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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Brand Build Guide by dFxyy



Updated on August 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dFxyy Build Guide By dFxyy 3,499 Views 0 Comments
3,499 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author dFxyy Brand Build Guide By dFxyy Updated on August 14, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Lol, pro guide++ hardcore, cannot even touch this shiZZle, mofos, ****in hell... so pro!

btw: sorry for my not so good english, I guess its understundable tho.

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Pros / Cons

+ Huge early to late game damage._______________- Can be really squishy.
+ A lot of stuns cuz of little q cd.3___________- Its not that easy to hit it.
+ Can get out of bad situations, with spamm of Qs and even easier with Rylai.
+ Can seriously destroy opponents in teamfight. - Its not that hard to get to him and crush him.
+ Not depentend on blue.________________________- Can get to low mana early game if not careful.
+ Casts fire beam beam.
+ Epic dance/taunt/joke.
+ Fun to play.
+ Effective in ranked gameplay, low to high elo.
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Well, there are definetly more possibilites in order of purchases etc...

You can get Abyssal instead of Void stuff if theyre AP heavy, but youll lose a bit of dmg.

/- give you early game sustainibility + possibility to catch your opponents (your early game harrasment is epic cuz of passive and its even better if you hit e to w)
- better sustainibility
- gives you dmg that you need early game, or youll fall behind
- just an awesome item
- slow makes you easly get your stun, gives a lot of hp and does give enough of ap
- not that it just breaks mr, it empowers your passive
- no explentation needed

- if theyre AP heavy
- only if any of your teammates wanna buy it too.

How and when to get, situations etc...:

So i recommend you to start allways with boots if youre goin solo, if youre goin bot with e.g. Taric (Brand + Taric pwns) buy Dorans Ring.

If youre forced to get back early which you should not because youve 3 pots and really effective harass so you should not be outharassed you have to be able to get atleast Ruby Crystal which makes you more sustainable, but if youre not forced to go back try to farm enough to get early catalyst (early kills help a lot). You should be able to get catalyst till 10th minute, if youre doin not that bad. If youre doing good afterwards you should buy ap heavy item soon to be able to do even better what means, buy Needlessly, that might enable you to get some kills or atleast to zone out your opponent. You should be able to get Rabadon till 20th minute, ideally earlier, if youre doin worse and you have hard line, buy Rod of Ages or revolver first. Afterwards its just really situatuional, it depends on how teamfights goes etc... the most important thing to remember is that you have to build items which you really need, so it depends on dmg of other team etc...
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Summoner Spells

Kinda typical mage summoners...

Ignite - insures easy kill on healers + sometimes really help in 1v1 situations etc..
Flash - its just a flash, cmon.
Ghost - dont use ghost by itself with an offensive spell, use it only if youre using flash.
Exhaust - may help in some situations, but i dont really recommend it cuz you can get better spells, even tho im not saying its bad, i just personally dont really like it on mages.
Teleport - if youre solo top, it is really crucial in some situations.
Clarity - you dont need it.
Heal - others are simply better.
Fortify - no.
Cleanse - possible if youre fighting a really high cc team.
Revive - no.
Rally - no.
Clarvoyance - only if support or whoever refuses to take it (it might be usefull to rape people in bushes)
Smite - no.
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Skill Sequence

You have to max w first cuz of its huge early dmg...
The second spell is e because it makes harass much easier, you can go q only if theres an early gank inc or if youre being harassed rly painfuly.

Maxing e with q gives you more chances to deal dmg but it gives you more dmg to cuz of scaling.
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Laning / early phase / game.

It depends a little on where youre but it doesnt change that much after all.

Mid: This is where you want to be. Dont use spells too much because youll run out of mana easly. But, you must use them if you wanna go back afterwards. You have to try to harass your opponnent with e - w which seriously deals f*ckload of damage. If youll outfarm your opponnent you should have pretty easy lane, but be careful because youre still squishy.

Top: You can go top against squishier opponents (YES against Anivia, Vladimir, Swain,...) or agaisnt the ones with not a lot of distance closing spells (NOT against Irelia, Jax,...) its basically same as mid, the only difference is that you should be able to farm more.

Bottom: You can go bottom but its not really recommended, unless the support is Taric because Taric + Brand is just awesome. Well, you can get easy kills, and should be able to farm better than your opponents cuz you can outharass supports heals really effectively with your passive.

Real power of Brand is that you can outburst many champions, even Annie if youre doin right things.

Conclusion : Focus on last hitting, outharass your opponent,-s, try to kill him when youre atleast 90% sure you can.

Important: Dont forget to have some hp pots with you ALLWAYS, you have to remember that youre being harassed while harassing too so youve to unsure more hp by them either.
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Mid game.

This is the time you should shine in because you may allready have Rabadon or atleast Needlesly + Blasting wand... While doing dragon or pushing or what, youve to allways stay behind the tank etc. but close enough to be able to hit your combo which would ideally consists of (e - q - ult - stun) but DONT try to force the ideal combo because you should not lose a lot of dmg while spamming randomly (e.g.: w - q - r). NEVER USE Q WITHOUT DOT IF YOURE NOT SURE IT WOULD KILL THE TARGET OR IF ITS JUST A POKING.

Conclusion: Be very careful but effective in same time, try to deal the most dmg you can with your spells.
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Late game.

This is the time when you are basically just fighting, lets say its 30th minute so you should have finished boots, rabadon, rod of ages, rylai, void... Void stuff unsures you that you will steal deal a lot of dmg what is really important, youre not that squishy either what doesnt mean you can risk anyhow more because any stupid mistake of bad positioning could coust you a team fight. Try to do exactly the same things in team fights as in mid game and dont forget to use your excellent pushing abilities.

Conclusion: Defend if needed, Attack if needed, be very careful and deal DAMAGE!
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Im not anyhow pro or anything i just think that im not THAT stupid and this work really works for me well, i think anyone that doesnt use it yet should try it, even tho its not THAT special build. I hope it helps some of you out there, and see you next time.
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