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Teemo Build Guide by bearzerka

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bearzerka

Captain Teemstar on duty!

bearzerka Last updated on July 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide will teach you how to play Teemstar properly, how to lane against difficult champions and how to dominant top lane and carry your team to victory!

Strap in summoners because Captain Teemstar is on duty!

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To some people, top lane is all about maxing damage with runes and masteries and then tanking through items. Early game you will dominant but late game you will lose out on valuable armour and resistance to the enemy carries.

Mark of desolation is great for when laning against armour heavy champions such as Jarvan or Garen as your auto attacks will shred through their armour and allow your dots to pile up dealing additional damage!

Resilience and Shielding runes will allow you to have great sustain and survivability against the enemy laner and enemy carries either AD or AP as both runes add to armour and magic resistance. Obviously depending on who you are laned against, one or the other type of rune will be near ineffective until late game when teamfights go on!

Strength Quintessences allow for more damage and more shredding! Having the additional attack damage on top of the armour penetration will help against Jarvan or Garen and keep them at bay whilst also making farming slightly easier.

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Regardless of Teemstar being as squishy as he is, his damage early game can fight off armour heavy champions such as Jarvan or Garen. Having the range advantage means that you can shred through their armour at a safe distance. Having 3 in each of the defence masteries chosen will help add to his survivability!

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite are pretty standard spells. When the opponent is low, flash < Blinding Dart < Auto Attack < Ignite < Repeat :)

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Skill Sequence

Starting with Teemstars Toxic Shot dots means that when you get the first few auto attacks off, you can gain an early advantage and last hit minions slightly better if dots are well timed!

If you are confident enough at level 2 to kill your opponent, then take Blinding Dart (take it anyway even if you do not want to go offensive) and start auto attacking your opponent. As soon as they come towards you hit them with the Blinding Dart and auto attack which should take them down low or better, slay them!


Level 4 is entirely up to you however I take Move Quick as a safety net spell in case the enemy jungler comes snooping around for a tasty Teemstar dinner ;)

At level 6 take Noxious Trap and place them in the river bed and river bushes. The maximum stack of Noxious Trap is 3 so make sure you use them when they are up to maximise usage! They are an incredible spell as it makes you near ungankable top due to the vision they give and slow when hit!

Things to keep in mind :)

1) When Toxic Shot is level 5, auto attack as much as possible and let the dots do the work!

2) Blinding Dart the right opponent and stand your ground when attacking them as your dots will do damage whilst you take none!

3) Use Noxious Traps as often as possible and keep an eye on them in case someone runs into them! Also use them in teamfights to damage and slow opponents!

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Building Teemstar AD with an AP edge means that your attacks will deal a heavy amount of damage at a rapid speed whilst the AP edge allows your poisons and mushrooms to stack damage constantly.

Pendant on who you are laning against, pick either Boots and 3 pots or Cloth Armour and 3 pots. From their build either your boots followed by your wriggles. This allows you to gain an early start on your much needed attack speed as well as being able to shred armoured opponents whilst gaining life back off them!

From their, start laying on Teemstars AP edge with a Nashors Tooth (build the AP side of Nashors Tooth first) and your Malady. Both items give a strong amount of AP whilst adding a decent amount of attack speed.

The reason why I build (and you should too!) these two items before Teemstars frozen mallet is so that when you purchase a frozen mallet, you have the attack speed to constantly slow your opponent! Build the phage first then the giants belt.

The final item for Teemstar is the phantom dancer. This allows you to constantly slow targets due to your frozen mallet, shred targets down with wriggles and add huge amounts of AP from dots thanks to the Nashors Tooth and Malady whilst at a rapid pace of around 2.3 attack speed!

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Farming with Teemstar is easy and preventing farm is just as easy! Your range advantage with Teemstar means that you can safely pick off minions and even when you click to early, your dots can clean the minion up!

Preventing farm is easy, just Q at the right time and they will lose out on farm :)

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Champion Laning Guide

Armour heavy champion like Jarvan are difficult at the beginning if you lack confidence in Teemstar and your ability to play. If so, just focus on taming the enemy minions and wait until you hit your Berserks and Wriggles. Then you can shred through champions such as Jarvan pretty easily.

Laning against AP champions such as Kennen is slightly harder as your range disadvantage is no longer there however if they are looking to stun you with the passive auto attack that allows them to dot you, then simply Blinding Dart them and you shouldn't get stunned as often as they would hope! Remember your dots will help at all times so make sure that you auto attack as often as possible!

There is one champion I fear and no he is not dragon born but he is just as fierce and destructive! He goes by the name of..YORICK! Yorick is in my opinion the strongest laner top and with Teemstar being as squishy as he is cute, Yorick and his endless minions will destroy Teemstar so sitting as far back and auto attacking easy minions is how I recommend playing but as soon as he hits not mana, let your dots take over and pray you kill him!

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Team Work

Teemstar in teamfights is an essential asset and can make or break a teamfight depending on how you use him!

There are 3 very important things to remember when teamfighting with Teemstar;

1) ALWAYS (AND I MEAN ALWAYS) Blinding Dart their AD Carry as that will make them useless whilst your team focuses other players!

2) Always attack the AD Carry because your dots, wriggles and attack speed will shred through them!

3) Use your Noxious Trap in teamfights to slow and damage enemies to prevent low health enemies from escaping

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Ranked Play

When you enter a ranked queue, there is one thing I recommend. When you join the lobby and people say "Teemstar? Why don't you just play eve?", ignore them and dominant your top lane! Make sure you Blinding Dart their ad carry and eliminate ganks with your Noxious Trap and say "Captain Teemstar on duty!" at the victory screen :)

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So now we come to the end of this guide :'( It has been really fun to create and I hope you find this guide informative and helpful!

Remember to Blinding Dart the right opponents, place your Noxious Traps like there ain't no tomorrow, farm and prevent farm but above all, LET YOU DOTS TAKE OVER!

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I remember to rate the guide. Also, if there are any mistakes, leave them in the comments below and I will fix them! :)

- Broooks