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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beckcheck

Captain Teemo on Duty

Beckcheck Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Captain Teemo on Duty

I enjoy doing builds and trying new characters. As I've literally just stumbled across Teemo and decided to run him. So When i play characters I normally look into things to keep them alive as much as possible. I like to give my champs the ability to defend but also at the same time not effect their DMG output. As for if you follow the build you'll start to see where I like to go.

Please do give negative feedback if you beg to differ.

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Items Build - Sequence

The item build sequence was a little difficult for me to actually get down. As I was afraid of no DMG at the beginning of the game. However, from levels 1 - 8, I concentrate really hard on getting last hits on minions as your going to need some cash to build this build.

I start off with Attack speed items because I'm looking to last hit at all costs. The quicker I get my strikes the more money I'll have. I build them into Berserker Greaves to get my escape ability there as well as more attack speed.

Alot of you will think I'm crazy to get sheen on Teemo. However, when you see what a Dart can do to a champ and easily give you some free basic attack with your "E (Toxic Shot)" procing, with sheen proc, on them as they try to get you back in retaliation, you'll see what im talking about.

Catalyst of the Protector is a cruicial peice as Teemo is a squishy character anytime you can grant yourself HP and Mana (+ the bonus of leveling) it really keeps you on the lane longer to focus minion kills. After that I continue on my build and snag Stinger as this item really keeps my last hitting most effective. By the way, I have these 4 items fairly quick in the game because they are cheap and easy to build. Once you have Berserker Boots, Catalyst of the Protector, Sheen and Stinger literally you can solo any champ and are ready to harass all lanes and walk around as you please (don't play dumb and think your unstoppable because your not)

After I have the 3 basic items that start my build I focus on completing them which are Rod of Ages, Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane. Please know that finish Rod of Ages is more important as gaining the HP bonus of maxing the rod out is good for late game. To start your next decision on the item would really depend on what your up against. If you up against AD heavy characters get chain mail, if you're up against AP heavy team build Negatron Cloak. Then finish the item that it builds too... Meaning Zhyona's Hourglass or Abysel Scepter.

Let me describe as to why I came up with this build. To me surviving champ fights / ganks are the most important aspect of the game. If you survive majority of the fights and make the least amout of mistakes you give your team a better opportunity of winning the match. With this Item build your giving Teemo HP, Good MR, Good Armor and most of all the Hourglass upon activation you become untouchable... Meaning the enemy team will / should change focus. Good combo is that if your focued Hourglass and flash then hit your "W (Move Quick)" keep you alive as well as allowing your team to pick them off.

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Skill Sequence

For Skill sequience i start of with "e (toxic shot)" reason - It doesn't use mana but it does proc good damage upon impact of the shot adding onto your basic attack (as well as poisoning the target for 4 seconds). Also I don't start of with "Q (Blinding Dart)" because the mana cost.

However, my 2nd ability is Blinding Dart. I only use this ability on champs to keep them from last hitting. Thats pretty much the main objective. You last hit better and prevent your enemy from last hitting their minions. YOu win your lane you give your team a 20% chance better at winning the match. Don't get me wrong I do your Blinding Dart to last hit, to ensure I last hit a minion.

The sequense before level 6 in my opinion is the most crucial as Toxic Shot is most important as you want to continue last hitting as best as possible. After level 6 you can easily choose as you please but I recommend to get Toxic Shot to max as fast as you can, then dart. With flash you really don't use your "W" to much unless you want to get to an area to place shrooms as much as possible.

Now lets talk about Your ult. FYI - Your shrooms are not to clear a wave of minions. If you are using them to clear minions I hope that you have the entire map covered with shrooms to ensure that your teammates don't get ganked. I've attached a link to this post to show how to place teemo's shrooms around. Alot of Teemo's that I've seen try to place the shrooms within their location. You should always place your shrooms in escape/ganking areas and as visual of locations. Your shrooms are more of a defensive type ability than an offensive.

Red = Most Important
Orange = Secondary Placement
Yellow = Whatever

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Summoner Spells

Teleport - You get caught in an over extend.. Low HP. Free way to get back and forth to your lane.

Flash - Best escaping ability in the game. Makes your over extending a quick correction.

Easy to say guys. A lot of people don't see this game as it is.. but folks this game is about surviving and countering. You counter your enemy you more than likely going to win more often.