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League of Legends Build Guide Author JewFroSamurai

Brolaf The Parbarian

JewFroSamurai Last updated on February 12, 2011
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This is my first build on this site so I have no idea how to add the item pictures to my text. My olaf build focuses Mostly on his Axe throw and his damage output. with more life steal. I think that as a bruiser he has enough health to handle his own even when ganked. I usually use ranged DPS or Mages so I was surprised when I found my Love For Olaf. It was a hard transition but I feel like I am doing well. Stay tuned for more UPDATES XD

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I start with the Regrowth Pendent for the initial life Regen. After you want to build that into the Philosophers stone because the way I play I get OOM'd allot. I like to throw my Axe. I don't know if many people know this but his Axe is perfect for checking bushes. Thats right you throw it into the bush and you can see everything inside of it. This is also a reason why I decided to add Tiamat so when I throw the Axe into the bush and it will causes splash damage. As long as the Axe is on the ground that area is exposed much like a sightward. The shoes I picked are very situational. I personally chose the Berserker Greaves for the attack speed . if thats not your cup of tea then you can substitute with the Ionian Boots of lucidity or the Mercury's Treads. depending on if you want the ability cool down or the magic resist. Pick your poison. Sword of the Occult is another item that is situational. You buy it if you are doing good with kills and assists. The stack for it is what make is so amazing. at twenty stacks you do roughly 100 extra damage. But if you aren't getting kills you shouldn't get it. In that case i get the Warmog's armor for the life and regen. I would suggest in that situation to get either Warmogs Armor or guardian angel. The frozen mallet is a Essential for all of Olaf's builds. It gives you the ability to chase down any enemy along with exhaust and the fact all your ability's do physical damage means you can throw your Axe and stack the slow from the Axe with the Mallet. No one will ever escape you (WARNING: some people may escape you). the next item I built was the Last whisper. now this may seem weird to add to Olaf but don't underestimate it. the 40 attack damage and the fact that you now have 40% armor penetration along with the extra from the runes means you will take down almost any enemy that you get in combat with. By this time you are probably thinking, "hmmm I wonder if there is anything better then the Philosophers stone?" look no Further then the Bloodthirster. this weapon will make you survive much longer. A friend and I took nasher as Olaf and Tristiana it was difficult but possible. The extra lifeleach is nice and you cant go wrong with more attack damage.

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I decided to go with the 21/9/0 Build because I like my Olaf to be able to kill fast and kill hard. Also because i have made a less tanky Olaf i wanted the ability to dodge and move faster. With this your crit. Is higher and so is you damage output. then in defense you have more magic resistance and some extra armor along with better chance to dodge and speed when you do dodge.

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Most of my runes are self explanitory but there is one i want to talk about. Greater Glyph of Replenishment. i chose this over the Greater Glyph of Insight because A) I prefer to have a mana recharge and B) with the insight you have to recharge MORE mana at a slower rate. i would rather have my Mana recharge faster then have more. That said you can choose either rune depending on how you like to play.

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Skill Sequence

I never have followed the skill sequence so you can do this anyway you like. I just suggest that you start with the Axe throw.

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At the start of the game you want to lane with someone similar to you or a ranged. Get experience and gold then buy your stuff. Later game you can start Ganking and pushing towers with some help. And always Remember to have fun and it's only a game.