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League of Legends Build Guide Author Evernote

Captain Teemo on Duty! The Swift Scout

Evernote Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Swiftest Scout, Teemo

I've played LoL for a little while now, on and off and I have played different characters.
Teemo will always be my little favourite though. :-)

I've seen several builds on this website and have also looked at the recommended items by the shop. However none of these match up to the build I use for Teemo.

Note: It won't get you 20/0/10 however, it will help you get there.

This build is dependent upon having Teemo get as much attack speed combined with attack possible.


1: Boots of Speed, these will provide you with some extra movement speed to ensure you can keep harassing enemies with your Blinding Dart (and later on Toxic Shot) and do last hits on minions to ensure you have a steady cashflow

2: Berserker's Greaves, these will give you a little extra movement speed and +25% attack speed. This is a must have.

3: Malady, this will give you extra attack speed (50%) and some Ability Power (will add a little extra damage on Blind Shot, Toxic Shot and Noxious Trap) whilst it also shreds a target for 20 magic damage and reducing their magic resistance by 6. (Stacks 4 times) This will allow you to do more damage over time.

4: Wit's End, possibly the best item for Teemo (if not the game) giving you extra attack speed (40%) extra magic defence (30) and last but not least remove up to 42 mana from the target and deal additional damage equal to the amount of mana removed. (Per hit!!)
This allows you to drain targets of their mana completely and deal additional damage.

5: Emblem of Valour, life steal for you and your team allowing you to recover some health with every attack.

6: Rylai's Crystal Scepter, this will give you extra HP (survivabillity) additional ability power for your Blinding Dart, Toxic Shot and Noxious Trap and a slow effect on all these skills allowing you to keep hitting that enemy and giving them no chance to run.

7: Phantom Dancer, gives you 45% extra attack speed and 20 additional critical strike whilst also proving extra movement speed and dodge allowing you to hit harder, faster and get hit less. What else could you want?

8: Stark's Fervor, additional attack speed, life steal for you and your team. A great item.

Summoner Skills

1. Exhaust, it allows you to slow your target allowing you to do that last shot on your enemy before they can get away! It also blinds a target for a few seconds allowing you to blind a target (combined with Blinding Dart) for a long time!

2. Ignite, should you need to do some extra damage during a fight or is that annoying hero constantly running away with a tiny bit of health? Ignite will do some nice damage over time that gets better as you level, combined with your other skills this turns you into a killing machine!

General Tips and Tricks

1. Use Blinding Dart! It blinds the target for a few seconds causing them to miss all of their attacks giving you an edge whilst it does some good damage too!

2. Use Noxious Traps! Put them down EVERYWHERE, it will do massive damage over time and slow down your targets allowing you to have a complete overview of the map and targets.

3. Save one Noxious Trap for battle, yes you heard me they are a very strong tool even though I advised you to put them down everywhere, the best place to put them on is your enemy! Drop one on them to do heaps of damage and slow them allowing you to back off a little and take them down! (You're not a tank)

4. Help your friends! Teemo is designed to assassinate/assist swap lanes often and help your friends take down that annoying hero. (It's about team play at the end of the day!)

5. Don't push your luck! Teemo is squishy, you can't just go in with a "I'm epix no one will kill me" mindset, keep an eye on the minimap so you don't get ganked and make sure to shoot some darts at your enemy first before rushing in!

The End