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Brand Build Guide by Aythriel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aythriel

Brand, the Burninator!

Aythriel Last updated on September 14, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 21

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Hello everybody, welcome to my guide for Brand. Please take note that this is my first guide, and all positive criticism is welcome. Brand is a very strong AP hero, who has 4 damaging abilities! 3 of which are AoE (1 is situationally applied.)
I treat Brand as a "Glass Cannon" meaning he dishes out the pain, but can't take much himself. I will explain later how survive.

MP5 = Mana per 5 regen.
AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
CDR = Cooldown Reduction

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Pros / Cons

-Very high damage output
-Good at creep farming (caster wave at lvl 5)
-Combos can be used in different ways to achieve different goals
-Good harass
-Has a stun
-Looks like a total Badass! And is!

-Squishy all throughout the game and is often focused
-Mana hungry early game
-Ultimate needs to have enemy creeps/heroes near to be fully effective
-Very skill intensive, not for beginners
-Will be called OP by enemy

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Okay, and here we are on the runes.
First, we have Mark of Insight, that's an obvious choice for any heavy AP hero.

Then we have Seal of Replenishment, I chose this to help with Brands early game hunger for mana. These runes plus Doran's Ring will give you the MP5 to keep you in lane until you get Tear.

The Glyph of Force helps to give Brand's spells even more "Umph!" at the lower levels.
I've had somebody ask why use Glyph of Force over Glyph of Potency, well I decided to do the numbers to back my decision.
295 - (125+(37*.60) - (70+(37*.55) - (7*5.6)
295 - (147.2) - (90.35) - (39.2)
295 - 276.75
= 18.25 hp left on the minions.
Using Glyph of Potency would add a total of 3 ability power vs Glyph of Force, which would equate to roughly 1.6 more damage.

Quintessence of Potency is again for the "Umph!", I treat Brand as a glass cannon to destroys team fights.
-I understand there will be debate about the Quint's, but I like to have the AP early game, it allows you to kill caster waves at lvl 5.

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The mastery page is a fairly basic one for a caster. You get a lot of MP5, increased Exp, Movement, CDR and a nice chunk taken off of the CD for Flash. Flash is absolutely necessary for Brand as he has no real built in Escape.

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Skill Sequence

All of Brand's abilities have additional effects is cast on a target that is Ablaze. Therefore Brand has a number of skill sequences dependent on each situation:

Killing creeps:

Start by dropping (W)Pillar of Flame on a caster wave, (If at lower lvl's wait for 2-3 ticks of Blaze) afterwards hit the creep nearest the middle of the bunch with (E) Conflagration due to the fact it will spread to all other creeps within the Radius, dealing full damage and reapplying Blaze.

Harassing an enemy hero:

There are 2 ways to do this, you can either run up and hit them with (E) Conflagration,
-If you decide to (E)Conflagration them, you can follow up with (Q)Sear to stun them with a clear shot, and follow up with (W)Pillar of Flame while they are stunned for max. damage.
or try to hit them with (W)Pillar of Flame. (Drop the front half of the circle on them, most players will run backwards.)

Going for the kill!:

In order to do this, you need to have a few things in order.
-Creeps or an enemy hero near by for Pyroclasm to bounce
-A Clear shot to land your (Q)Sear
-Your enemy to be roughly between 40-60% to guarantee the kill
To start, hit your enemy with an (E)Conflagration, followed quickly by (Q)Sear for the stun.(Note you can cast Sear before Conflagration if you are fast enough, as Sear has a travel time)
If your (Q)Sear hits the enemy, they are now stunned and you should follow up casting (W)Pillar of Flame, and (R)Pyroclasm. Also, now is a good time to use your Ignite, right after (R)Pyroclasm, it will deny any form of healing they may have.

The strategic backwards movement (Brand never fleas, hes to much of a boss to take somebody's ****)

There are a few methods for this:
-If an AD hero is up in your face quickly hit it with (E)Conflagration, followed by a (Q)Sear to stun them and give you breathing room. Also, drop a (W)Pillar of Flame on them as a warning.
-If you see somebody you can't take on running towards you from a distance, drop your (W)Pillar of Flame in the path they will cross shortly,(Not on them, in between you and them), To set them Ablaze from a distance, and throw your (Q)Sear shortly after in their direction to stun them.

If either of these methods work as intended, it may save you from using Flash, or save you if you don't have Flash ready.

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In summary, Brand is one of my favorite heroes who is a total Badass Mofo and brings the **** to the table. Brand got his lessons from Troggdor the Burninator, and is said that these two burn the Thatch Roof Cottages together when not doing other displays of Badassery.
For questions about Troggdor, follow this link:

I hope you enjoyed my guide, and input about how to make it better will be much appreciated.
(Sorry for not having picture links to the abilities, I have not yet learned how to place those.)