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League of Legends Build Guide Author Galfureye

Brand- The Flaming Hot Burst Caster

Galfureye Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Hey guys and welcome to my second major guide. In this castle of text I will talk about the smoking hot champion known as Brand. Brand is a mage, nuke, AoE caster and excels in team fights while giving great crowd control with his 2 second stun. He has a very strong early game and nice late game due to his strong AoE power.

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Pros and Cons


-Massive AoE damage
-Priceless in team fights
-Ability effects are sweet
-Great harasser
-Amazing farmer


-Power tones down a bit late game due to not so great ratios
-His name can seem ******ed to those to don't know what the "Brand" fire sword is
-Good players can dodge most of your abilities
-Mana can be an issue early on
-His stun moves quite slow so it can be hard to hit and its a skill-shot

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Learning Brand's Abilities

Overview of Brand's Ability

Brand's Abilities follow a main pattern of AoE skills and they are very combo bases due to his passive "Blaze". Different orders of spells can lead to different effects and I will teach you what to use in certain situations. Now let's get to the abilities themselves.

The Abilities

Blaze- (Innate): Brand's spells light his targets ablaze, dealing 2% of their maximum Health in magic damage per second for 4 seconds.

This passive is one of the most valuable in my opinion. First off the percent health DoT can get you so many kills it's hard to count, it's also great for farming. The main thing here though is it empowers all of your other moves, a package deal might I say.
Sear- (Active): Brand launches a ball of fire forward that deals magic damage. If the target is ablaze, the target will be stunned for 2 seconds.

* Cost: 50 mana.
* Range: 900.

This spell is mainly used for the stun in early game, the damage is pretty nice though and can get a kill of a runner due to it's high range. It is indeed a skill-shot though so it will take a little bit to get used to how it moves.
Pillar of Flame- (Active): After a short delay, Brand creates a pillar of flame at a target area, dealing magic damage to enemy units within the area. Units that are ablaze take an additional 25% damage.

* Cooldown: 10 sec.
* Range: 900.

There's so many wonderful things I can say about this move. But that would take far too long, so let's just say this move is key to farming, harassing and team-fights. This is easily his best ability.
Conflagration- (Active): Brand conjures a powerful blast at his target, dealing magic damage to them. If the target is ablaze, the conflagration spreads to nearby enemies.

* Range: 675.

By itself this ability is okay and is pretty good for one click harassment. However the main deal here is the AoE effect off blazed targets it's invaluable combined with Pillar of Flame.
Pyroclasm- (Active): Brand unleashes a devastating torrent of fire, dealing damage each time it bounces. If a target is ablaze, Pyroclasm's missile speed increases. Bounces five times.

* Range: 750.

Cool animations, amazing damage, team-fight annihilator, this spell is all of these things. It's also great for farming with its short cooldown, but only in late game. Its insane range is also good for picking off 2 runners, BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE dead.

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Skill Rotation

Brands skill rotation is fairly simple. Max Pillar of Flame whenever you can, followed by conflagration, then get sear once at four and then max last. Of course max your ultimate whenever you can

This is the main priority

Why is this so?

I take this order for many reasons. First off Pillar of Flame is needed as strong as possible in lane, and conflagration is needed for farming, the one rank in sear is all we need because the stun is 2 seconds at all levels, we don't need the spell for the damage. And the ultimate of course is ranked up whenever possible, because it's the best move you have.

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Getting the Combos Down Like Judge Joe Brown.

Farming Combo

These are the main 3 spells you use for farming. For optimal farming you will use Sear on a center minion/creep, then hit that minion with conflagration, then use Pillar of Flame. With this combo you will get the AoE spread on your conflagration, then because they are all blazed your Pillar of Flame will deal 25% extra damage. Many people do not know about this combo and I've seen many Brands just use E then W. That is a possible combo if you don't feel like wasting all your mana on 3 spells. However this combo with 3 spells is the optimal one and puts out the most damage.

Team-fight Combo

This is the easiest to use AoE combo and it will put out large amounts of damage very quick. You start off with Pillar of Flame, then conflagration which will spread all around, then your ultimate which will have a massive speed boost, bouncing around to all 5 champions. After most of the enemies are severely damaged you can shoot your stun on runners and rinse and repeat the same combo once your cooldowns come off.

1v1 Combo

This is by far the best combo in 1v1 fights. You will start with a conflagration, followed by a sear for a 2 second stun. Then hit Pillar of Flame while there stunned for 25% extra damage. Then if there still alive hit them with a Pyroclasm to seal the deal.

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Summoner Spells

I take ignite because first off, Brand is a fire based champion and the only thing better than fire is more fire! Secondly its a great finisher and it stacks very well with his blaze passive DoT.

I take flash to get me out of sticky situations and to put me in a good position in team fights. I use this most of the time with squishy casters. However if you find your having mana problems early on and you like to harass a **** load then take clarity, it's great for Brand as well.

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For marks I like to take the standard magic penetration because all casters need this.


For glyphs I like to get mana regen per level because I really spam and harass in lanes a ton. You gotta keep them pressured!


For seals I like to get mana regen as well, with these and glyphs mana just won't be a problem. Feel free to harass all you want. :D


For my quints I normally take health to make me extra beefy because I don't grab any source of health as first item. These are so important I'm never without them!

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I use a fairly standard caster mastery set of 9-0-21

Going in depth

Utility- 21 points

Perseverance 3/3-This mastery helps with laning for improved regen, and helps you spam your spells more.

Good Hands 1/3- I slap this on just because there's really nothing else, a little death time reduction never hurts.

Awareness 2/4- I get 2 points in this to slightly boost my experience in lane just so I don't fall too behind.

Expanded Mind 4/4- This is a great slot for casters and it will increase your mana by a good amount.

Meditation 3/3- This is an amazing mastery and it really increases your mana so you can spam spam spam your spells.

Quickness 3/3- I never go without this mastery, it gives great movespeed to give you that extra edge against a runner and it really helps you harass early on. It's also awesome for getting back to your lane fast!

Blink of An Eye 1/1- If you are using flash get this mastery. It will save you life even when you don't realize it did, 15 seconds can mean the world.

Intelligence 3/3- Great for all casters and especially Brand because he is a combo champ and needs his spells up as soon as possible.

Presence of the Master 1/1- You will obviously take this if your going down the utility tree, it decreases the cooldown of your summoner spells even more. Your flash will be up constantly with this.

Offense- 9 points

Archmage's Savvy 3/3- No brainer for caster, gives you a slight boost of AP each level, you never know when 1 or 2 damage can make the difference.

Deadliness 1/3- You really don't need this but it's the only other point you can put that actually has a use. Crazy crits sometimes happen though and they can sometimes mean a kill.

Sorcery 4/4- Pure coolness this mastery. It gives easy cooldown reduction early on in the tree, paired with the utility cooldown reduction, you have about 10% just from masteries!

Archaic Knowledge 1/1- Magic penetration is always great, it's a standard for most casters when going down this tree. Also magic pen is great on Brand because his AP ratios aren't the very best.

Defense 0 points

You really don't need to go down the defense tree and I prefer the utility and offense, however I have been doing some experimenting with it and it proves to be pretty nice for lane survivability. Also if you don't have health quints and you feel too fragile early game with only 4 bars. I would go down this a bit.

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I like to build Brand with a lot of health, spell vamp, and magic penetration. With this build you will have no problem surviving in team fights and you damage will be through the roof, not to mention it's all AoE. I build magic penetration because his AP ratios aren't the very best, and I build a lot of health because as an AoE caster you are going to end up in the center of fights, you need the survivability to last and scorch their ***es with your massive fire attacks. The spell vamp is added to also help his survivability and it really, really helps in lane. Think of it like Morgana using her AoE pool on a bunch of minions with her spell vamp. You have the same AoE spells and you will get a lot of health back.

Item Walk-through

Amplifying Tome

I take this item to start for many reasons. One it builds into my spell vamp item, and it helps with early on harassment, you don't need Doran's items and mana regeneration is wasteful because you have runes.

Hextech Revolver

This item is nothing but amazing, the spell vamp is so valuable in lane. It keeps your health up so you can keep on pushing.

Sorcerer's Shoes

Basic item for all casters but boots are always matter of opinion, feel free to take CDR or mercury. However I love the magic pen and it's great on Brand.

Haunting Guise

Pure amazing for Brand, it gives him health to survive, AP, and the wonderful magic pen that so greatly stacks with your runes and shoes.

Will of the Ancients

When you upgrade to this item is a matter of opinion but I find it the best either after Rylai's or Haunting Guise, this is when small team fights start to break out and the aura can really help.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

What's not to love about this item? It gives AoE slow in team fights (15% is still enough to make a difference) more health for you to stay alive, and AP that's always nice.

Rod of Ages

You may not always get this far but it's an excellent item to continue with the tanky AP trend. It also gives mana if that was becoming an issue.

Zhonya's Hourglass

I'm still debating if I should get this early because I rarely reach this item. But if you choose to, the invulnerability bubble is amazing in team fights to help your cooldowns come off CD, and the AP + armor is splendid for surviving.

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The End!

That's it for my guide for now, I will update soon with more sections! Hope you liked it.