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Akali Build Guide by Freddofrog

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freddofrog

Brokali Season 6 Top/Jg build

Freddofrog Last updated on January 5, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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for this akali build it is beast for versing a high mobility champs and cancer for low mobility champs... as the name suggests this is about a high dps slow and well... hybrid so you can still mess them up if they stack Armour straight up.

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for spells I recommend using tp and flash, the map presence is really worth it. You end up with a lot of move speed from this build so roaming and map presence are key for making this work. You can run ignite if you really want but you most probably wont need it

cause they're not running anywhere ;)

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Runes are hybrid pen marks (duh), flat scaling health seals, 6 flat CDR and 3 CDR per level, and for the quints you can run either 2 AP 1 AD or 1 AP 2 AD (both work but I find the AP works better with her kit)

You could also run Magic Resist in glyphs if you wanted a little more tanky-ness but it's not really needed

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Masteries are 12/18/0

In Ferocity you'll want to take the fury for deh attackspeed, dbl edge sword 3% extra damage dealt 1.5% damage taken (because melee OP), Vampirism cause spell vamps and lifesteal, and oppressor for the extra damage while they're crying away their flash and imitating UDYR W.

In Cunning take wanderer movespeed out of combat (if you have trouble with cs take the other), now this is completely up to you but I like assassin because you do so much more damage in lane and you can potentially turn around a gank (depending on how fed you are and if you have 6 yet), the next 2 are obvious extra damage when they are below 40%, and dangerous game.... yeah.. op.. next you'll want the hybrid pen one (Precision) NOT cdr. You will have enough cdr with items/runes. Last but not least take the most broken adc mastery ever thunderlords decree bacuse it's OP

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OK NOW.....

Starting Items: definatly get a longsword or dorans shield depending on how broken the champ is your versing, grab as many potions as you can get (3 if Longsword 1 if Dorans).

First buy: the fundamental of this build the first item will be Frozen Mallet because you will then become a cancerous growth on your opposing top laner (this is usually around when you reach 6 as well so they will really hate you and flame). upgrade your Longsword into Juarim's Fist, then build Pickaxe (your passive scales off of ad so you will get better heals in lane too, BUT this is not reliable so if you need better heals build either Hexatech Gunblade OR Bloodthirster. You'll probably want tier 1 boots by the time this item is finished.

Second Item: usually Guinsoo's Rageblade... a solid second item. this scales all of Akali's abilities including her passive whooooooooop, plus she's a melee so you only require 4 auto's instead of 8. You want your boots finished to tier 2 BEFORE you build this but I HIGHLY recommend that you finish the full tier 3 alacrity boots before. (trick2g hacks)

Third Item: (Situationally build this item) I usually go with first buying an Aether Wisp into Lich Bane, it's really nice the movespeed you get from Aether Wisp, and this will make your opponent cry tears of the goddess as you slowly auto them down spamming Ctrl+4 along the way. like I said this one is situational... So if you need higher sustain, consider your opposing teams items and either build Hexatech or Bloodthirster, if ya need Armour build Dead Mans Plate, for Magic Resist ALWAYS get Spirit Visage (because you will heal like 20% health per e, and like 40-50% on q.... BROKEN)

Fourth Item: Ludens Echo.... because reasons!!!! (movespeed/AP lel kappa)

Last Item: now if you don't already have it this one is for either Spirit Visage OR Dead Mans Plate (buy this according to who the carry is on the other team.. if AP go spirit if AD go dead mans). If you already have one of them you can buy Lich Bane now and do 10,000 Damage.

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Skill Sequence

First point is put into Q like normal, 2nd in E for wave clear, 3rd either put another in Q if you aren't taking loads of damage all the time, and if you are take W for the escape. (take W after if you double up on Q), You'll want to max Q first because it's the most damaging. Level your ULT when you can obvs at levels 6/11/16. When you have 4 points in Q your reaction will be to level the next damaging ability right? well no, this is more a utility build than a full damage oh there's akali build... this one makes them cry! so you will level W (the reason is cause with 2 points in W the movespeed is increased to where you will gain ground on whoever you are catching/running from) after you put the final point in Q you can then max E and finally W.

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Team Work

This build is focused around making picks and catching out (why it's also viable in the jungle) BUT is not necessarily limited to picks (so it's kinda like AD Rengar but with less limitations..... she can actually team fight like AP Rengar)

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Just try and farm like normal. Akali's early game is especially weak so if you have to hug your turret and get those minions... The faster you get Frozen Mallet, the easier Your whole life will be.

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Pros / Cons

- your q proc will slow them usually baiting a flash because they are scared as f.
- you get a very high movespeed ganking and roaming is easy
- hybrid build so they will need BOTH Armour and Magic Resist to stop your frenzy
- lots of health to play around with (you don't get 1 shot :D)

- with lots of health comes not much resistances (Without items you will only have the Base Armour and Magic Resistance
- pre 6 is very weak with little to no kill potential unless the other top lanes is ******ed and dives you
- this build doesn't include any penetration after runes and masteries, so unless you really need it you don't have it

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IF you decide to play this in the jungle then you have 2 build paths which are fundamentally the same just different orders. (PSSSST..... TAKE SMITE)

First Order: start talisman (after camp 1 go buy machete for extra exp) go and start your red and then do a full clear (gank where possible if you want) when you go back DON'T FINISH YOUR JUNGLE ITEM.... RUSH Frozen Mallet then build Runeglaive, regular build after this

Second Order: start talisman do full clear (ganking where possible) then you finish your Jungle Item first and Mallet after. regular build after this.


Runeglaive is a Sheen item so it won't stack with Lich Bane, avoid buying both at the same time (Eventually replace Runeglaive with Lich Bane because it does more damage)

This build in the jungle is very easy to gank with, you should be forcing turrets left right and center.

also the best way for clearing is qthrow your q onto the jungle monster, auto attack with the q proc, then e for auto reset, auto twice and retreat until your ability cooldown has reset, repeat.

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VERY BROKEN if played correctly, punish mistakes and play safe until you have 3 stacks in your ULT this build can actually turn a very one sided game around if you can make a good pick. ENJOY MAKING THEM ALL CRY!!!!!!!!!!!