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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Zielona

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zielona

Call me Fiddle

Zielona Last updated on November 24, 2011
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Hello Summoner!

I want to show you how effectively you can play with fiddle actually in most games I'm leading my team to victory. You can do that too. But first of all you need good build, so let's get started. Don't suggest yourself with the amount of AP on the beginning because I have over 700AP without runes

I want you to know that this is NOT jungle fiddle build I have no idea about jungling I tried once and it was a disaster so if you're jungling with this build I can't assure you that you will succeed.

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Starting 475
I always, no matter what, buy Ruby Crystal beacuse fiddle's drain is awesome even on the start but you need more health I don't know how to explain it in english I'm really sorry, you don't have to buy it but I really recommend it.

First recall
When I'm doing good and I've got some blood already I'm buying catalyst of protector and
Blasting Wand but catalyst is a priority here. You shouldn't doing first recall untill you get at least 850 gold(cost of catalyst)
If I can't afford Blasting Wand I'm getting boots of speed but it barely happens.

Rest of a build
When I've already bought RoA and Sorc shoes
I always buy Abyssal Scepter I think this is great item for all AP champs but strictly AP not hybrids(like Katarina etc.) but especially for fiddle due to his passive. There is nothing useless in this item for fiddle there is nice AP boost, awesome passive and we shouldn't forget about 57 MR which it gives us so we have more viability it's always something, right?
is my next item, I think it's bread and butter for all AP champs and with fiddle it isn't any different. I'm buying it twice actually but it's not what you have to do.
After RD I run for
I like this item because of nice AP and armor boost sometimes when I really need more armor I buy it after Abyssal Scepter but only if I really need to.
And after that we have to decide what we need, more AP or maybe Magic Penetration? It depends of course on situation if you are doing not much damage then you need

If your damage is fine I would suggest beacuse of viability which this item gives and really nice movement reduction. (35% with skills and 15% with ulti).

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Summoner Spells, Runes and Masteries

Maybe some day I will give you better explanation why I've chosen these particular spells, masteries and runes
But for now I can only say that this is my personal choice and you don't have to use same spells, masteries and runes. I really like to have huge amount of AP this is why I've chosen AP runes I always forget to Ignite my opponent so this is why I'm choosing ghost except of my Ignite problem I'm choosing ghost because when you're chasing somebody when you casted your ulti it's very helpfull and when you are running from a gank etc. What about Masteries? Actually I don't think that I'm awesome player and I know everything, and I don't know why I've chosen these particular ones I just went with my gut feeling (of course I was sure about these who had AP bonus ;P).

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Viable items

I've two particular ones on my mind here it is
I think it should be bought after RoA or After Abyssal Scepter (of course if you want to). I like this item because of 25% spell vamp. Drain is more effective and when you use ulti huge amounts of health are coming back to you.
The other item is
but only if you won't be dying all the time if you are dying it's useless item. But if you don't and you get 20 stacks you have 180AP and 15% cooldown reduction from this item. So it's really good for me it's almost equal to Rabadon's. If you want it you should buy it after you by catalyst.

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This is my first guide, I hope you liked it. I would be thrilled if someone who knows how to minimise images of items will tell me how to do that. Good luck with fiddle and here is my best score with him for now. I'm aware of making mistakes so please just tell me when you find it.;)

(almost pentakill, the last opponent had left 300-400hp ;P)

My Best Score :)
Thank you for reading. :)