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Nocturne Build Guide by Faker2002

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Faker2002

Bring Nightmare With Nocturne In Jungle - For Intermidiate

Faker2002 Last updated on January 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Nocturne with this build

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Welcome, Summoners!

Hi, my name is Aaron Ahn, and I am LV 30 ranked Silver two. I like Nocturne: He is my favorite champion. I used him when I first started LoL as he was in the Free Rotation two years ago.
I fell in love with this guy and now, I mastered all techniques and I am skilled with Nocturne.
Nocturne, Eternal Nightmare really could bring in Nightmare if you knew how.
WARNING:This is not for starters.

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Overview Of Nocturne

Many of you reading this might wonder, Is Nocturne even good?
I will say only this. It is definately the #1 jungler, best damage dealer with tanky health, and easy to master. It's favorite move is to disable the opponent, then attack.As he is tanky, no one really makes him even more tankier and defense based, but this is for ones who just started which means this build will serve better then others. You also might wonder why your friends use different ultimate. Again, it is because everyone has their own favorite ultimate.Even if you like it but die often, change Flash into Ghost or Barrier.

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Dangers To Nocturne

Dangers to Nocturne is when you take on two turret in a row without minions. Nocturne is capable of destroying one easily, but, two is a bit hard for people if they attack without minions. Also, don't go to places where there is less minions/ champs because if they all came at you, you could simply do Paronia (R) then attack which means you won't waste it while if you do it to one, that will be a waste. Also, since it is for starters, I will say this: Even if your jungle and must help your lane if losing, don't help if it is anyway a dead lane and focus on a winning one.It is because, if they kill the same champs over and over again, it is not valuable as your Nocturne that died less by them.This is a common practise for Junglers.

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RE'k Sai, Better Than Nocturne In Jungle?

Some says that Nocturne's glorious day as a jungler is over because Rek'sai came out. True?
NO!!!!!~ They almost have the same potential, but I will admit Reksai being a bit better, Nocturne is still very good in jungle.Also, he is capable in playing mid and top unlike Rek sai. Also, Nocturne is o.k at AD Supp but not very good at that.
Conclusion: USE NOCTURNE!!!~

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He first has a Duskbringer,(Q)Then has Shroud of Darkness(W)then has his Unspeakable Horror(E), then finally, he has Paronia(R)

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Combo/Skill sequence

The combo I gave you is a standard skill sequence for Nocturne, and shouldn't require any deviation. Take Duskbringer at level one to help you clear the jungle (it's also great in level one team fights). Usually you'll want Shroud of Darkness at level two for the attack speed boost to help you clear since the jungle became harder to clear this season. Get Unspeakable Horror at level 3 unless you gank or fight the enemy jungler at level 2. Don't wait to take it until level 4 because if you suddenly have a gank opportunity or you encounter the enemy jungler at level 3, having another point in Duskbringer isn't going to do squat if you don't have your fear yet. You can also just use your fear on the big monster of each camp while you have blue buff to take a bit less damage.

Of course, always get a point in Paranoia when it is available (levels 6, 11 and 16). Prioritize Duskbringer for the damage on the skillshot as well as the AD steroid on the trail. Unspeakable Horror is next for a longer fear duration. Finish Shroud of Darkness last for a little more attack speed and a shorter cooldown on the spell shield. Do not max W before E ever. The longer CC duration is much more valuable to you and your team than a little extra attack speed.
For combos, use R - W - E - Q. Try Q -W -E also, and Q - E - W.When you were fighting already, use QEW like I told you just now, and use R - E - Q - W when you are in a hurry.

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Early game will be eay. Farm the land. Also, when hunting Dragon, always go with your teammates. It is your weak point!
Baron Nashor is easier but go with one more champs to make sure.
Clearing should be in a order like this:
Ancient Sentinel to Murkwolves to Brambleback to Krugs to Raptors then gank Mid.
As Nocturne you will want to get level 6 as early as possible while staying ready to gank enemies if a chance arises and you are doing this. You may skip some of these camps to get to do a level 3 gank. If no opportunities happen, keep farming. Remember, you're running Feral Flare, which means farming is very important to you!

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Thank you!

Thanks for reading this guide.
-Aaron Ahn-
P.S: This is my first guide so I hope it's good!