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Brand Build Guide by Skorpiion

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skorpiion

Brand - It's Getting Hot In Here

Skorpiion Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome To Hell - Introduction

Well hello there guys! This is my Guide to Brand. Brand is one of the trending AP Caster's at the moment, he is prized for many reasons.

1. He's an EXTREMELY powerful Nuke.
2. Very tough laner.
3. Has very nice presence in team fights.

Now brand is one of those champions that's high risk high reward. There is no Guarantee that your going to be a good Brand, but with this guide, hopefully it will help you on your way.

Brand takes A LOT of Practice to master so you'd better be ready. He is also one of the casters that can scale into late game (if played correctly and built well.) now remember that this build isn't set in stone, you can apply changes where ever you want, this is just my preferred way of building him.

In this guide I'm going to be giving you an overview of brands abilities, going over the items i choose. I'm going to be taking you through every stage of the game and explaining my thinking on certain situations. Do remember that adaptation is one thing that seperates good LoL players, from GREAT LoL players.

Hope you guys Enjoy!

(A different Guide you may Enjoy, This one featuring Cassiopiea: )

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Set 'Em On FIRE! - Abilities

Here's some nice information about Brands abilities, How they Work, and how I use them in different information. I will be including summoner spells in this section as well.
Ablaze- Brand's Passive. Brand's spells light his targets on fire dealing 2% bpercent of there max health in magic damage over 4 seconds. This passive sets brands other abilities up to do some kind of side effect, its also useful for finishing off that 50HP enemy that you just couldnt get the last hit on.
Sear- Brands Q Spell. This spell is a skill shot. Brand shoots a fire ball forward, dealing magic damage to the first enemy it encounters, if the enemy was Ablaze this spell will stun the target. This spell is good for setting up brands combo, after lighting someone up With one of your spells, thorw this out and get the stun, use your other abilities to either attempt a kill or make him back, often times if theres teamates behind you, you'll get a kill or an assist. this is the second skill in brands combo.
Pillar of Flame- Brands Bread and Butter. After a short delay, Brand creates a pillar of flame at a target area, if the target is ablaze, this ability deals 25% more damage, This is the third spell in Brands Combo. Use it to Farm, to harass, to steal buff, to do just about ANYTHING. Easily brands best skill.
Conflagaration- Brand Conjures a powerful blast at his target dealing magic damage. if the target is ablaze, conflagarate will affect every enemy in the area. Use this to set up Brands Combo. This ability and be used to harass, after using pillar of flame on minions if the enemy champ is close to the minions conflagarate them so it will spread to the enemy champion. or just use it directly on the champion.
Pyroclasm- Brands ultimate. Brand unleashes a devastating torrent of flames to deal magic damage each time it bounces to a targte. bounces up to five times. Use this to finish brands combo (only if you ABSOLUTELY have to. you dont want to waste this on just one person.) A ittle explanation on this. this works much like Ryze's Spell flux, Where once i hits a target it will bounce to other enemy untis and even bounce back to the intitial target. use in a team fight to maximize devastation and hopefully get all 5 bounces. this is a team fight changing ult that can quickyl win a fight for your team.

Flash. Easily the best ability in the game, gives brand an instant escape mechanism (seeing as he has none) or can help you get in range for the finish blow on your target. this is a very important spell.

Ignite. This ability combines well with your passive use this on a fleeing opponent instead of hassling yourself for the last hit. Known as the "First-Blood Spell" for a reason guys.

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Firey Pro's and Burnout Con's


    Amazing Nuke Potential.
    Great Solo laner
    Fantastic Harass.
    Can kite decently.
    Good for stealing buffs.

    Extrmely Squishy.
    Can have Mana Issues if your not careful.
    Not a very fast champion overall.
    Targeted often in team fights.
    Hard to master.

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Make The Fire Grow - Items & Game Phases.

I like to maximize Brand's Nuking potential, which is why this build works for me.
Getting the Mejai's is sometimes a choice, i do get it but sometimes i don't rush it. if I'm up against a targte and i seem to be doing good n my lane i'll rush it, if my opponent is generally easy to kill, i'll rush it, if im up against an opponent like karthus or Cassieopia i'll take Boots three pots for dodging. the starting items are situtational but i always do follow this build.

Early Game ( Laning Phase )
Focus now, on winning your lane, Farm alot Dont worry TOO much about killing, if your jungler ganks help him. Its good to win your lane, punish your opponent if he decides to be dumb. Ask your jungler for blue buff for even more harass then you already have. Make sure you farm. it's very important.

Mid Game (Ending Laning, Team Fights Starting)
Hopefully You've won your lane, now that its vlate in laning start ganking and helping other lanes if you've won yours, if you haven't and you lost it wich will happen at times, focus on not letting there mid go off ganking, keep him busy by pushing tower. if you allow there mid to gank it can be dangerous. When team fights start up, make sure your positioning is right, stay in the back of the fight and blow your abilities stay behind your tank, and ult when the enemy team is as close together as they're gonna get. Carry your team, help them win these fights.

Late Game (Last minute pushing phase, Baron Fights. Heavier Team fights)
Focus on winning these fights, stay positioned behind your tank. be ready to baron at all times. dont lose to many people or they will get it and it could cost you the game. if they do go for it punish them. make your best attempt to steal it and if you cant, kill them while there weak. taking the buff off of at least two people can turn that baron around.
You should at this time be akilling machine, use that zhonya's if you get focused in a fight, which you probably will. make them pay for it by popping your ult after zhonya's wears off.

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Can't Feed The Fire Anymore - Ending.

I really hope this guide helped you. by now you should have all the knowledge needed to play Brand with more succsess. I hope you guys like the guide. Please don't put it down before trying it and feel free to post your results. let me know anything you'd like me to try (different items, runes, masteries ETC.) and i'll try them, if they work ill update it and give you proper credit. leave any constructive critism you can, itt'l help! (remember, CONSTRUCTIVE.) Thanks! :D