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League of Legends Build Guide Author Da Beast


Da Beast Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Ok this guide is pretty much clear.Pure damage and attack speed to devastate your enemies.I bought Caitlyn(with IP)the day she came out and i have to say i am pretty impressed.I have played many games with her,ranked and not and have made some pretty good scores.I believe you will love the character as i did.One thing i would like to say is that if you try out this guide (which is quite simple)just do what it says and follow it carefully.Dont make your own item choices until you try this build.please.

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For my runes i pick armor pen marks and quints,hp seals and magic resist. glyphs as Cailtyn is a squishy character.

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In masteries i go 21/1/8.Nothing to say about my offense tree.I only used improved heal in defense.Yes,i know Caitlyn is a squishy character but the only thing she needs is heal and a lot of in game care.I added some points in utility as well.Nothing more to say here just do what you see.

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Item time!No special choices in items.To begin with i pick a dorans blade and mana pot.Why not a hp pot?Ok,as i said before caitlyn is squishy but her long range keeps her safe from enemies.Just pick a pot to spam your spells a little more early game.Now go for some attack speed.In my opinion the best option is Last Whisper.Now for the second must item on her,Infinity Edge.Build this as fast as possible as it is the most important item on her.Here you can make a choice.If you need some hp take frozen mallet which also adds that sweet slow on your attacks.If you want even more damage take a bloodthirster.Why not??Now if the game is still going on ,you wont need any more items(if possible try to build both mallet and bloodthirster),so go get an elixir(s).I reccomend elixir of fortidute but you can get agility elixir if you wish.

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Skill Sequence

Now regarding the skills i max peacemaker first and try to get some points up for my trap and slow(ulti is always first priority).So skill priority goes like this:R-Q-E-W and so on.

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Your Q ability is your main harrasing and farming ability so try to use it carefully and dont spam it a lot in early game despite its low mana cost.Try to plase your traps in passages,dragon,baron,near enemy turrets or even minios on which enemies teleport.Your trap is a good saving skill so use it carefully.Your slow is an amazing abiltity.Try not to use it on a chase when you are alone unless you have a wall or obstacle behind you ,so that the pushback doesnt affect you.Also you can use it as an escape tool, to get out of enemies or even get closer to them just by firing to the opposite direction.Dont spam it just to move a little further though.Your ultimate deals good damage but it is interruptable in many ways.You can get stunned,feared,thrown in the air e.t.c or someone might get in the way.So try not to use it in open space where you can be easily spotted and see if there are enemies near your unlucky target before you shoot him.It has a relatively slow CD.

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Summoner Spells

With Caitlyn is just pick heal and ghost but ghost and flash is also another good option.I pick heal to save my *** from ganks and survive and ghost to chase enemies or run away.You could also pick flash to catch luckersthat escape orfor your own good although you have your nets pushback.Other spells you could consider are teleport for mid laning,clarity if you are in such a desperate need of mana or ignite to finish of enemies early game.

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Pros / Cons

Caitlyn has multiple advantages as well as some disadvantages.
Pros: great range
awesome damage
cc abilities and getaway tools
great pusher and nuker
has the ability to become an assasin
ability to handle all 3 lanes with her awesome passive
Cons: squishy character
health dependant
in need of people who say ss
*for some Caitlyns ability to ks easily might be another pro

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Creeping / Jungling

Yet i havent tried jungling with Caitlyn , but i dont think it will work.Cloth armor kind of ruins our build and i am not so sure if she couldsurvive in the jungle.But when it comes to farming and creeping Caitlyn is by far the best.Her awesome range,passive and Q ability allow her to farm easily and without taking risks while making the enemies life difficult.

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Team Work

When it comes to teamwork always be carefull.Try to be there in every battle but stay a little behind and dont let the enemies*her words try not to exist.Harass enemies as much as possible,ult when you have to and help your allies with your slow and traps.Try not to be the first to engage the enemies and dont feed.If you are taken as FB play defensively until you get some gold and build your last whisper.*touch you in other words

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tlyn is an awesome character that deals plenty of damage and is generally hard to catch and kill.Her abilties,passive and range allow her to excel in every game and with the build i presented you you will definately enjoy her to the most.PLEASE DONT FORGET TO RATE OR COMMENT AND SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT.good luck and have fun guys!OH AND THERE MIGHT BE SOME WORDS LINKED TOGETHER BECAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE SPACE BUTTON.mobafire the begging i wanted to write caitlyn but as u can see the only thing there is a "tlyn".....