bouncing back towards your target or better yet hopefully he will be standing side by side with one of his teammates so you will be able to almost instantly kill both with 1 full rotation of spells.
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Summoner Spells

The reason I take ignite is to pick up some easy kills by combining the damage form your passive with the Madge from your ignite. This will create a very painful DoT on your target and if they were escaping with low health then you will get an easy kill. Then I take flash because it is my favorite summoner that I take on almost every character. Flash is a very versatile spell that you can use to live many situations that you normally wouldn't or get kills that you would not be able to get without it. Some other very usefully spells that you might want to consider are Ghost for chasing and running away and teleport so you can get back to the lane, defend towers, or gank.
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Overall Brand is a very powerful champion that can be played in many different way and these are just my favorite ways. This build is not the only viable Brand build out there so make sure you try multiple to find which one matches your play style the best. If this build gets more views and votes then I will continue to update it with more information and I may even include some tutorial videos. I look forward to your feedback so please rate and comment and if you down vote it then tell me why you are doing so so i can attempt to make improvements. Thank you for looking at my build and giving it enough time to read this far.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derothaan
Derothaan Brand Guide
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Brand- Damage and survivability

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