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General Guide by Dairen Jr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dairen Jr

Brand - Some say the world will end in zombies !!!

Dairen Jr Last updated on October 28, 2014
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Hi ! I'm Darien Jr from the team TCAT. I am in a low division but i know how to play brand pretty well. Brand is a very high burst champion that requires quite alot of combos. Use this guide however u want to. Use one part or all of it ... I dont care - just have fun !!! =)

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For runes i take AP, MR, Armor and cooldowns.
They make you do more damage - late or early, u choose, make you resistant to any lane opponent and have less cooldowns. Pretty much ...

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For masteries i go a bit different... i go 25/0/5. Defense isnt needed on Brnad on the summoners rift early coz of your dmg. Some utility is good but focus on DESTRUCTION WITH GREEN ZOMBIE FLAMES =).

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For items - go first dorans ring and pots. On first back get a sheen. Then buy boots and more stuff towards lich bane. After you picked up your lich bane you can pick from these items - Rylais crystal scepter, ROA or Void staff. After u picked up one of those things, get better boots. I recomend the MP ones but its totally situational. Later go STRONK items such as zhonyas and rabadons. You will have 1 more slot. Sell your Dorans and buy the two items you didnt buy after lichbane. These are my standard items but some situational stuff includes GA, Liandrys torment, Spirit visage, Banshee's ...

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Skill Sequence

I take W first its your strongest early game spell and it has most range. After that take Q at level 2 and E at level 3. From that point on, you will be able to strongly poke or even kill your opponent, but dont be super agrresive coz that might get yourself killed. Always be careful of ganks coz u have 0 escape except your E/W -> Q combo. After lvl 6 watch yours and your opponents health. IF your is more than 300 above his than all in him but only towerdive IF NECCESARY. I recommend maxing out Q or W. Q if u want more strong, but risky poke and W for great waveclear and safe poke. Max E last. Your ult is very strong in teamfights so try to not waste it for nothing and save it form teamfights in late game.

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Brands passive is kinda like an in-build mini ignite. Take ignite if you think that you're gonna go super agressive early game but dont choose it if you have a tanky/super-poker opponent. Flash is a MUST-HAVE on brand. Remember you have no escape so at least one escape spell is needed (Flash,ghost). Now if you dont take ignite coz of your hard-to-handle opponent take a cc-spell - that means to make cc (exhaust) or avoid cc (cleanse). You can also situationaly take clairvoyance if their jungler is very mobile or you think he'll camp mid alot.

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Pros / Cons

PROS : Brand doesnt fall of in any stage of the game so hes strong early,mid and late game. He can turn teamfights around with his ult so take that in mind. He has also good waveclear and poke. Can kill enemies very early. Good emote spam in zombie skin.
CONS : Very reliant on combos with abilities. Can be easily ganked - no escape abilities. Have to farm alot - even though its very easy you cant fall behind your lane enemy otherwise you will most likely lose lane.


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