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Brand Build Guide by shendoxjoey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey

Brand, The fire that pours out from within

shendoxjoey Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there guys/gals, this is ShendoXJoey with yet another build for your use here on MOBAFire.

This build is for the great nuking champion Brand, also probably my favorite.

As you might have guessed this build is very much focused on utilizing Brand's Nuking abilities and Ability Power damage he can do.

So to start off, this build is built for use in the middle lane, can be active on the side lanes, but often there your kills could get stolen early on which WILL impede your late game capabilities, I suggest you stick to the middle lane.

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Alright, I am only level 17 on League Of Legends, therefor I do not have tier 3 Runes, instead I have tier 2. I find the following Rune build helps put you on top of the so called "Food Chain" in game:
Basic cool down reduction for early and late game use.
Basic cool down reduction for early and late game use as well.
CDR per level, to kind of give you a great boost late game.
Hey look at that even more CDR/level to again help a bit in the begging but really put you over top mid-late game.

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Alright so as a Caster DPS(Nuker specifically) you need some Mana, CDR, AP, and summoner spell help.
Therefor I choose an unusual set up for my Brand at least, I find it helps(Go down the Utility tree first for those below level 30, like myself).

I suppose it is simple but I think it is a bit unorthodox.
The Offense is used to get a bit more AP and CDR, but also you might have noticed it will get you buffs on both Summoner Spells I suggest you use.
No Defense, even though it could help in certain situation, see with this build you should do enough Nuke damage to FLATTEN an enemy champion tank level 18 before he/she gets to you.
The Utility is used to get you some mana buffs and the Summoner Spell CDR, which is immensely useful.

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Alright, so now we get to the "MEAT" of the build. Meaning the main portion of the build, where you destructive power comes from... does 700AP sound good to you? because it does to me.
I have reached over 700AP with this build, and just below 800Ap after using the potion at level 18.

ITEMS are as followed(please try not to stray from the order):
Amplifying Tome: This is your early on damage maker, all of your spells scale with your AP so if you do 100magic damage with one spell, whereas your enemy does lets say 70damage per attack, who do you think will win?

Mejai's Soulstealer: This item I always get before boots because you don't need speed, at least not yet. This item also increases your AP but more so that every time you get a enemy Champion kill or assist you get more AP(By stack) and at 20 stacks you get 15% CDR(That is great).

Sorcerer's Shoes: Basically you can sit and not retreat until you have enough money to buy this, if you have to recall before then though, buy some of the pieces of it. This item helps because of the Magic Penetration along with the Move Speed. Magic penetration on Brand is like armor penetration on a 100% critical chance Yi(AMAZING).

Needlessly Large Wand: Alright we go back to my description of the amplifying tome, basically this will sky rocket your damage, this when you start champion killing without even trying.

Blasting Wand: This is filler to get your next item, but it also increases your AP greatly, which in Brand's case is very important.

Rabadon's Deathcap: This item is just amazing, in how much base AP it gives with how much AP increase it gives, the AP jump you get is at least 100AP initially which at level 12-14 is just aw inspiring. But every subsequent AP item purchase, or level up, will but raised by 30%.

Void Staff: getting this item, don't just save up for it, buy the Blasting Wand then the Amplifying tome then the Void Staff...this item is used to increase your magic penetration and AP, which is just amazing. Also the Ap boost it gives it affected by the 30% increase... so you can imagine the AP you'll have.

Hextech Revolver: this item is used mainly to make an item shortly, but in the mean time it gives 15% spell vamp, which is just utterly destructive with Brand's AP enhance spells.

Bilgewater Cutlass: This item is useful for it's life steal, but it really is just filler to get your 5th main item. so Basically this item just does some temporary helping.

Hextech Gunblade: This is the item we just built up for, basically it enhances the last two items and just makes you unstoppable, I suggest putting this item in item slot 2 so that you can easily use it's cast to get fleeing enemies, 300 magic damage and slows enemy champion by 50%.

Morello's Evil Tome: Your final item, this item is great at late game to max out your CDR, or come close to it(I can't remember atm if it does max it out). In addition this item gets you to over 700AP if and only if you have at least 17 stacks for your Soulstealer.

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Skill Sequence

Alright so as Brand you have a passive that makes all your main spells do something more if they are used in sequence, so basically when you go into a fight the more spells you can use the better.

Sear is your main damage dealing spell, it gets boosted the most by your AP, 65% of AP. Also if your target is ablaze(Passive effect) you stun your target.Isn't that helpful?
Pillar of Flame is your main farming spell, use this spell to take down enemy units when pushing a lane or getting some jungling money, 60% of AP is added to damage. This spell does 25% extra damage if target(s) is(are) ablaze.
Conflagration Now we come to a decent spell but not as useful early game, unless you are 1v1ing an enemy champion. This skill does solo target damage to the enemy you cast it on, unless they are ablaze at which point EQUAL damage is done to nearby units. 55% AP is applied as extra damage.
Pyroclasm Your ultimate, probably the best Ultimate in the game. This ultimate bounces and does damage to any enemy it hits, up to 5 bounces. If initial target is ablaze it will move extra fast between bounces. This spell is enhanced by 50% of AP.

At level 18 I once killed 2 people in their spawn using this skill... so you can imagine how destructive it can be if there is no auto healing...


OK so to get an enemy kill you want to rush in(Yes rush in with a squishy) and use Pyroclasm if enemy CHAMPION( you want to be targeting a champion) is near ANY unit because then the spell will bounce and hit the champion 2 or 3 times. Next use Sear on the champion to stun him/her, after that lay down a nice Pillar of Flame right on top of the champion(s) and quickly use Conflagration and if you have Sear again use it to stun, if not maybe Hextec Gunblade to slow them, followed by your next available spell and an Ignite or Exhaust to keep after them.

Always remember when chasing someone, any of your spells, except Sear, followed by Sear will stun your enemy, so use it wisely.

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Summoner Spells

There are only three summoner spells I find remotely acceptable for this build.

Normally you would use Exhaust and Ignite, in that order.
UNLESS you KNOW you are JUNGLING, in which case use EXHAUST and SMITE, in that order.

Clarity and Heal are unacceptable for this build, Heal is USELESS, ABSOLUTELY USELESS late game, and Clarity is just not worth it late game.

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Pros / Cons

It doesn't matter you are squishy because you hit like a train with all it's carts replaced by amazingly fast moving tanks on steroids....
You have A LOT of AP
You can kill ANY enemy champion, ANY(Even Garen with 7k HP and 200/5sec HP regen)
You can gank like there is no tomorrow

You are vulnerable, slightly, early game.
You lose stacks with your Soulstealer when you die, which impact you a great deal during the DURATION of the game.

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This build is great, please 1 up it.
If you have any suggestions, I don't think it would be the wisest to state them, because I know what I'm doing with this build, but if you feel it will REALLY REALLY REALLY help then comment, I will most likely tell you why what I have is better, but who knows maybe there is one item that will change my mind.

When getting ganked, cast conflageration then Sear to stun your target then RUN LIKE H E Double Hockey Sticks!