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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fireraga

Brand the pyromaniac

Fireraga Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Burn Burn Burn through to victory.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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Hello, this is my guide and take on how brand the pyromaniac should be played. Having just been released this guide is more of a basis that can be improved on, but the general jest of it is based off how other burst casters are built. So lets get right into it the head of this pyro master and learn how to effectively use probably the best burst mage that has been added to league in a while.

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Pros / Cons

Pros of this build-
=You never run out of mana
=Rylais scepter and the RoA makes sure you have a beefy amount of health
=The best at burst damage
=the funnest burst caster to play, enjoy your pyro-rampage as your nemesis burn in your wake of destruction

=you are still somewhat squishy and will be targeted a lot.
=you are 9 feet tall, and makes you get targeted a lot.
=once you keep decimating the enemy team in team fights you will, get targeted a lot.
So for the most part you will be the target of the enemy team, despised as being to easy to play. Just brush it off and bask in the flame as you push your team to victory.

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Your rune page is mostly up to you as to how you build it, i rune the same rune page i use with lux on brand, 9x magic pen runes to give your spells more oomf for every cast, along with improving brands passive which relies on magic pen. 9x seals of replenishment reason being brand burns mana like no tomorrow in the heat of a battle it can become a problem when you are out of mana, a really serious problem you cant go pubstomping with no mana. I then took 9x Glyphs of focus to further reduce brands cool-down on his abilities since you mostly rely on pillar of fire to start your deathly rain of fire combo, this will insure that it is on a very short CD. As for the Quints i took 3x cool-down only because that is what i currently have, quints are entirely up to you depending on how aggressive or defensive a player you are.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost- is taken to be used as a escape mechanism or chase depending on how you use it.

Clarity- is taken to keep your mana while you farm, used in combination with the catalyst there should not be to mana times in the beginning of the game that you run out of mana.

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Not much to say here, took the standard 9/0/21 setup for any caster, only comment would be the 1 point in ghost just to make it work better, because brand does not have any fast ways to get the hell out if something goes wrong. Ghost is your ticket to get out, but it is up to you, sometimes i take flash just because it seems to work better, but for the most part i run Ghost for speed, works great to catch a fleeing foe, or as i said, your get out of jail card.

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Skill Sequence

Brands skill sequence can be up to you but for the most part i use the outline above, this is because brand relies on his pillar of flame to start his pyro combo most of the time. In the instances when you can get close enough to use conflagration you should always start with that to ignite the target. Follow this up by using sear to stun your target, then hit them with pillar of flame, since you target is ablaze at this point they take a extra 25% damage from pillar of flame.
This above statement is the big ticket to mastering brand, he relies on his chain combo going off, if he gets shutdown while attempting this it can result in a no-kill, but for the most part it does not hurt you to much.

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Adding this section to teach you how to farm efficiently with brand.
Farming Farming Farming, it is the key to wining any match in league nothing different applies here.
But to farm efficiently you need to learn how to do it right.
Starting off with the most basic's always always go for last hitting the creeps, kind a derp for most people but i see it many times in games where people auto attack creeps only to not get last hit.

Moving on from this we learn to use pillar of flame to burst to creeps and keep our lane opponents off, after landing this on a creep wave follow it up with conflagration, to spread some love and burn those creeps. At level 3 conflagration combo'd with level 3 pillar of flame you can one hit creep waves.

As for those pesky lane opponents if you manage to hit them with pillar of flame, follow it up with a sear to stun, then conflagration to spread the burn. For the most part this is enough to scare them back to their tower for most of the game.

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This a quick run through of why i chose the items i did, and suggestions for the last slot.

~game starts~
Grab a mana crystal and 1 health pot + 1 mana pot then find the lane you want to burn to the ground.

~~3-6 mins in~~
Farm enough gold to get a catalyst, this can be done faster if you manage to get firstblood or more kills.
The catalyst is very important to brand as it gives you free 350 mana and health every level allowing you to stay in your lane longer, provided you don't overextend or do anything stupid, you should be able to farm enough gold from this point to get a Tear of the Goddess and some boots at this point, any extra gold should be spent on a few health and mana pots, just in case.
~~6-12 mins in~~
By this point you should have farmed enough gold to get your sorc. boots and blasting wand, to start working on your Archangel staff. This combined with all the mana you get end game ensures that you still have lots of mana without sacrificing to much ability power.
Back to your lane and keep farming
~~12-20 mins in~~ keep up the farming, team fights should start breaking out soon, be ready to stomp your foes into the ground.
You should have completed the RoA by now as it gives you a hefty chunk of mana and health when it fully charges. This along with the Archangel staff should provide you a decent amount of ability power with plenty of mana to keep up assault on the enemy team.

~~20 mins + in game~~
Continue to farm and dominate while completing your item build
Kills are important to get as brand but remember Risk/reward, don't be stupid and jump into something that will only net you a kill for a death, or even worse get a teammate killed, pick and chose when to strike, you are free to roam at this point. Have fun and happy hunting as the opposing team hugs turrets in fear.

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Tips and Tricks

If you have made it through the wall of text, i applaud you. Here are some tips and tricks that make brand very nasty in 1v1.

-Pillar of flame can be used to hit targets while fleeing, combo'd with sear it is a great way to catch up to a faster foe.
-Brands ult should be used in team-fights always provided that you fire it when there are no creeps around
-Brands ult can also be used to kill enemies who turret hug at low health. Don't want to dive them no problem shoot your ult at the last creep closest to the person hugging the tower it will ricochet to them for the kill.
-When fighting a 1v1 and dominating you should always save your ult for the end/final blow.
If the enemy starts to run, with no creeps protecting them odds are it is a good idea to fire your ult, there might be a enemy team-mate covering their escape, only to help you by allowing your ult to bounce
-Sear should be used always as your harassment spell it costs only 50 mana at all levels, very effective for its mana cost.