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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Dalems


By Dalems | Updated on July 9, 2011

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Introduction/This is my first guide.

Hello everyone this is my first guide on Mobafire. I am currectly 1524 Elo with Mordakaiser being my most played champ and having 60% win ration with him which will keep going up because when i first started I sucked.

This build is what i personally use and is not the ordinary tank or the tried and true Ap health build that most people are running these days.

Yesterday I went 0-6 in lane because my team mates didn't call mia's, my jungler didn't gank even though i was on skype with him and.... I finished the game 15-16-X 1v3ed the enemy team multiple times and won/carried the game.

Oh **** ROLFSTOMPING noobs yes this build does it but it also carries ranked games without getting fed and with the enemy team having good item sense.

I will be putting pictures in as soon as i figure out how to do it.

Also please do not vote on this build until you try it 3-4 times and please wait until it is done to either vote up or down. (7/8/11)
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I run straight 19 magic pen because you want your abilities to hurt the enemy team as much as possible the whole game long and early game one E will chunk a bar or more of their health and fill your shield bar if harassing right.

48 flat Hp so that you have enough HP to spam your spells without harassing yourself to much.
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11-19 masteries am I on crack? No this is the best mastery setup for morde allowing for early game domination and allowing him to scale to late game much better.

1 point in more damage to minions is to get your shield up that much faster and stronger. Spell pen is so that you actually do damage late game and ignite mastery is so that your early game is stronger.

Makes you able to take more harass in lane with more resistances.
Might get a lucky dodge or have to buy Ninja tabi because of auto attacking team (not very likely).
48 more Hp is that you can use your spells more.
3 points in Ardor <---- very important 3 points these points allow your ap purchases to scale to the needed level so that insta-comboing carries is possible LATE GAME!

Most of my mastery choices are to make the early amplifying tome possible so that you can farm your lane more effectively and harass very well.
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*NOTE* Wall of text this is my guild pretty much.

Grab an amplifying tome and a health pot when u spawn.

*note* you will have negative health regen with this build until you get your hextech revolver so if you are not completely sure about your ability to harass other champions this is not a build for you.

As soon as you have enough for kage lucky pick 333 gold press b and go buy it. Make sure that your lane is pushed and that you won't be missing out on that much exp or gold when you do this.
The reason to get a kage lucky pick at 4 minutes or sooner is so that you can hold on to it for the entire game and benifit from the gold per 5. every 15 minutes gold per 5 items pay for themselves so if you get it at 4 minutes by 19 minutes you will have 750 more gold than other players which breaks down to 2 champion kills for free. most games last 35-45 minutes so kage pick might pay for itself 2-3 times over. And at the end of the build you turn it into deathfire's grasp.

You should be level 3-4 at this point continue you harass your opponent with you skills if one of your skills won't hit your opponent please don't use it because you will end up pushing your lane horrendously. While not getting their health low for the kill at level 6.

When you hit level 6 and if you have been harassing well they should be in kill range for Flash, E, Ignite, Ult combo. If you can bait them into coming off their pushed tower to fight you just span all your spells and you will have a kill at level 6. And be able to push thier tower with the ghost you get.

Now on your 2-3 back you should get sorc boots and a hextech revolver if you can't get revolver get 1-2 amp tomes and 3-5 health pots so that you can keep using your skills without killing yourself.

Now your job it is push your tower down and/or gank/push other lanes.

The time goal on getting your hextech revolver is 17:30 into the game if you accomplish this you probably have 1-2 kills a tower kill and above average farm if you get the hextech revolver by 20-23 minutes then you are still doing good but you need to work on last hitting and knowing when you can kill your opponents. DON'T FORGET THE ACTIVE ON GUNBLADE OR THE CUTLASS!

The next item you by is situational.

Ad trouble?=thornmail
If you are getting owned by an Ad champ (yi, ashe, tryn, shaco,etc) then get thorn mail and laugh at them as they try and kill you. Thornmail is the best armor item you can get as a carry because you will be focused and if you have tank like Armor whats the point?

Caster/Ap trouble?= Abyssal scepter
People are now noticing that you are dealing quite a bit more damqge than the average morde so they will grab Magic resistance. Morde's ratio's are not that stellar so we rely on magic pen to get our numbers though. The 57 Magic resistance on this item is why we get it. Being nuked to death by an Annie 57 magic resist will allow you to take her full rotation and come out of the stun ready to ult and get your health back and blow up her little face.

get a death cap for more overall damage output ans shield charging.
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Skill Sequence

E is your shield charger/harass/massive farming ablity so max it first.
W is your I can fight you in the middle of your minions and rape you cause shield=OP and it allows you to make your tank have like 5 extra sunfire capes late game.
Q is the ability that charges your shield but you must hit something to do it... Most people don't get in melee range of AP Morde or they explode.

R you ultimate is for taking out low HP enemies saving your *** when you need health and setting up Aces. it also scales very well with Your 540 some Ap end game.

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Summoner Spells

NO GHOST ON MORDE ARE YOU A NOOB?!?!? Flash is better for Morde and here is why. It gives him the best escape Summoner spell in the game. It allows him to towerdive and E, ignite, Ult people in a blink of an eye and well that's about it.

Ignite- allows you to get 10 more Ap at the start of the game and late game allows you to combo with your ult to ensure a kill from the massive DOT you just inflicted.
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Pros / Cons

-Takes a while to adopt the no regen style of early play. Best lane is mid lane or top lane, bot lane you just get out leveled and out farm because of no exp masteries.
-Have to be aware of jungle ganks because you push so damn much.
-No CC except gunblade active

Can instantly kill people late game
Tank like survivablity with Annie like burst
All skills are AOE high damage spells
Is made of metal
Farming when you get your gunblade is as easy as ewq
Can solo dragon with gunblade, sorc boots and a little more ap at level 8-9 on
Can roughly solo baron when he grabs a deathcap and has most of the build.
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This guide was made 7/8/11 and will be updated shortly with picture and pro

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