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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crieser

Brand, The Flames of Lokfar

Crieser Last updated on May 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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STORYTIME: So yeah when brand came out i looked up a build here (like i always do) and there weren't any good ones (i waited a few hours of course) so i just decided to roll with it for the first time. and i've had great results. and heres how you can do it too! :D

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Pros / Cons


massive damage
easy to farm with
easy harass


focused occasionally
squishy early game
no escape

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For runes it was pretty simple. MP Marks and Quints for easy damage early (higher MR on champs than armor for the first few levels naturally). Mp5 per level seals for late game mana regen. AP per level glyphs for more oomph. not very complicated. if you feel 500ish health isnt enough you can run flat health quints.

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Pretty standard. nothhing drastic. MP and CDR in offense. improved ghost, regen, buff duration, movespeed, cdr, etc. in support. nothing major. didnt take greed cause its useless x100.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i prefer Ignite+Ghost. Ignite for those early game kills and for those lifesteal/regen stackers and ghost for mobility. flash isnt my favorite thing for Brand cause he has a stun. stun and run no need to get fancy and hop walls. run and run far. if you cant escape you probably did something wrong in the first place sadly.

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Skill Sequence

This is where it gets tricky. first ill explain the skills' uses. stats can be looked up elsewhere im not one for numbers.


I use this to stun mainly, usually whoevers dumb enough to attack me or my allies. i dont use it for massive damage i can use it to harass but its meh compared to W. i max this last with 1 point in at level 2 for CC but i dont use it for damage primarily. dont waste it and itll do what needs to be done.

W-Pillar of Flame.

my favorite spell. i use this to farm, harass, melt people, etc. its the best spell hes got IMO. it does mega damage and it does it well. AoE moar for Brand = empty health bars for numerous targets.


I max this second for farming. throw it on after a minion is hit by W and theres no more minions. throw it on before W and theres no more champion. great spell.


What seperates the men from the boys is this spell (sorry ladies). if you use this spell on minions play a different champ. if you use this spell unwisely play a different champs. here are some tips.

DO NOT use it on a champion where it will not bounce. this will waste most of its damage and a lot of your time waiting for it to come off CD.

DO NOT use it if its going to hit a bunch of minions instead of champs. i cant tell you how many times ive seen people ult champs next to their towers thinking that the bounces will wreck its defenders. it bounces off minions too and then you are sad.

DO NOT use it on someone who can prevent it from hitting them as this will cause no damage at all. for instance - Kayle Ult, Morgana Shield, Nocturne Shield, Sivir Shield, etc.

DO use it in teamfights in which the enemy is actually grouped up.. this will cause massive damage and send them running in fear. thats just a bonus though.

DO use it if two or three enemy champions are running away with low health and no minions incoming. if it hits them, they will play hot potato and the only winner is you.

i think that should suffice.

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I get dorans first cause 4 big bars in a lane means you will die from focus fire if you make 1 mistake. dorans gives you some safety cushion. i get a second because its cheap durability and staying power in the lane. do not doubt the dorans.

tear of goddess comes next due to the fact that you use spells often. you need the regen and the larger mana pool will help.

catalyst next for more health, more mana, more staying.

NOTE: by now you might be wondering "how the hell do you do any damage with no big AP items yet? you arent ryze you mana stacker". i reply with this. i get this because brand needs items. brand needs gold for items. farming minions easily and quickly allows brand to get gold quick, get levels quick. but brand should not be used to WIN quick. brand gets better as the game goes on and excels in larger teamfights. play the short game and if they hold you become useless. play for the long run, hold, and you will melt faces.

after that comes rylais. you only have a stun for CC and a lot of AoE slows helps somewhat. the health and AP is a major plus.

rod of ages. you still get the catalyst passive, but now you become bulkier too. i think you get around 2900 health w/o hp quints with rylais and RoA. thatll make you stay longer and punish longer and less likely to be focused instantly. you cant do **** if youre dead.

archangels finished. you got a good bit of AP, good bit of health, and good bit of mana. that equals a lot of damage. youll see the pain set deeply starting now.

rabadons comes afterwards for just higher higher higher AP. this works wonders but it will mean goodbye to your first dorans. it served you well but hats are better accessories than rings. even if both your head and hands are on fire.

AND THAT IS YOUR CORE. it works well. here are some other options.

Zhonya's- armor is nice. ap is nicer. passive helps while spells are on CD and the stragglers try their best to lifesteal off you. i get this most often.

Abyssal- I take this item if theyve got like 100ish MR or are heavy AP AoE. makes you bulkier, but still hit harder. with 34 MP and some percent pen, them having less MR makes you hit harder.

Lich Bane- I Dont get this too often. Its good mana, which means AP for AA. gives AP, good passive. but im not a heavy auto attacker and speed isnt that useful on Brand. If you need even more burst than go for it.

Void Staff- This is my anti tank item. it brings you up to 34 MP and 55%. goodbye tanks. uncommonly bought but usefull nonetheless.

WHY DO I NOT GET CDR?!? - I dont get CDR because i usually get blue buff. thats good enough. more AP equals more Damage. youre burst for a reason, you picked Brand not Karthus. Youll live between combos if they did too as long as you dont play dumb

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Went over this briefly in other sections. here we go

EARLY GAME: (1-6) : I dont usually take mid or solo top just for preferances and all my friends playing AD carries. you can if you want. dont waste spells. harass if needed, farm always, dont get beaten up, dont overextend, dont be a fool. save mana for a stun always just in case they wanna dive you. shouldnt be a problem after second dorans.

MID GAME: (7-12ish) : You arent pwnsauce just yet. but you hit hard. you can get a few kills easily but you can still die. play smart, play safe, play til they all die and you make an ash-angel from their cremated remains.

LATE GAME: (13-19) : Not a typo. you might as well be level 19 by now. geeze. youre smashing everyones face in as they all try to play dragonforce on expert, but we all know thats impossible. everyone runs from you and tries to avoid you but theres no escape in teamfights. once that ball of fire flies towards them they know its over, pray, poop themselves, and then get sent back to the respawn timer while you win. good job out there.

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this is how I play brand, i didnt involve common sense or theorycraft or lore or any of that stuff cause its everywhere. no pictures, no colors, just knowledge, and thats power. but AP is power too so buy that stuff first. this is my first guide so let me know how i did.

thank you for reading.