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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Prosfis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prosfis

Carry'goth: Who needs feast?

Prosfis Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Oh Yeah... DPS Cho'Gath

12/17/2011 - I know I havent updated this build, but I haven't changed anything.

This Mutant Master Yi will take down turrets in seconds, and trample over teams like they were garden shrubs. I normally take mid and push the turret every time minions are present. Laugh as the enemy's carry tickle's you while you drain the turret of hp. Your minions will actually do more damage to the champ than the champ is doing to you.

Cho'gath's natural AD is the highest in the game at an astound 130 attack damage. Why not embrace this precious gift from Riot? Throw some attack speed on the over-grown lobster and you have an unstoppable force of the void.

I'm not completely sure about the skill order that I put up there, but I'll just lay it our right here. First I level up rupture for my first skill. It's great for harassing, but make sure you get plenty of last hits to replenish your mana.

To play this Cho'gath you must put yourself in a completely different mindset. You must use guerilla tactics to shave down your opponent's hit points. You must rupture, run in, silence, hit them a couple of times, and then retreat. Depending on the champ you can get one quarter to half of their hp from one round of this. Buying boots early lets you take full advantage of the slow that rupture provides.

Don't be afraid to tank some hits to deal damage to the turret. By hits I mean champion attack, not turret shots. This Cho'gath may not be cut out to be a tank against a team, but he can certainly tank a few hits from one champ. He's still a little tanky.

I put my last item as a phantom dancer, but I often trade it for either a thornmail, or banshee's veil, depending on what type of damage the majority of the damage I'm taking is.

Don't be afraid to over extend a little. My build provides plenty of movement speed, and if you become skilled with your rupture you'll never be caught. You should average about 3 to 7 turrets a game. Remember, turrets are your main priority. Kills come second. You will still get the kills without trying. You're Carry'goth. Nothing will stop you.

The other team surrendered.

For those of you who think this is photo shopped, here is the link:

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Want proof?

If you want to see my build in action, add me. I'm on quite a bit. Just send me a message saying you want to see how my build works.