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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oisce

Bronze 5 - tips from the Pit of Despair

Oisce Last updated on January 26, 2016
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Bronze 5 is HELL

This is my first attempt at a guide. I wanted to put down some observations from my experiences in B5. I hope this may help you get out of the hell that is B5.

Bronze 5 is Bronze 5 because people stuck there make really, really dumb decisions and they don't understand the objectives of the game.

I am going to make this stupid and simple.

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Objectives of the game

Gold. You need gold to buy items. The best way to get gold is to farm creep. You can't farm creep if you don't have wards out because if you don't wards out you are going to die.

You can't farm if you are dead. Creep farm advantage is critical. If you are support don't take creep from your carry.

Pushing. I see this so much and so often it makes me nuts. Pushing and dropping turrets gives your team a strategic advantage. Don't approach a turret without your minion wave in front of you. Always push with minions! Your minions are on your team! Use them. A lot of champs can't use their abilities on you if you are behind your minions.

Running up your kill score does not necessarily help your team. Killing other champs is not what this game is about. Destroying their Nexus is the object of the game. Sure it feels good to kill the other team, but it cannot be your number one objective or you are a liability to your team. I have gone 34/6/6 and still lost the game.

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A word about Dragon and Baron

Plan your Dragon attack. The jungler should keep track of when Dragon is up and coordinate with the team. Bot and Mid lanes should help so that you can kill Dragon quickly. Always know where the other team is when you go for Dragon. Getting ambushed at Dragon or getting Dragon stolen can be avoided by warding and checking the minimap.

Baron can really help your team push but you have to ward or be certain the other team is not going to come and ambush you. However, getting killed or letting other team steal is not worth the buff.

Ideally the best to time to go for Baron is after winning a team fight.

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How to get out of HELL

Become a pro at your champ. Learn how to be a pro in every lane and every role with at least one champ. Learn every role and it will improve your game. Like it or not if you learn other roles and champs in every role you will become a better team player.

The team with the most assists almost always wins--99%. This game is about team work- not about how much of a hero you are. Stay together and figure out what combos of champs work together well. Help your team and don't overextend or chase.

Don't chase unless your entire team is with you and your base is safe. If you are being chased run towards your team not away. The number of times I see B5 players run away from their team trying to help them is mind boggling.

Team work is how you get out of B5. Other guides will tell you how to carry your ****ty team. Unless you are a 1 in a 1000 god at this game you are not going to carry your way out of Bronze. You have to become a team player.

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What is a team player?

You never overextend unless you can see ALL the other enemy champs. Dying does not help your team. It is way more important to live, farm and push than to get a kill.

This means don't chase even if the enemy champ is one hit from dead.

Map awareness. Look at your minimap every few seconds. If you are at the base look around the map and see if anyone needs help. Ward! Buy a ward every time you go back to base and use it.

If you have vision in bushes you can many times ambush the enemy. Ambushing the enemy gives you a huge advantage and can help you push down turrets. Use the map to your team's advantage!

Most of the champs in this game can only be effective if they are with their team. If you are a champ who can go out solo and kick *** you are still not helping your team.

Think about the champs on your team, and figure out how your champ fits in and what is the best way to play together. It is strategy that wins not how many kills you get.

Don't flame your team. It never helps. Just one or even 2 champs feeding early does not mean you will lose. Laning and team fights are totally different. I have won games that we started 8/30.

If someone does something right tell them good job. Encourage your team even if the team mate is being an *******. Some people are just *******s. They have problems in life and they bring it to the game. Don't make their problems yours.

Winning is way more fun than getting a lot of kills and losing.


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