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Brand Build Guide by iAmMatth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iAmMatth

Brand Guide

iAmMatth Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Well, Brand is a great AP carry, he has a great lane control and allows you to easly win your lane. I'll be trying to show you some builds and ideas about this great champion. In this guide I will be considerating that you already knows the champion and his skills.

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Pros and Cons


- Great AoE (Area of Effect)
- Your stun allows you to run from ganks or chases.
- You have a mini-ignite after hitting your skills on someone, witch allows you to kill them if you let'em with like 50 health after hitting them with a skill.
- Your ult causes a ton of damage when well casted.


- Brand doesn't enjoy his max potential when fighting nearby minions/jungle creeps.
- Your Q doesn't pass throw minions, than you should have clean way to get your full combo.

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Well, for marks and quints I go with MPen, and don't go with Flat AP like the most of people. Why?
We can easly get Ability Power points with a great amount of items, with Rabbadon, Void Staff, Rylai's Scepter, Will of Ancients, witch are great items and gives you somethings other than Ability Power, but talking about Magic Penetration it's not the same thing, we have just a few items witch gives you MPen and only a couple of these are really good, they are Void Staff and Sorcerer's Shoes. Than IMO it's better take MPen from runes because you can't get MPen so easly as you can get AP in-game. But if you want to have a stronger lane, you can get Flat AP or Flat Health as quints. And for marks, I don't really think there are better runes than MPen.

For seals I go with ManaRegen/Lvl, it gives me a stronger lane control and with my Doran's Rings allows me to almost never get OOM in lane. For a stronger late game you can get Health/Level either.

For glyphs I go with AP/level for a strong late game, it gives me about 27 Ability Power on level 18. You can also go with ManaRegen/Level for a stronger lane control.

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Well, in my Brand's mastery page there's no secret. The basic of the most of AP casters in the game. Make sure to get Mana Regen, Buff Duration Increase (it really helps you when you get your blue) and Cooldown Reduction.

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Well, when the game starts you have to check out who are you gonna lane against. If your oponent have a nice harass, I really advise your to get boots+3 pots, it allows you to stay more time in lane farmming. You can also start with Doran's Ring, but make sure to don't be harassed in lane, so you won't farm and probably lose your lane.

The 3 Doran's Rings build is from watching some Reginald's videos, I tried and liked, it gives you a nice ManaRegen, Health and Ability Power.

If you don't like the 3 Doran's Build, you can try to rush a Catalyst and upgrade it into a Rod of Ages (if you pretend to do this, do it sooner as you can) or you may upgrade it into a Banshee's Veil if the oponent's team have too much disable abilities.

If the enemies AD Carries are causing too much physical damage to you, you can rush Zhonya's Hourglass, but you can also build Frozen Heart for Armor and CDR.

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Skill Sequence

I get my R and W always as I can, these skills are my main damage. My Q and E are good also, but my E only have AoE if the enemmy is blaze and its range is lower than W's, than I upgrade my E after W and R, getting 1 point in Q for single target stun.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is your main spell, you HAVE do get it or you will probably die more than you should.
Flash allows you to get out from ganks alive. Than if your flash is on cooldown, play defensive and don't push your lane.

I like to have ignite because you don't have to chase you oponent until your cooldowns be gone to give him the death blow. You can just brust him down, ignite and back off.

You can also get ghost, but >I< don't like to get ghost for my AP Champions, and Ignite really helps you a lot.

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You can farm the ranged minions early game very easy by using your W than using your E.
If you W let them with really low health and do not kill them with blaze, just auto-attack each of them than use W.

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Farming: W -> E or Auto-attack -> W

Fighting: The ideal combo would be R -> W -> E , but your Ultimate, when use nearby enemy minions will sometimes hit some of them. Than, if there are too much minions around, Q someone, when he get closer his friends, E him (make sure that he is still with blaze status), than W the max number of people as you can. Than use your ultimate when they are all together (less minions around means more enemies hit by your ultimate) and W them again.

If you are fighting far way from enemy minions, use your ultimate first, than W > E.
Make sure to always target the carries with your Q after hitting them with one of your skills.

For 1v1 in lane, the best combo is E -> Q -> W -> Ignite. For this, can't be minions between you and your target and you have to be in the E's range to start your combo.

If you are chasing someone and have no range to E him for your stun, use your W than stun him with your Q.

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Final Considerations

Well, this is my first guide, than I ask you to rate it and post a comment bellow, it will help me to my next guides. If I made a mistake in the guide, please let me know also commenting bellow.

As you may noticed before, my first language IS NOT english, this guide may contain some spelling errors, I'm sorry about that, but I'll try to fix the most of them.

Thanks for reading.