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League of Legends Build Guide Author dakhoifish

Brand, The Burning Vengeance

dakhoifish Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first build EVER on Mobafire, so take it easy before you start posting/downvoting xD

I like to play Brand a burst caster, since I feel as though he's a great mid laner and extremely viable in team fights. His ult will MELT people if you know when to cast it!

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Runes and Masteries

I like to follow a typical 9/0/21 build, just because it only seems fair that Brand would benefit in mid with bonus exp/magic pen.

I'm not the greatest at choosing runes, but Magic Penetration is a MUST! It means more burst damage! Mana regen is also suited, as you'll be spamming skills to harass.

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Summoner Spells

I like to take Flash and Ignite, simply because they fit very well with Brand! Flash is useful for making escapes or to chase after someone with 50hp!

That being said, Ignite is another good summoner spell on Brand. As he is a BURST caster, some people may get away with barely any hp. If so, Ignite stacked with your passive should do the trick ;)

Some other viable spells could be Ghost and Exhaust, but Brand shouldn't have to be chasing halfway across the map for a kill. As well, he's a ranged caster, so positioning him up close and personal to land an exhaust should be a big nono.

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I like to start off with a sapphire crystal rather than a Doran's Ring. Sure, the extra 100 HP and 15 AP is nice, but the health pots mean more laning survivability. After this, head back after you have enough for a Catalyst and/or Boots if you've been farmed enough.

Another option is to get Mercury Treads, but consider the enemy team. Do they have bunches of CC? If so, go for the Mercury Treads, otherwise more Magic Penetration never killed anyone :D

After this, you should be building towards a Rylais, simply because of its health and passive benefits. I like to grab the belt first for its survivability, but if you feel as though the other mid laner is squishy, it'd be wise to grab your blasting Wand first. This item will be discussed later on.

The next item is a death cap, only because of its abusive amount of AP and Passive.

At this point you may decide you need more survivability or more damage output. Abyssal Scepter and Void Staffs become pretty useful if their tanks are smart enough to build Magic Resistance. Banshees Veil is a very wise choice if you find you're getting focused down in team fights. If not, grab a Zhonya's to help for those sticky situations or if you plan on initiating. Just walk on in, blow off everything you have and watch as everyone tries to focus you down as you become invinsible for two seconds :D

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Skill Leveling + Sequence

Pretty straightforward, I like to max out my Conflagration first, as it is easiest to land and has the shortest cooldown. Next up is Pillar of Flame, as it has deadly AoE damage and does even MORE damage if they've been affected by Brand's passive. Lastly is Brand's Sear, which I feel shouldn't be added 'til the end since it does the least amount of damage and his stun remains two seconds throughout.

Although Ive been told to max Flame Pillar first, I think this only applies for experienced Brand users. If you're able to predict the enemy's movement and land your pillar, by all means max it first. If you feel as though you miss your shots 90% of the time, Conflagration is an easier skill to land.

Playing with Brand, there are many ways to use his skills. Here are a few:

1v1 Mid Lane:
I like to open up with Conflagration, as it is the easiest to land and helps with his passive effects. Next up is Sear, for the stun of course, followed by Pillar of Flame for the bonus damage. Your ulti should be used, but I wouldn't recomend you throwing it right off the bat incase another enemy walks by, where you can land a few bounces. I've seen many Brands make the mistake of opening with Pillar of Flame, only to see them miss and be unable to follow up with their combo.

Team Fights:
You should open up with your Ulti as soon as there is an initiation, for it'll tag several enemy champions. Follow up with your Pillar of Flame to clear out possible minions and burn other enemy champions in the fray. Your stun should come next, aiming it at the enemy carry or support, NEVER THE TANK! Brand's stun lasts two seconds, being more than enough for your team to follow up. Finally, use your Conflagration for any champions still hanging around to get burnt.

Note: Rylais is EXTREMELY helpful when casting any skill! If you have trouble landing your shots, this'll help slow champions before landing a full combo! This also helps with getting away from ganks! Landing your Conflagration is an easy slow if you miss your stun, and if they keep chasing, follow it up with your Pillar of Flame and finally your Sear.

I'm sure there are many other ways of casting spells, but these are just a couple of ways! They all vary on your situation, so try them out and see what works!

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All in all, Brand is a pretty deadly caster. He can rock his early and late game if played right, so hopefully this build'll give you a few tips on how to play him!

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment down below!