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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diesel

Bro'Gath - King of the Brocean

Diesel Last updated on December 29, 2010
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  • Switched Seal Runes -> 12/29/10
  • Changed Title, since he's kinda not my Main anymore. -> 12/29/10

Sup guys,

Diesel here. After losing all want to play Ashe for the sole reason of playing almost 150 matches with her [and her being nerfed to the ground, just sayin'.], I decided to try myself a new character: Cho'gath. Here I've devised the build I use to win about 80% of the games I play with him. With some useful tips to help out, hope y'all enjoy!

Early Game:

Start off with a Ruby Crystal and grab Rupture first. Rupture at level 1 will be used for zoning characters, especially squishies, so you and your partner can farm casually. Know that Cho'Gath can regain HP and Mana by killing minions, so if you don't have a Carry in your lane, make sure to last hit, and you won't need to waste money on Potions.

Mid Game:

When you get the 850G to get a Catalyst, back and use your Teleport to get right back into the lane. Around this time you should have one level on Vorpal Spikes and the rest going to Rupture and Scream [and 1 level on Feast if it's been slow.] Continue to farm until about level 8, here we can use a one-two combo of Cho's that will effectively get you a ton of Gold and push your lane gradually. With your Rupture and Scream both at level 3, you can pop up the Ranged Mage Minions with Rupture, than Scream to automatically grab 60G and your HP/Mana replenished. Rinse and Repeat this for the entire game unless you are aiming for champions. Whenever you get Rod of Ages, this combo will work much better: if you happened to get fed nicely, Rupture can kill Ranged Mage Minions by itself, leaving the Scream for the Melee Minions, thus getting you more gold.

Use this technique to grab your next couple items: Boots of Swiftness, Heart of Gold -> Randuin's Omen, and Either Force of Nature/Guardian's Angel/Rylai's Crystal Scepter, whichever you feel is needed more against your opponents.

Late Game:

Use your 6 Feast stacks and 4-5 items and be a dominate force. Your Feast should be doing somewhere from 800-1000DMG against enemy champions, so use it either as a good initiator against a tank, or to dominate a range/melee carry of over 60%+ of their HP. Cho'Gath's passive should still be helping you enough to be okay, especially if you continue the 1-2 Combo of Rupture and Scream against minions. Getting more Gold and replenishing your HP/Mana is never bad, no matter what time of the game, so make sure you can go to a lane and fill up, it's your biggest help to MAXing out your items and making you public enemy number one against your enemies.

Core Build:

Summoner Spells:

  • - Cho is not a fast character, one who uses pop-ups along with allied initiations to gain ground, so making sure you stay in the battle at all times, pack Teleport.
  • - For the 1-2 combo to work, you're either going to need a good Mana pool, or pack a Clarity. I find Clarity to be much more of a help than an item since you're sacrificing a slot for your Mana Pool; when with Clarity you can replenish you and your allies' Mana pool with a click of a button. Mucho reliable.

Rune Build:

  • - You can never go wrong with Magic Penetration. This'll help you kill Minions and Champions much quicker.
  • - Cho'Gath can be a Mana hog when it comes to using his Rupture in early levels, the extra 101Mana you get with these runes insure one extra Rupture when you need it.
  • - Cho'Gath uses a lot of mana with his 1-2 combo, along with feasting every minute or so. So while you level, you can add a little more Mana Regen to your build and help with spamming more damage against your foes.
  • - If you don't want to use Flat HP Quints and feel good with your ability to play with Cho, having Flat AP Quints are a great Alternative. Having the extra 15AP will boost your Rupture and Scream's power, thus making Minions kills that much easier.

Final Summary:

  • Use Rupture early game for harassing squishies and last-hitting minions until around level 8.
  • When you get Rupture and Scream to level 3 each, start using them in coordination to kill the Ranged Mage Minions for good Gold and HP/Mana Replenish.
  • Get your 6 Stacks [R Key/Ultimate] quickly so you can use your true damage nuke against enemy champions.
  • Use Teleport smartly in coordination with buying items to maximize lane time.
  • Don't be afraid to use your 1-2 Combo religiously, you packed a Clarity for a reason!

If you have any questions, comment below and I will answer them. Until then, enjoy the Tank!