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Brand Build Guide by Eldaro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eldaro

Brand - Patience of a saint, power of a god.

Eldaro Last updated on April 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there. This is my first champion guide, and well my first guide ever but I've been playing League of Legends for around two years now and been playing Brand for at least half of that time.

I chose to create a guide for Brand because I feel I have a strong grasp of all aspects needed to solo other heroes, play in team fights and contribute to get the win.

Feel free to post any suggestions or changes to the guide and leave feedback :)

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These are my preferred runes but obviously If you feel you have a better set-up go with it, and let me know what other builds you may use.

Greater Mark of Insight - These runes will give you a total of 8.55 magic penetration. This means at the beginning of the game you will be doing slightly more damage even against tanking heroes, coupled with the "Sorcerer's Shoes" you will almost have 30 magic penetration, and even with heroes with 3 points in "Resistance" you will be almost ignoring their resistances.

Greater Seal of Clarity - These runes wont give you much mana regen at level 1 but with each level you will gain more regeneration, and therefore the ability to cast more spells before being out of mana. These runes will give you a total of 10.53 mana per 5 regen at level 18, may not seem like much but it will give you the edge you need to burst for longer and stay in team fights.

Greater Glyph of Force - Again these runes will not give you much at level 1 but at level 18 these runes will give you 27.54 AP, granting a nice amount of AP end game.

Greater Quintessence of Insight - These runes will give you an extra 5.67 magic penetration on top of what you already have, meaning in beginning game you have 14.22 magic penetration, helping a great deal at end game too.

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These masteries may look odd but for me, they usually work.

Here I use a 9/21/0 build, mainly defensive because I feel with our rune build you wont need the mana or mana regen from the Utility tree late game, and we take a more defensive approach because it means at the beginning of the match you will have maximum armour and resistance, an added chunk of health, and health regen from your mana, which will really be noticeable after the first few levels.

So obviously we take the usual 9 points in offensive for casters, and then move down the defensive tree to build a more durable brand, but due to all other aspects of our build he will still hit like a freight train.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - This is one of the most useful masteries in the game. you can use it to flash forward through minions to trap and stun your opponent for the quick kill or use it to escape if you get ambushed and cannot handle it.

Teleport - This one is optional but I find it useful because It provides you with time to return to base and buy some items or regain some health/mana. It can also be used to quickly get across the map to help an ally or save a turret. (Remember you can teleport to Teemo's mushrooms, and Shaco's jack in the boxes.)

Other viable options:

Ignite - Good for getting that extra bit of damage over time on your opponent stacking with your passive, but late game almost becomes obsolete in late-game.

You shouldn't need any other summoner spells

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The build of 6 items you see would be a desired build If we could survive easily but being a mage in large team fights you may be prone to being targeted when playing brand, especially if you rack up a few kills with your Pyroclasm, but as I say this would not provide a lot of survivability using this build.

The beginning build can either begin using Doran's Ring or a Sapphire Crystal (If you take the Sapphire Crystal be sure to pick up a health and mana potion too). On your first trip back if you took the Doran's ring you want to grab the basic boots for 350g, if you went the Sapphire Crystal route then build you Catalyst the Protector.

You will then want to by Sorcerers shoes and if you haven't already buy your Catalyst the Protector. At this point if you are doing really well then consider Mejai's Soulstealer, but only if you are confident you can continue doing well.

We then pick up a Blasting Wand, and if we're lucky we have enough to make the Rod of Ages, but if not you can always get an Amplifying Tome to tide you by and to also contribute towards your Hexteck Revolver.

By this point you will hopefully have 3 or 4 items and this is where it's up to your intuition to decide what to go for next.

If you require magic resist then buy an Abyssal Sceptre, starting with the Negatron Cloak.
If you require armour then go for the Glacial Shroud or if you want to spend a bit more money then you can opt for the Zhonia's Hourglass - Starting with the armour piece of the item first.

When building more ability power we will tend to aim for Rabadon's Deathcap, Ryleia's Crystal Scepte, Void Staff, and finish off Will of the Ancients.

By end game you should be nicely geared to produce a lot of burst damage, wear the opponents down and have the survivribility to take on more than one hero at a time.

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Skill Sequence

You usually want to begin your game taking Pillar of Flames, this will be a good tool to wear down your opponent and give you a bit of edge regarding minion clearing, and when laning with a partner you can hit two targets if they're close enough, this will at least scare them off. You then want to either go for Sear or Conflagration at level 2 depending on which one you want first but usually you want to get one rank in Sear at either level 2 or 3 and then build up the ranks in your Pillar of Flames and Conflagration for your P.O.F -> Conflagration combo, and you will generally only be using Sear for your stun combo.

Obviously once you hit level 6 you will want to get your ultimate - Pyroclasm.
This is where Brand gets exciting, you will now be able to not only take on one person and sufficiently be able to kill but you will be able to do significant damage to a second hero if you get ambushed.

I will now show you some nice combos, taking into account Brand's ultimate.
(There are other ways to use the combos but these are the most effective regarding cooldowns)

Stun: Conflagration -> Sear
Large AOE: Pillar of Flames -> Conflagration
Death Combo: Conflagration -> Sear -> Pillar of Flames
Ultimate Death Combo: Conflagration -> Sear -> Pillar of Flames -> Pyroclasm

These will help you annialate the enemy but mix them up, especially the Ultimate Death Combo, this can be used in multiple ways to destroy/deter/scare a lot of heroes, try out some different moves, you may be surprised with the damage output and the crowd control from your stun effectiveness.

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Thank you for reading. As I said at the beginning this is my first guide and I will continue to update It.

Please leave comments and feedback guys :)