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Teemo Build Guide by WORST LOL JUNGLE

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WORST LOL JUNGLE

Bruiser teemo

WORST LOL JUNGLE Last updated on June 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is going to be my first guide so bare with me. this is a build for teemo that i find works really well for me.

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So some of you may be asking yourselves by looking at the items runes and masteries, what is this guy thinking? well before you knock it, try it. so with runes, i go for flat magic resist glyphs, flat armor seals, health per level marks, and armor pen quints. Up until the health per level these runes probably seemed normal. the reason why i go with health per level marks is because teemo is very squishy. so i try to fix this early game squishiness by getting that extra health early and late game. i also take flat magic resist instead of per level because i like the straight early game tankiness against the late game tankiness.

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so for masteries with this build, i grab 9\21 masteries going down the offense tree grabbing the four ability power, and 4% attack speed, plus the 10% armor pen. the reason why i only grab these offense masteries is because the ability power helps with your toxic shot, and the attack speed and armor pen help with your auto attacks. The 21 down defense are the same reasons for my runes. i like the early game tankiness it yields.

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Ok. I have not said this yet in this guide so im going to say it right now. this build is meant for teemo mid or solo top. the reason why i say this is because teemo with the tankiness early game still doesnt do well against AD carries. So for your items grab Berserkers greaves first. this giving you attack speed to help with your early game. the next item is more determined on where you went and who you are facing during laning phase. if you are mid and going against an AP carry, grab wits end. if you are against an AD carry, or Ad character solo top grab malady. In the end you will want both. this allows for your auto attacks to do 250 damage per hit due to toxic shot dealing 50 flat damage on hit. After you grab wits end and malady, grab warmogs. this is the part where it gets wierd. i grab warmogs because it helps in battles. A teemo who has 1600 hundred health wont survive the enemies initial burst if targeted. a teemo with 3000 health though will survive that. After warmogs, grab atma's. this gives teemo armor, crit chance, and attack damage. after atma's it is really situational. if the enemy is extremely tanky, grab bloodrazor, if they are the normal 1 tank 2 bruisers kind of team. grab yourself a bloodthirster.

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Skill sequence

so for the skill's. you want to max toxic shot by level 9. next max your blind. really it depends on who you are going against at level one. if against an ad carry, grab your blind. if against ap mid, grab yourself toxic shot. level your ult up whenever available, and max your run last.

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Summoner spells

For spells i grab flash and ignite. flash because it allows you to get away. ignite because it works really well in conjunction with toxic shot.

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I find this teemo build is extremely good because it allows for late game survival and early game damage and sustain. i hope you liked my build.