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Brand Build Guide by Ized1902

Brand: The Best Build Ever!

Brand: The Best Build Ever!

Updated on October 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ized1902 Build Guide By Ized1902 17,613 Views 2 Comments
17,613 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ized1902 Brand Build Guide By Ized1902 Updated on October 21, 2011
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This Build is my own creation, I haven't looked it up anywhere, I would sincerely appreciate it if you would try it before you vote, and I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Play smart, don't get killed, and always go for your combo's and spell specialties and you will win the toughest teams.

This Build is a solo build, if you get all the items and everything as I have put it in here, you will be able to solo 5 enemies on your own, it is like you will not even need your team mates to win, all you need is some ally minions to slow them while you run if you're in danger.
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The Build

This build gives you the maximum ability power you can imagine on a brand, as well as for mana and health. Your ability power reaches up to about 800, and you mana reaches up to about 4-5k, hp is about 3.4k.

This build depends on your mana, the more mana you have, the more ability power you get, and the more ability power you get, the more it increases due to your gear.

Try it and you will see.

20 magic penetration is enough I believe, because your ability power will be undefeatable, and you will never run out of mana so you can take out the toughest enemies.
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Abilities + Combos

Brand is well known for being an over powered champion if used well, with his combos, you can defeat any enemy no matter what they try to do. This build does not have any cooldown reductions because it's an instant kill build, you can kill an enemy if you use your combos right no matter what their hp is, no matter what their defences are, and if you ever fail to, you can always run away untill a cool down is over to do the combo again and finish them.

Brands' passive sets the enemy on ablaze, which burns the enemy for 4 seconds, this ablaze is a great benifit because, it sometimes kills the enemy when they run away, and gives you the ability to use ability combinations.

If the target is ablazed, Conflagration does AoE damage instead of damage on 1 single target, this is good for killing big groups of minions usually, but it is also great for setting different champions in the same area ablazed.

If the target is ablazed, Pillar of Flame does 25% extra damage, which is your damage dealer in most cases.

If the target is ablazed, Sear stuns the target. This is the most important skill of brands', because if you stun the target, with this build, you will be able to finish them off from full hp with the correct combination sequence.

If the target is ablazed, Pyroclasm rebounces from target to target faster, making the flee of the enemy harder, as it might bounce back to them faster and in less time.
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Spell Combo Sequence

Now that the abilities are known and the ablaze specialty is clear, you can creat combinations from your spells. Remember, this works without this build, but with this build you should be able to finish off most target with 3 spells only!

If you are in a 1v1, and there are no minnions in the way, start with Conflagration to set the target ablaze, then Sear for the stun, and as well the target will be ablazed, then finish them off with Pillar of Flame. If the target didn't die, attack with your ultimate Pyroclasm, to kill them. If the target had much hp for Pyroclasm to finish them, don't bother and follow them, they always come back, and thats when you do your combination again to finish them.

If there are many targets against your team, for example its a 5v3, and the champions are crowded, use your Sear on one of them to set the target ablaze, them use Conflagration to set the other champions ablazed as well, then Pillar of Flame and your Ultimate Pyroclasm, this way if none of the targets got out of their way, you should be able to kill atleast 2-3 targets of the enemy team.

Remember, this combination works without this build, but I recommend this build because it gives you incredibly high ability power which makes your spells take out half of the enemy's hp from each hit.
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Build Sequence

I usually start with Boots of Speed and the potions for help, because for Brand speed is really important, to either chase or run away from an enemy. An option is to replace the boots with a Ruby Crystal for extra health to start with, or a Sapphire Crystal for extra mana to start with, and go with the order to get the good gear, but I, for myself, go with the boots first, because I hardly ever die at the beginning even with my very little health that I have.

In this build, the order matters according to the persons' preferences. Bottom line is, the more mana you get, the more ability power you get, and since you have the Rabadon's Deathcap, the more ability power you get, the more... Ability power!, you get! So this build kind of takes the best of which ever is available, and converts it all to ability power, making your Ability power reach to about 890 AP.

If you're a well skilled player, and you hardly ever die, and can keep going on kill streaks without getting yourself killed, you can replace one of the Rod of Ages, with one of those that give you a certain amount of ability power ever kill you get.
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Tips for you.

Brand is great for soloing, and he is one of the MOST over power classes in League of Legends, but I do recommend to always go with someone, for example in 5v5, go top or bot with someone, because you will need your partners' damage at the beginning of the game to be able to kill an enemy champion, all because at the beginning, brand does very little damage. You can start soloing at level 6 once you've got your ultimate, only then you can solo because you will be able to stun, hurt and maybe kill your enemy.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ized1902
Ized1902 Brand Guide
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Brand: The Best Build Ever!

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