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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laxtly

Brand - enemy in the FIRE

Laxtly Last updated on April 27, 2011
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Chapter 1


This is my first guide so please don't go to hard on me, feedback is more then welcome, if not some help/advice. So... here goes nothing
So why play Brand? If you like magi (like I do :D), go for this guy, he plays a bit like Annie.
Who are you:
-You are damage addicted
-You know when to back off (no you are not a ***** you just know when you are outnumbered or in a disadvantage)
-You know when to use AoE-spells

I've chosen to make this guide because, well... I'm kinda bored.


These are basic mage runes which i use for almost every caster:
Greater Mark of Insight : This is to punish people stacking MR
Greater Seal of Clarity : Kinda logical, it's for manaregen,
Greater Glyph of Force : For the extra AP boost
and finnaly Greater Quintessence of Potency : for more AP

If you feel like your cooldowns are to long take CDR Glyphs like


The items... Mostly I take a Sapphire Crystal and two Health Potion to start, make sure to keep laning untill you can afford Catalyst the Protector, you might be wondering why the hell you would get that, well it's because you get healing and mana each time you level up, and I don't know wheter you have noticed or not, but you level A LOT early game.

Next up are the boots, when the enemy has a tank go for Sorcerer's Shoes or when you feel like you do enough damage take Ionian Boots of Lucidity, as you may have noticed your cooldowns are pretty long.

Next up is Rod of Ages, you get this early game because of the growths, it takes 10 minutes to make it fully grow. take Rod of Ages ONLY when you feel like you die to much, careful players wont need it Note that if you have like 2000 spare gold you might wanna get before Rod of Ages. (thank you R9psta)

After that i ussually grab Rylai's Crystal Scepter because of the slows, you have to be honest, who doesn't like slows?

Now i choose between Hextech Revolver and Rabadon's Deathcap if you feel like you have to stay alive a bit longer, you should go with the Hextech Revolver because of the Spell Vamp, If you need more AP, go for Rabadon's Deathcap. Either way I would get them both.

I've tried it and Lich Bane actually makes me feel more powerful. So i'd like you to try it

Go for it, upgrade your Hextech Revolver to Will of the Ancients.

For the last item I have to see the other team, it depends on what they have.

Situational items

I know not everyone likes my itemchoice so here u get some other useful items:
to bully Ryze, Annie or even Karthus (god i hate his ultimate) get this early if u feel vunerable

I don't really like this item but some people do so here you have it. You can easely remove the deadly ultimates from Warwick, Malzahar or even Karthus (nobody likes you Karthus, nobody)

The active is pretty useful, you get armor and even more AP, get this when they have lots of melees

If you feel like your cooldowns are to long and the mana regen is always fun.

If the other team has lots of champions with high health you might need another nuke, well here you go altough some people don't really think about using an active item, if you buy it, be sure to use the active.

: get this BEFORE rod of Ages, because it takes a while to get stacks, also ONLY TAKE THIS IF YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE KICKING BUTT, no use in taking an item which relies on kills and supports if you don't get any.

You know the really long games? Well if you are fully build, take all consumables you can, it gives you a nice boost

If you can think of any more useful items feel free to tell me.

Using your spells

If you play Brand you have a pretty long range (with Pillar of Fire) which will come in handy.

In a one-on-one fight i start of with Conflagration to set them Ablaze, then i quickly cast Sear to make sure my target doesn't go anywhere. (This is a skillshot, keep in mind you can always miss your target). At last i use Pillar of Flame.

so: -> ->

In a teamfight there are two options:
take out the carry (when they are spread out), i suggest the one-on-one tactics then
Or when the enemy is swarming together, kick their ***es with ur AoE: Start of with Sear, go on with a nice Conflagration (which now spreads because of the nice Blaze :D), throw in a Pillar of Flame and finish of with your ulti. (thank you again R9psta, for the whole Q first idea

so: -> -> ->

Laning Parners

Some people prefer solo laning but i think there are better people to go mid then Brand, like Vladimir

Who doesn't like laning with her? and her Starfall reduces the enemy's MR

Your probably thinking: WTF SWAIN? ... YES Swain, if he uses his snare on two champs and you throw in your ulti+ Pillar of Flame, well you can imagine what will happen.

Who doesn't like stuns + Amumu is just like you a tank ripper

because of the stuns, the characters are alike in so many levels.

his ulti will keep ur enemies in place

you just gotta love her ulti

his tank and healer, what more do you need? Oh yea that's right a stun.. Oh wait he has that to

Summoner Spells

Why these spells? Well you are very squishy so escape spells are useful

is very useful to escape, try using it trough walls

to get away or to go to places faster

if you feel like your always where you arent needed

I wouldnt recommend this spell but some people seem to be doing very good with it

This is useful indeed but your Blaze is already some sort of Ignite so other spells might be better

Pros / Cons

Pillar of Flame's range is awesome
You have a stun
You can do epic AoE damage
Because of your Passive you are a tankkiller (TAKE THAT Dr. Mundo)
you look kinda cool

Mana might be a minor problem early game if you are to aggressive
If you own, people will focus you
Your dance is kinda lame

Last words

As I said this is my first guide, feel free to give advice or point out the things that werent so good.
Note that the statscreen is bugged (only ur item's stats are given)