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Gangplank Build Guide by omegabakon

Carry Gangplank

Carry Gangplank

Updated on June 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author omegabakon Build Guide By omegabakon 2,303 Views 0 Comments
2,303 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author omegabakon Gangplank Build Guide By omegabakon Updated on June 22, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hi, I have been an avid GP player for quite some time now, and after his recent buff, i feel that he is a very balanced champion that is very helpful to his team. This build is very good for many reason, one of them being that gangplank does not need boots in this build because of the movement speed bonus from his E and phantom dancer, which allows for an extra item. I also want to say that YOU DONT NOT HAVE TO START OFF WITH AN AVARICE BLADE AND A PHILOSOPHER STONE. You can start off this build with a vampiric scepter if you want, or attack speed, or even boots, because you can sell those later.
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I like to go 21/0/9 and i think this is pretty much the only way to go, unless you want to do a 21/6/3 with 3 in mr and armor.
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Skill Sequence

Pretty simple here, get q first, get a point in e next, then q, then w, then finish maxing q, then max e, and finally max w. You want to max the Q first because it is your main farming ability and your main damage ability.
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Summoner Spells

I like this combo, but you can do other combos like ghost/flash, ignite/flash, ghost/flash, etc.
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Pros / Cons

Amazing Lategame (can easily 1v2, can easily 1v5 if you arent stunned or feared at all)
Great farmer
Multiple slows from ult and new passive
No need for boots-allows for extra item
E gives a free bf sword and helps allies and is like an exhaust for nearby enemies
Q is ranged, so you can stay back
AMAZING damage
Lots of health and armor

Not much magic resist
Cant do much early game except land the occasional crit, so just farm it up
Mana problems throughout game (can be managed by playing smart, getting some mana bots, and getting the occasional blue)
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Team Work

Well, early game you cant do much unless youre fed. So what i suggest is that early game, you play like every other ad ranged carry: just run in a bit, land a couple hits, then run back out, and then repeat. Once you get a crit chance that can reliably crit, (30% and above) you can have more sustainibility in team fights although you'll be using the same strategy. Lategame, even though you will be godly, its still better for you to let your tanks initate. At this point however, you can Q then auto attack a squishy and kill them.
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Well, since your Q provides you with extra gold if you kill minions with it, it is very important to last hit with your Q. However, GP does rely on mana, and he has a very low mana base, and with the recent nerfs to philo stones, those are not a worthy investment and they wont help much. Also, i dont like mana items on GP because they take up the space of more important items. So, just dont over-abuse your skills and let your mana regen when its about halfway depleted.
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These runes are pretty self explanatory, personally, i like to go full armor pen quints and marks with flat armor yellows and flat mr blues. However, if you want the delight of seeing INSANE crits, go with the full crit damage runes
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You dont have to build the items in this specific order, but this order is my personal preference. If you want more early game sustainibility in the lane, get a bloodthirster and a the warmogs. This item build is very flexible because you can build it in any order you want. However i like this sequence because you will have the early game damage/crit and if you play well, you will start to get some kills, and you will quickly become tanky and unillable.
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Ranked Play

You can usually assume that ranked games will last longer than normal games, which is very good because this build is more for a lategame GP. In a ranked game, you will want to equally split up your Q shots between last hitting minions and harrassing the other team's lane to try and xp deny. In ranked, there will usually tend to be more stunners/fears, so it is very important that you let more tanky people initiate for you. Luckily though, if the other team stuns you, you can quickly w and then e and run away before the rest of their team can fall upon you and nuke you down. In team fights (early-mid game if you arent fed), your role will to ult, e, and harass with your q and attack the enemies that stray from the group.
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If you farm well early game and pick up some kills (you can still be extremely effective mid-lategame even if you dont get any kills early game), you will easily dominate the other team. In most cases though, you will probably pick up a couple kills in the early game stage, and that gold + your extra gold from farming with the Q, as well as taking jungle when your jungler doesnt need it will get you this (rather expensive) build. Once you have a relible crit (30% and above), you can start harrassing instead of farming with your q, because trust me, those crits hurt thourghout the whole game, whether theyre a tank or a squishy character. Overall, Gangplank is not a champion to be messed with, and if you can farm well, you are almost guranteed to carry your team to victory, every single game.
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