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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valkoreth

Brand: Great Balls of Fire

Valkoreth Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is the build I use for Brand. It allows for quite a bit nuking power from your abilities, plus the significant damage increase to your basic attack after each cast from Lich Bane is extremely useful. With this heavy AP build your basic attack almost becomes another cast in your rotation because of the damage increase. It also lets you bring down buildings better. Just cast a spell at a minion and auto attack the turret. I've see it bring down ~20% turret health in one attack. The Rylai's Crystal Scepter also gives you some much needed HP making you more durable in team fights. And don't forget the importance of magic pen from your boots and Void Staff. Brand's passive only scales with magic pen so getting your boots is a must. The void staff is a bit more situational. Magic resist doesn't scale with level like armor does so it isn't too important unless your enemies are stacking magic resist. If that happens you should consider moving the Void Staff up in your build. Hope you like the build.

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Skill Sequence

When I play Brand I tend to rely heavily on Conflagration as my main harassment spell so I max it out first. It doesn't do quite as much damage as Sear, but the skill shot aspect of Sear makes it too unreliable early game. Next of course is Pillar of Flame. This is the heavy hitter for Brand's basic abilities. The bonus 25% damage to targets ablaze makes this a very dangerous ability, so I max this out second. Be sure, however, to get all three abilities by level three. Brand relies heavily on combining attacks for increased damage so having all three abilities is a must.

My standard spell rotation is: Conflagration, Sear, Pillar of Flame. And depending on the situation and the enemy champion's HP at that point I may throw out my Ult: Pyroclasm. Don't be afraid to cast Pyroclasm even if there is only one target in range of the spell. It does considerable damage and can often mean the difference between a kill and enemy getting away. That being said don't waste it whenever it is up. The best possible time to use your Ult with Brand is when there are two enemy champions close together. That way you get the maximum amount of damage from your Ult concentrated on the fewest targets. Another very useful way to use your Ult is on targets out of range. When an enemy is out of range of your other spells you can cast your Ult on another target between you and the enemy and get it to bounce forward killing the enemy that would otherwise be out of range. This can be kind of tricky but is always gratifying when successful. Another notable aspect of Brand's Ult is that the projectile moves rather slow. Depending on the situation this can be either a favorable trait or a frustrating one. It can be good for enemies running away. The Pyroclasm will follow them slowly traveling farther then it normally would before it actually hits, and if the enemy champion runs towards his allies you will then get hits on all of them. However it can be a significant downside as well. Enemies who are paying attention can get out of range of your target before the spell hits, leaving it nowhere to bounce too and thus negating the damage.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I use Ignite and Flash. It's a pretty basic spell combo for mages. You may notice that I put the mastery point into Burning Embers. This gives your champion an additional 10 ability power whenever Ignite is on cooldown. This isn't a significant amount of power but I find that it can quite often give you a bit of an edge early game, allowing you to farm and engage enemy champions more effectively. This of course gets you fed quicker giving you more of an advantage over your enemies in the mid to late game. This is by no means a game changer or a must have, but I tend to find it quite useful.

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Brand can be very effective at farming minions. He has significant AoE damage that can be increased by his passive. Early game, focus on minions that are low on health. Put out a Pillar of Flame and then follow up with a Conflagration. Since the Pillar of Flame sets the target ablaze the Conflagration will deal damage not only to the target but to all near by enemies. With this combination you can take out large groups of minions at once. For even more damage earlier in the game you can use Sear to set one minion ablaze and follow up with Conflagration which will then deal AoE damage and set all near by enemies ablaze. Then finish up with Pillar of Flame. With all the targets ablaze they will take 25% increased damage from the Pillar of Flame spell. It is however best not to waste your full spell rotation on minions unless it is necessary. Later in the game the Pillar of Flame/Conflagration combo will kill minions on its own.

The AoE bonus from using Conflagration on targets ablaze can also be quite useful for harassing other champions. Using Sear or Pillar of Flame to set a minion ablaze you can then use Conflagration on the minion to hit near by champions. This can allow you to harass your enemies from increased range dealing damage and setting them ablaze without getting fully in range of there spells.

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Thanks for Reading

Thank you for reading my Brand guide. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. If so please be sure to cast your vote before you leave.