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Braum Build Guide by ISniffToasters

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ISniffToasters

Braum: Not Just a Support

ISniffToasters Last updated on March 22, 2016
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Kim il sung (1) | December 7, 2016 12:44am
Hah i used to do a similar build but then with iceborn gauntlet instead of frozenhearth

Very fun to play

only ever struggled vs darius and stomped everything else, especially stuff like riven

Did you know the shield gives damage reduction to everything coming from the direction its facing as well as blocking any damage that first hits it

This makes you really annoying to duel since you can put up the shield ignore a lot of damage then stun them and walk away to win trades vs almost anyone, in extended trades you can use the armor steroid after then stun again then use shield again

so much **** you's to enemy combo's with your shield and stun lol

And i used titanic hydra, sunfire cape & iceborn gauntlet because they all make you tanky but also give aoe damaga

this helps with waveclear obviously but it also heavily spikes your damage output in teamfights

then i just grabbed warmogs and visage on top for hp mr and regen, running a health regen page too
you can start with early 8 regen for laning and 18 scaling, and take the 2 hp regen mastery and the perseverance one too, come lategame the healing numbers just keep popping up above you like your mundo ^^
You are very tanky with your steroids get great aoe damage lots of slows and stuns can buff an ally and block projectiles

braum is great in teamfights and really annoying to duel with this build it's great fun to play

and i would recommend anyone to try this

it's now even better with colossus keystone
Gillepapen | October 13, 2016 10:06am
I carried a game with Braum top at ranked, my team was feeding very hard and I was laning a against a Cho Gath and I lost the lane.

We would have lost but we were lucky and the enemy Thresh went AFK so we won.
Sepulchur | June 28, 2016 10:55am
This build is just stupidly fun to play. The first game I did with this I went 10/6/18 against a Mastery 7 Darius, who had a Volibear and a ****er on his team. We ended up winning by a complete landslide.
Also, for Runes I ran Hybrid Marks, Armor Seals, MR/CDR Glyphs and 2 AD and 1 Move Speed Quints
Bamusan | May 2, 2016 8:55am
This guide is actually pretty good I have used the solo build and easily overcome a level 30 trydanimyre in solo (I was level 24 while doing this) I enjoyed using it, when they attack you just Qing them jumping to the closest minion to them and autoing untill they freeze and just bashing them

I'd say it counters tryd probably
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