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Lee Sin Build Guide by Shirotsumekusa

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shirotsumekusa

Brutalizer Lee Sin

Shirotsumekusa Last updated on August 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Lee Sin guide. This build is focused on how to play Lee Sin in jungle. This Lee Sin's build is based more on attack damage then in the late game a bit tanky. Your role is to quickly assasinate anybody who gets in your range.

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For Mark runes I've chosen armor penetration (Greater Mark of Desolation). Then you are gonna need some armor to stay alive in jungle and during ganks aswell. So from Seal pick Greater Seal of Resilience. Then to survive ganks pick Greater Glyph of Shielding for some MR. From Quintessences i preffer Attack Damage Quintessences (Greater Quintessence of Strenght) to make your Q stronger.

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Alternative Runes

Considering against whom are you going, you might change your runes a bit. Since Mark Runes are focused on attack I don't recommend to change them. Choose between Greater Mark Of Strenght and Greater Mark Of Desolation. Always pick Greater Seal Of Resilience. Otherwise you will die in jugnle or lose lots of HP there. These runes make your early jungling much more effective. From Quintessences you should pick Greater Quintessence Of Strenght or Greater Quintessence of Desolation. Aswell you can pick Greater Quintessence of Swiftness for more movement speed during ganks or Greater Quintessence of Fortitude for more survivability but I don't think that's absolutely neccesary. Still it's up to you.

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Most important masteries for this Lee Sin's guide are:
- For getting gold from every smite you will use.
- For Armor penetration. With early armor penetration you will clear jungle faster and deal more damage to enemy champions during ganks.

As i said in the beggining this is DPS Lee Sin. So you are gonna need to set your masteries this way. I use 21/9/0 Masteries. Pick all damage and armor penetration you can. From Defense i use armor, healt and Summoners's resolve to gain gold from smite.

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Full build I recommend:

Table of full build

- Mercury's Treads for some magic resistance and tenacity.

- The Bloodthirster for sustain and attack damage for OP Sonic Waves.

- Trinity Force gives you practicly everithing. You have some HP, AD, movement speed is very important, attack speed too etc.

- Atma's Impaler makes your HP even more important. More HP = More AD.

- With Warmog's you will be hard to kill and you will have more AD thanks to the Atma's.

- Don't forget to use active.

You are gonna start with Boots of Speed. It's not gonna help you to clear jungle at all, but with boots, your Q and E you have very strong early ganks. 3 pots should be enough with these masteries and runes. Then i usually build 2 Doran's Blades to gain some more health, sustain and attack damage which makes your Q stronger. Next item is The Brutalizer. Finish boots. I consider it a really strong early item since it gives you AD, Armor Penetration and Cooldown reduction. Then pick Phage for some Health and again AD. B.F. Sword and Vampiric Scepter build into The Bloodthirster which gives you nice sustain. Finish Trinity Force. Now it comes to build Lee a little bit tanky. So pick Giant's Belt for some HP. Atma's Impaler will give you some armor, critical strike chance and AD based on your Health. Then at the end finish Warmog's Armor and Youmuu's Ghostblade.

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Items you might use

Sometimes you have to be a little creative. You can't always buy the same items. Here are some items you might use.

Do not stick with the item order up mentioned always. You have to be able to adapt. If they have many DPS take Ninja Taby. If they have strong CC take Quicksilver Sash. If they are tanky take Last Whisper. If they have lots of Magical Damage take Hexdrinker. If you need to build little more tanky take Frozen Mallet or buy Warmog's Armor earlier. You might use Banshee's Veil etc.

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Skill Sequence

- Always remember to use your passive. In jungle use one skill, hit twice then another skill, hit twice etc. You don't have to act like this always in fight.

- In early Game. Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike will be your main source of damage. It's your tool for ganks aswell. Hit enemy with Sonic Wave. Kick him with Resonating Strike then slow him with Tempest/Cripple.

- Safeguard/Iron Will gives you great sustain. It's also great running mechanism. Possible for ganks or saving your ally.

- Tempest deals AoE damage which is very usefull in the beggining. Try to hit as many enemy champions as possible. Focus on DPS cahmpions.

- Lee Sin's ultimate Dragon's Rage deals tons of damage. You can hit more then one target with it. Try to direct it on as many enemies as possible. Usefull tool to assasinate enemy, quit channeling and runnning mechanism.

Start With E (Tempest/Cripple) to deal AoE damage and slow jungle creeps. Next skill would be Q (Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike). 3rd skill is W (Safeguard/Iron Will). Now you should have all available skills. First max Q, then W and last E. Of course take your ulti (Dragon's Rage) as soon as possible. In jungle always concider your passiv. Use skill -> hit twice -> another skill -> hit twice etc. In teamfight or ganks you don't have to stick to this always.

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Summoner Spells

- Obviously
- Very strong for early ganks. Easy gank at lvl2 with exhaust.
- Good spell to chase/espace.
- Similiar as ghost. Possible usage is to flash behind enemy and kick him back with Dragon's Rage.

Always take smite. Sure, you can jungle without it. Nobody said Lee Sin is not able to clear jungle without Smite, but you are gonna need it for Dragon & Baron Control. Then you have some options. You can take Exhaust for easier ganks and focus, ghost to be faster or flash. Do not take anything else.

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Jungle Route

Start with wrights. Ask your mid liner to help you a little but be sure he won't kill something or take you some experiences. Then move to the red buff golem. Again ask for some help. Pull and few hits are nice. GANK. Then it's up to you how you proceed in jungle. Do as many ganks as possible. Always give blue buff to your AP carry. First one too.

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Counter Jungling

Be sure to throw wards in jungle. Ward you and enemy blue and red buff. That is pretty nice jungle control. You should see moving enemy jungler moving throught their jungle and when their buffs respawns. Or when they are killed by enemies and you can start counting until they respawn again.

Beware. They can have wards everywhere. To be sure you are safe always carry some wards so you can move throught walls. Throw ward and move there with your W. Or you Q throught the walls. Lee Sin has great mobility. Use it.

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How to counter...

- Alistar has pretty weak ability to kill jungle creeps. So you should be able to steal some creeps from his jungle. Still he has strong ganking ability. Try gank lines before he will. And when he sees you in his jungle don't stick around. It can be pretty dangerous thanks to his CC if somebody from his allys would come.
- Amumu is pretty dependable on blue buff. Try to steal it. You will slow his jungle and he will be underfarmed. Again Lee Sin can kill jungle creeps much more faster so you can counter him pretty nice.
- Mundo has strong ability to kill creeps. Althought he is paying with his own HP so that maked your Q even stronger. Ignite ftw.
- Another champion that is screwed in early game without blue buff. He can solo drake on lvl6 so make sure it is warded. He has strong abilities to kill jungle creeps and stay with full HP. Still he is pretty squishy so try to focus him before his ulti kill you all.
- Jarvan IV has pretty high early damage. So he can counter jungle pretty well. Make sure you have warded buffs in early game. Low sustain but great escaping ability.
- Jax has weak early game, but very strong mid and late game. Jungle can't provide him so much farm as he needs so he is dependable on ganks (which are pretty strong), so he shouldn't invade your jungle so often. Try to gank more often then him so he would be pretty underfarmed.
- Pretty much same as alistar.
- Nocturne has strong ganks and can quickly kill entire jungle. Try to break his shield or wait until it disappear so you won't waste your ulti. It has quiet a cooldown so he shouldn't be able to use it more then once in fight.
- Lee Sin is perfect counter to Shaco since he has 2 stealth detection skills. Tempest and Sonic Waves makes him visible remember that. If you are trying to invade his jungle be aware of his puppets which can expose you.
- Shyvana is extremely dangerous. She is very strong throught all the game. She is strong tanky DPS champion. Can clear your jungle very quickly. Carry wards. Ward your jungle. Ask for help from your teammates if you see her nearby.
- Skarner is very strong jungler. He has speed, slow, lots of damage and dat ulti. Your lines can't be pushed because it's free foof for skarner. Use wards.
- Counter jungle Trundle is very hard. He can buff himself and debuff you. You have to be very careful. Make sure you know where he is when you are entering his jungle. He can kill dragon very soon. Ward it. He has strong sustain.
- Udyr is really strong jungler too. He can clear your jungle very quickly. Again. Use wards. He can easily kill you 1v1. That damage and attack speed he gets from his stances is just ridiculous. Good Udyr will piss you off. Very.
- Warwick has the best jungle sustain. In early game. He can kill jungle without pots. He is very hard to kill. Some MR would do the trick. Also you can disable his ultimate.

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Late Game

In team fight try to save your ulti to abort for example Nunu's ulti, Miss Fortune's ulti, Warwick's ulti etc. Or use it to kick somebody you concider a pain in the *** from team fight. If you direct it well you can hit more than one enemy. You can hit all of them which (with this build) deals quiet a damage. It deals tons of damage so you can use it to assasinate carry etc.

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That's it. Remember: "Force is meaningless without skill".