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Brand Build Guide by TrollfaceakaEdva

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrollfaceakaEdva

Brand - The devastating fire master

TrollfaceakaEdva Last updated on July 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello , i desided to do this guide to the new players , because i see a lot of brands failing hard.I have mastered Brand , so i'm gonna teach you how to play him , Brand have a lot of situational builds , it's hard to master him , but it's easy to play descent with him.I think you ssw Aexis in the Season One Tournament , he was really devastating , so i want to teach you how to play similar like he plays.

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Skill Sequence

It's quite obvious , get 1 point to all spells , to let you make a combo.Brand is combo champion , he must harrass in combo's , like E + Q + W , and the squishy enemie in middle , like Ezreal would loose half hp.
If in enemy team there are a lot of melee champions , get your Conflagration maxed , if balanced , get your Pillar of Flame and Conflagration balanced.
Why i max Conflagration ? Because it's not skill shot and if you combo it , it does awesome AoE damage.

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Summoner Spells

I get Flash + Ignite , because Brand with ignite and his passive , just you can't run from him with 50 hp , Flash - GTFO spell , it's obvious , i don't see any alternatives in my summoner spells , Flash + Ignite and nothing more.

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Early,Mid,Late Games

Start with Doran's ring , and your early game mission is to farm as hell , i prefer to go middle , because you are devastating there , when you Recall , you must have atleast 1000g , to get tear of the goddess , or even more to get tear of the goddess and boots , i prefer the 2nd way.
When you are about 6 lvl you should have Tear of the Goddess , boots and hextech revolver , if you land 1 kill or got good farm , to get a kill in 6 lvl is pretty easy , Get your E + Q + W combo in harras , when player is half hp , get E + Q + W + R + Ignite combo , or even Flash to open the combo.Conglaturations ! You got 1 kill.
In middle 9-14 , you should have Rabadon death cap , and void staff if you are dominating.It's very easy to dominate with brand , ganks very powerful , say to your teammate to let enemie to push , then open to enemie with E + Q + W + R ( if 2 enemies ) and ignite the squishy , or focused one.
Late game - I prefer to get BV ( Banshee's Veil ) to don't be so squishy , and counter some kind of champions like Karthus , or just silly players like WW who does ulti on you when you got BV up.
Farming - Early , Mid , Late game same combo , E + W to mages , or to all wave if you got good chunk of AP.

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Very obvious , simple runes for AP Carry.
Greater mark of Insight - Magic Penetration for Ap carry, nothing more , to get your spells hit harder.
Greater Seal Of Clarity - I think Brand is mana hungry in early game , or since he got TOTG(Tear of the Goddess),so it would have you in early game to farm more , or just harrass.
Greater Glyph Of Force - Obvious , Ap - You hit harder.
Greater Quintessence of Potency - Early game dominating.
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - Brand is squishy early game , so make you harder to kill.

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Skill Combinations

Conflagrate + Pillar of Flame + Sear + Pyroclasm if needed = In open area , when ganking or 1v1sing
Sear + Conflagrate + Pillar of Flame + Pyroclasm = In Teamfights
Pillar of Flame + Sear + Conflagrate = Be careful , don't miss you Pillar of Flame , or your combination is ruined , prefer to use this combo when you aren't new in Brand.