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Brand Build Guide by canofwhoopass

Brand's mild pro sauce

Brand's mild pro sauce

Updated on June 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author canofwhoopass Build Guide By canofwhoopass 4,334 Views 0 Comments
4,334 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author canofwhoopass Brand Build Guide By canofwhoopass Updated on June 15, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Greater Mark of Insight.....gotta love the magic pen

Greater Seal of Replenishment.....i like my mana regen for early game :) since you pump up PoF early game you use a lot of mana

Greater Glyph of Force....well its a toss up of either raw AP or AP + X per thinking about raw AP so i can just be OP from runes early game

Greater Quintessence of Potency....raw AP....yummm
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with brand you can honestly go in any tree.i prefer defensive...but....

Offensive...its ok for harassing and buffed up attacks but your, but none the less its great if your not aggressive early game unless you can just completely outwit the other player(s) great for harassing early game, your not as squishy early off and you can get a few extra hits on tankier champs and it allows you to be aggressive, and as long as your runes are still Offensive you'll still hit pretty good early game, and you can still hit like a semi going 90 late game

Utility... its great but i never use a point in presence of the master, but its awesome for people who harass and burn mana, you get bas movement speed increase which is nice and the mana/regen and a lil bit more gold if you throw a point in there to, probably not the best tree the main benefits are mana and base movement increase, i see more benefits in the other two trees with brand
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Item Build

My item build has changed up a little bit...those that play brand and like to harass know how mana hungry he can get, so i try to get a couple philosopher stones at the begging, grab a cpl mana regens and a cpl health pots then go from there, i know it sounds like a weak start for a dps but it works especially if your just trying to harass(and still get a kill :p)

after that gold comes flying in while u kill minions.....

next is archangels staff,completing this is nice mana boost, mana regen boost and pretty good AP

since money is comin in faster i grab a deathcap as long as im doing my job rite i can get all this early game np....with the deathcap it also enhances your staff, im sure you noticed that once you start getting your core items ....its expensive..another great reason for the stones

defense is good for when team fights come into place, now in my build i have guardian angel....i put that ther because its universal and its a free rez and hopefully life saver....but....every item u get especially your defense items are all look at the enemy team and determine if u rather go with more Magic resis or armor

void staff is nice to for the mag pen and AP

now the crystal scepter is nice but sumtimes i replace it with another defense item if the oher team is rollin my team, but ill get the scepter last instead of another deathcap if i do get another defense

getting a 2nd deathcap seems like a waste but with your other items the two 30% boosts i nice ontop of the 155s
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Skill Sequence

PoF is awesome for harassing, people argue that because its a "skill aoe shot"...well as long as you practice and learn to predict enemy movements, especially if they are aggressive you'll do just fine,typically the best way to do mass dmamage in 0.0000001(<---sarcasm) is to conflag > sear >PoF > Pyroclasm(if u need to or have it yet) all your abilities set your target ablaze..sear will stun a target if ther ablaze and PoF does extra damage if there some situations tho PoF > sear >conflag is the way to go but only if you cant get close enough to conflag first, which if that is the case you should be playing defensively....i like to use sear as a stun so i get 1 point in it early then i finish it late, i try to pump up my PoF as asap with conflag next
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Summoner Skillz

Flash - your brand so no matter your runes, masteries, or skill your squishy its a good ability to get away in a tight spot or to get a better advantage point to stun

Ignite - its a another dot for brand i enjoy getting kills with it and for people who don't kno brand, they can get confused on how is "blaze" hits so hard" or they may think you ignite them all the time
League of Legends Build Guide Author canofwhoopass
canofwhoopass Brand Guide
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Brand's mild pro sauce

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