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League of Legends Build Guide Author Giffo

Brand, play with fire

Giffo Last updated on April 29, 2011
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Here we are with Brand, the burning vengeance.. I'm writing this guide because of many and many of my lol friends annoying me saying they wanted my guide, after times and times I had 24/2 28/3 and so on.. and I finally decided to write it, like if I had another choice.. well.. to start my guide i want to express my congratulations to riot games to make a new mage.. like ryze wasn't enough.. Brand is, i think, overpowered.. pretty easy to play but also pretty easy to master! so what's the big deal? yeah.. even a noob could end with 10 kills with him.. but also with so many death! first thing: brand is a great mage and a great badass.. but: (and this is the second thing) his fire can be easily extinguished.. yeah.. at level 18 he has 70 armor and 30 magic resist.. i mean.. it's the same twitch.. ARE U KIDDING ME? brand does so much damage that riot had to make it weaker than ryze or.. i don't know.. weaker than chalk! so yes.. noob can have 10 kills but only masters can have like 5 or less! only masters can know when and where to attack or flee.. I'm just giving you advices!

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Pros / Cons

great damage
great utility to initiate battle vs the whole enemy team (with pyroclasm)
great hair
you will now play with fire

items dependent
kill and death dependent: with this i mean that you need kills but at same time you don't want deaths.. because a pair of deaths early game can make the others too good and you too weak for after; keep this in mind!
you will now play with fire but you can still get burned

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Runes.. i take magic penetration as mark to increase the magic damage, the only damage you will actually do, and flat mana regeneration as seal because early game you will reaaaaaaally need that.. also I get flat cooldown reduction in glyph and quintessence because it helps not only early game but late game as well.. i think cooldown reduction is very important with brand because you use your three main spells one after the other one in 2 maybe 3 seconds.. then you have to wait like 4/5 seconds to have it back usable.. in a battle you cannot face that! you need as early as possible..

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Even here I seek for mana, mana regeneration, magic penetration and cooldown reduction: because with Brand it's really important.. so important that i wanted to increase the duration of monsters buff.. Yeah you will jungle a bit.. My build needs gold so.. if you don't have a jungler in your team.. go jungle at wraith (yours and of the other team) and at ancient golem... I suggest you to start jungling at 5 or 8.. so that you start with pillar of flame at wraith then when they are ablazed you put conflagration and finish killing the boss.. at ancient i would suggest a different approach.. you start with pillar of flame and conflagration then to kill the little onres then stun the ablazed golem with sear and after keeping first conflagrating to ablaze him then pillar of flame and sear (so that your other spells are more effective and you don't have anymore those annoying little creeps trying to slain you).

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Skill Sequence

I tell you.. the skill sequence depends on how you are more comfortable with.. i just think you need the three spells as soon as possible.. then focus on what you prefer.. my opinion is that conflagration is not so important for killing other or on minions (at least not more than one skill).. it's for that i suggest you to improve your sear as soon as possible.. is your most ranged spell and it's really important for stunning someone or for killing a fleeing 100 hp snack ;)

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Summoner Spells

I always take ignite and ghost.. because i think they are the most important with brand.. ignite gives you that little more damage early game to finish your enemy early game and making you start buying important items (and also WTF we take a fire champion and we don't take ignite? :) just kidding).. also ghost is important because you can use it offensively to follow an enemy, defensively to flee back or even for utility: let's say you just got back (or you got killed) and now your turret is going to be attacked by lots of minions.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING? USE YOUR DAMN GHOST! you have a great farming spell! pillars of flame! using it on waves of minions gives you so much gold that you can go back right away because you can buy something (although don't do it right away.. wait for after.. it's just an expression :D).. also minions gives you experience so you must have the more expierence you can (and this is with every champion)..
other spells you can take are flash.. or exhaust.. also cleanse can help in some situations! but please.. don't take heal or smite (you don't need it to take ancient golem).. they are useless... also i wouldn't suggest to take clarity.. if you are a good player you will know early game when to use your spells so that you can manage your so little quantity of mana.. if you're not a good player.. well, take it.. because you need mana for farming and kills.. but you will remember my suggestion when you need ignite or ghos (the one you have replaced with clarity) and you don't have that so you die or your enemy escapes with 5 hp... that would sometimes make you rage quit :P and late game you have anough mana so you probably won't need clarity at all.. and at that point the spell is useless! you waisted it!

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the items i put in are the item i think the most important.. if you want to change is up to you.. there were some of my friends who asked me if they meja's soulstealer could be a good item.. surely it is.. but is less reliable.. at 20 stacks you have cooldown reduction so it helps you a lot.. you can take it instead of morello's evil tome (no matter if you have a 5% less) but be aware.. meja's soulstealer is easily can be easily eamptied.. if you die a third of your stacks is erased so you don't have your cooldowqn reduction anymore.. meja's really helps you enhancing your bursts of damage by spells but i myself find difficult sometimes not to die when a team battle goes wrong and the effects of not having the cooldown reduction and high AP makes brand weaker.. so the morello's tome is more reliable and A LOT less risky.. i wouldn't suggest taking zhonya's hourglass because you waste your money for armor and a useless-for-you active.. nashor tooth helps you with cd and ap but adds you attack speed.. and you don't really need that.. an item you can take is abissal scepter instead of void staff.. it gives you good magic resistance and at same time gives your enemy less magic resistance.. it's a bit like you have magic penetration but for your nearby friends also.. not a really bad idea.. about items not to take i'm going to explain this soon..

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Unique Skills

I've read so many brand guides.. the most of them are on an AP brand and that's all.. or let's put some utilities like rylai's stick (yeah it's not a crystal scepter anymore.. with brand is just an useless stick), banshee's veil (as you needed health and a one spell blocking item).. i also saw a hextech revolver (don't ask what would i do with it because i don't know)... oh i now understand they want to do a useless will of ancient.. why do i say useless.. because most of the times you will be mid ALL ALONE.. your friends can't get your aura.. they are too far away man! i also don't understand why people gets glacial shroud or frozen heart: yeah you get mana and cooldown reduction.. but, what will you do with that armor? you don't need armor.. you need MAGIC RESISTANCE.. if you really want to enhance your durability and resistance versus enemies you should not really get armor but magic resistance.... you remember you have the same magic resistance of twitch right? well.. here a thing.. YOU'RE NOT INVISIBLE.. you all you gotta do is just to stay away from your enemies and slain them from distance. the best guide I read is "Brand, the undying flame!" by Protòtype.. but I think differently.. I hate his wastes... HE WASTES LOTS OF GOLD... about the start.. you don't need doran's ring.. yeah you get mana regen and ability power.. yeah it's true.. but actually you think about it and you say.. why do i need health? and wait.. i've paid all my money for something i'm not gonna use and doesn't really help me early or mid game.. we don't even talk about late game because for that point you will have your whole build made and your doran's ring will be in the recycliing bin.. also.. you don't need health and mana potion.. at maximum you can take one health potion but the mana.. it's up to you to manage your mana and not waste it.. don't throw usefull money on something that doesn't really help you.. I HATE WASTES.. and Protòtype wastes a lot.. i'm keeping saying it because i really hate that.. now.. a sight ward? nope man.. you don't need it.. just look at the map and don't go too far away.. your attacking tower? see someone? ghost away at the other grass.. and if there's someone at the other grass... even with a ward you would die.. so just tell your team to call the MIA or to say ss someone.. don't just waste money on that!
now.. i think i've said everything

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this is it.. i hope you like this guide because i really do and it really helped me.. please post comments on what you want to know better or what i didn't put and i'll post that! i love questions.. they help make something special, great.. see you in game! and start playing with fire!