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Braum Build Guide by ISniffToasters

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ISniffToasters

Braum: Not Just a Support

ISniffToasters Last updated on March 22, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why doesn't like a good off-meta pick every once and awhile? Braum's kit may seem tailored for the support role, but that doesn't mean that he's strictly prohibited from being flexible. Braum is extremely fun when played in the hands of a good jungler or top laner. It takes a few games to get used to, but you'll be having a grand 'ol time as The Moustachioed Sheildbearer.

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Q: Skillshot slow, applies a stack of Braum's passive. Self Explanatory.

W: Jump to an ally. Can be used to reposition yourself for a surprise Q. This CAN be used on minions, too! It also gives allies a buff in armor and magic resist. Use this as a gap closer in teamfights, to initiate when your jungler comes through, or on a minion to escape a gank.

E: Puts up a shield to black damage from projectiles. Little known fact, this also gives a noticeable speed boost. Use this to save allies or to catch out enemies with the speed.

R: Skillshot knockup/slow. Also self explanatory. Use to catch out enemies, or in teamfights use to split the enemy or simply to set up for the carries to finish them off.

As for Summoners, Teleport is the go-to for top lane. If you know you can snowball, then ignite can work. Ghost isn't a bad alternative for flash either. Junglers, Smite/Flash is a must, if it aint broke don't fix it.

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Skill Sequence

Max R -> Q -> E -> W. Take Q again at level 3 for both top lane and jungle. Unless, in lane, your jungler ganks early. The jump is a great way to set up a Q.

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Building Braum is a bit tough if you don't know what you're doing. An item with health and another component or two is ideal.

Defensive Items:

Banshee's Veil: A good item, but Spirit Visage is a better choice
Randuin's Omen: Only good if the enemy team is heavy on crit
Warmog's Armor: A must have. Pair this with a Spirit Visage and laugh as you regen through the roof
Spirit Visage: Great stats. In lane or early on, maybe grab a Kindlegem to make your Q hurt more and for the CDR.
Frozen Heart: Braum is a bit mana reliant, and the CDR is great too
Sunfire Cape: Braum's core item. This needs to be in every Braum top/jungle build.
Righteous Glory: Its alright. The movespeed is good during teamfights, not really anywhere else.
Locket of the Iron Solari: Good aura for teamfights. But in general this isn't the best
Mikael's Crucible: Not the best item. It can save your teammates in a pinch but usually there's no need for this

Offensive Items:

Trinity Force: The sheen effect and phage passive is good, but this item is really only good when you're very far ahead
Titanic Hydra: The best (and usually only) offensive item for a Braum build
Frozen Mallet: An okay item. Not very gold efficient but its passive is helpful for sticking onto your opponents
Dead Man's Plate: Good passive, the movespeed helps a lot as well
Wit's End: The attack speed and on hit damage is good, but only when you're far ahead
Sterak's Gage: You could sneak this in for a late game item for a bit more damage, but usually just stick with more defensive stats
Iceborn Gauntlet. The sheen proc is amazing, and with all the other armor you'll be building, its a great alternative to Frozen Heart, but only really if you're ahead.

Jungle Items: Chilling smite is usually what you'll want, but the Tracker's Knife can work in some situations. As for the enchant, take Cinderhulk 9 times out of 10. If you somehow get a kill of two before you purchase your item, Devourer can help you snowball really hard.

Boots: Generally you'd take Ninja Tabi or Merc Treads depending on the enemy team composition. Swiftness Boots aren't a bad idea in any sitauation. The movespeed is great. And if you're planning on a build without hitting the CDR cap, then take Lucidity Boots.

Boot Enchant: Alacrity is good for chasing. In top lane, run Distortion if you pick up your boots early on. If you need to be teamfight-centric, Captain is a great enchant. But if you're snowballing and you'd like more sticking potential, take Furor for the extra burst of movespeed.

Elixirs: Stick with Elixir of Iron. Wrath is not very good, as you'll be building mostly defensive stats.

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Usually, Braum works best when starting with Gromp. Ask your laners for help with your blue buff as well. Braum is squishy early on and will need some help with his first clear.

If you do not recieve help with your blue, then immediately back after clearing the buff and grab a Hunter's Potion. This will really help Braum through Midgame

Ganking: Braum's true power comes when he his 6. His ult is great for catching someone who flashed away, or for simply securing kills. Before 6, he is kinda lackluster.

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Braum isn't the best when it comes to farming. He will need a few items to help him along.

Top lane: Bami's Cinder and Titanic Hydra are his best friends for AOE waveclear. After acquiring these items he is a surprisingly good split pusher.

Cinderhulk Jungler: The Bami's Cinder will help tremendously in the jungle. His early clears are atrocious. Consider asking your laners for help on your buff in addition to your first camp.

Devourer Jungler: The attack speed isn't as good as the Bami's Cinder early game. Alternate between the larger and smaller monsters after your passive pops on a monster. The extra on-hit damage from your passive is nice, but the stun is better.

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Team Work

Braum is a support character in mature. He should jump into the fray dealing his AOE damage with Bami's Cinder and Titanic Hydra, sometimes jumping back to save an ally. He has great catch potential and his ult is very good when used on a clustered group of enemies.

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Ranked Play

Just don't.

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Top/Jungle Braum is just for fun. He's just a silly off-meta pick that spices up the game once in awhile. This is best played with friends when you all just want to have a good time. In other queues, people might be a bit angry at you because you're 'off-meta' and 'trolling'. Don't play him in ranked, and just have fun.