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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Droliathus

Can't Stop Me Annie

Droliathus Last updated on March 19, 2011
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Chapter 1

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This Annie build i say is a "Realistic" game build. Most builds i see have insane item lists, the stats show 600 ap + but we all know most games end in either a surrender or fast win. This is a simple buy list that turns Annie into a very powerful champion.

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Intro to Annie

I hope this build helps all, Please rate and like. If you need to contact me about any questions please leave a comment or message me in game @ Goliathus.

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Annie's Runes

Annie is all about magic, I decided to go with magic pen marks, ability power seals, magic pen glyphs and magic pen quints. The runes give Annie great low level harass ability and mid to late game harass and team fight abilities.

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Annie's Mastries

For Annie's mastries I went with the typical 9-0-21 build. These mastries give you great added ability power along with magic pen. Feel free to put 1 into Burning Embers if you like to run with ignite.

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Annie's Items

Annie has a very simple build, but still extremely effective. For Annie i start off with Dorans ring. I know alot of people like to take health pots right off the bat, but Annie really dosn't need them, as long as you build your stun up for your harass you will be fine. After Dorans Ring I go Boots of speed, than Sorcerer's Boots. If you have enough to buy Sorcerer's right away feel free to go for it. At this time if your not solo laning, you can probably get a gank moving, If you get a kill off the gank go straight for the Catalyst The Protectorand Blasting Wand. That should put you above the other team. After that try to stay in lane until you can grab the Rod Of Agesand than begin working n your Mejai's Soulstealer. From there go straight into your Rabadon's Deathcap. After that the game should almost or already be turning into a mid map fight, when you get enough to get your Void Staffgo for it and than finish with Zhonya's Hourglass. At the end throw a Brilliance Elixirin there just for the exra 40 Ability power.

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Annie's Skill Sequence

Annie has a very simple skill sequence. At level one your going to want to go for Disinegrate. That will proc your stun upon 5 last hit minion kills. After that go Incinerate, use incinerate right after you stun them with Disintergate for proper low lever harass. Now your going to grab Molten Shield, really only use Molten Shield if your harassing a Melee champion. After that go for Tibber's, your ultimate.

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Annie's Summoner Spells

For Annie i like to use Exhaustand Ghost, it's great having 2 stuns for team fights and harassing. Ghost also works great for me but if there team comp shows alot of stuns you can go flash.

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Annie's Summary

Overall Annie takes some time getting used to. Annie is a very powerful champion if she is put in the right hands. Your normal rotation for harass should be Disintegrate, Incinerate, Exhaust, Disintegrate and than drop Tibber's if you need to. Just remember always have Pyromania proc'd before you attempt to harass.

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Annie's Pros / Cons

In my eye's I see many pro's to Annie but not many con's. Annie is a great solo lane and works great with a stun tank. Annie is a great teamfight champion do to her AOE spells. Also if you last hit all your minions with Disintegrate you will never run out of mana. Con's i see for Annie is she is a tad squishy. Dont attempt to run around the jungle by yourself, Also if you are new to playing her, last hitting your minions takes some practice.

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Annie's Team Work

Annie in my eyes is up in the top 5 teamwork champions. She has great AOE and stuns to help out ganks. I see alot of people who are new to her drop Tibbers almost right away. Tibbers is mainly for team fights only. For example, if you are harassing only one other champion dont drop Tibbers, That cold make or break the fight. On the other hand when you hit level 15-16 and the game turns into a mid lane game, Tibbers is great. Use your Disintegrate to stun champions flanking in, pop your Incinerate on multiple champions in the fight and finally drop Tibbers on multiple champions. In the end great Team fight champion.

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Farming with Annie

Farming with Annie is simple but can get difficult low level. At low level, i like to kill easy mobs before i B, if you want mana buff your going to need to have a friend with you. Late game, farming is simple, just remember to last hit minions for your stun, jungle creeps go down very quickly as well so its fast, easy gold for you.

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Annie's Final Review

Ok so by now you should have a fairly good sense of how to play Annie. I can Comfortable say Annie is an amazing champion. From level 1 to level 18 she can bust out great amount of damage while also helping with ganks and team fights. I hope you all enjoyed this and best of luck to all you fellow Annie players out there.

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Single Lane Tutorial video

Will be posted on Sunday night.

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Harassing Tutorial video

Will be posted on Sunday night.

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Team fight tutorial video

Will be posted Sunday night.