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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hellomynameisgp

Champion Hunter

hellomynameisgp Last updated on September 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 9

Manamune cannot be chosen as a build item on this site so please don't -1 because of this thanks.

1. Abilities
Pretty decent passive. At level one, you strut into lane (see what I did thar?) at 390 movespeed. However, in battle it's useless (unless you don't get hit). This means that in teamfights, you want to be out of view, flanking them. Gank like crazy if you want, at level 1 you'll be faster than people with boots.

Double Up
Great, no, SUPERB skill. Much like GP's shot, except this one cannot crit, but it hits two targets. The bounce shot does more damage than the first. If you suffer from indecision, which is a HORRIBLE disease, please do not play MF. May you overcome this problem swiftly. Anyway, in lane, you'll most likely have the enemy coming real close to your er.. GUNS (so they can inspect them). But when they're back in their place (behind ranged minions), there's nothing else behind these ranged minions for the bullet to bounce to. So shoot the minion that is furthest away from you, and the shot WILL bounce to the/one of the champions behind that minion. It will do more damage than targeting the champion yourself, and you can reach them out of turret range. Be a b*tch.

Some people say that this skill is REALLY good for lizard buff/frozen mallet. But seriously, it has a shorter range than your auto attack. Why bother?

Impure Shots
Each time you attack the same target consecutively, you do extra damage (stacks 4 times max). However, the active is much better. You gain X attack speed and your attacks reduce healing/regen by 50%. Pretty standard carry ability when you think about it. Note that the stacking starts on the first attack, so it's a bit more base damage too.

Make it Rain
Right, now. Make It Rain is just like GP's ultimate. Differences being that it's not global, it lasts 2 seconds and it's more reliable. Whereas in GP's ult, you may not be hit at all, with Make it Rain, EVERYONE inside it takes the damage and is slowed. In lane, you can harass them to their tower, and even further. Feel free to be a complete prick. NOTE: Make It Rain reveals target area (including brush).

Bullet Time
It's Bullet Time! (^^) Er.. anyway it's a standard AOE damage ultimate. It does damage in a CONE. Damage is per bullet that hits the enemy. Obviously, more damage closer to you. However, it's much easier to dodge at point blank. In team fights, unleash Make It Rain, then Bullet Time in the crowd of enemies. You'll love the results. It's a 2 second channel, and does pretty significant damage for the time you spend doing it. However, people will target you first because of this skill. There are 7 or 8 waves of 6 bullets each, over 2 seconds (yes I counted, what of it?). Make sure you don't ult with the risk that it will be cancelled very soon after (eg Kassadin silence flying at you, or Malphite flying at you, or Rammus rolling at you, etc). It has a fairly long cooldown and is not to be taken lightly.

Now for runes, I use a simple DPS runeset.

Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Seal of Evasion
Greater Glyph of Focus
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

However, feel free to replace seals and glyphs with:

Greater Seal of Clarity
Greater Glyph of Clarity

Again, I find I have no mana issues after my first item, but if you're a badass, feel free.

Right. Items for Miss Fortune are pretty standard. However, I take Manamune. Miss Fortune has 2246 mana when it's maxed out. That's +45 (+20 base from the manamune) damage and a buttload of skill spam for 1600 Gold. You'll be using your skills all game, and attacking too, so this item is a must. You should be trying to get this after your first trip back from lane (even if you're on a side lane). Boots should also be affordable at this point, but if not, make sure to get the Manamune. This may sound stupid, and if it does, feel free to grab nearest sharp object and cut off vital sexual organs. BUT, you need to build up mana early for damage late. It makes sense.

After Manamune and Boots (Merc Treads; no other option), you'll need an Infinity Edge. This increases your damage output and gives you 22% crit chance total (including masteries). NOTE: Double Up CANNOT crit. Don't think it can simply because I recommend Infinity Edge, or because you think it's like GP's shot. It's not. After this, any DPS item would be good. I recommend Last Whisper, for the armor penetration. Phreak says to get Phage, then Frozen Mallet. The tips in-game suggest that you should get tit because Double Up applies on-hit effects. It does, but it has a shorter range than your auto attack. You already have a slow, and if someone's running away from you, yeah Frozen Mallet can be useful. But if people have a drink of Man the F*ck up and fight you back, you just wasted an item. It'd be much better to get something that will increase your damage, or survivability directly. Sure, the health is nice, but I dislike the item. If you want survivability get a Warmogs or a Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel is always nice, making you even more of a threat, and adding precious survivability.

Note: Phreak starts with boots of speed, but strut gives you enough movespeed. You need regeneration in lane.


Meki Pendant + 2x Health Potion
Manamune + Boots of Speed
B. F. Sword
Cloak of Agility --> Infinity Edge
Last Whisper

I get the cloak last simply because Double Up cannot crit; critical chance won't affect it. However damage will.


Frozen Mallet if the enemy team are *******.
Guardian Angel if they are men.

Guardian Angel is better in my opinion, especially if you bought a Snowball item.

Finally, get some lifesteal. Something like Bloodthirster will do. But, dear lord, DO NOT GET MALADY.

The Bloodthirster

Remember to always stock up on these during and after midgame.

Elixir of Fortitude
Elixir of Agility

Snowball Items:

Sword of the Occult

Personally, I dislike snowball items, especially on squishy DPS champions. You will want to be farming most of the game, and you will probably be focused lategame, and you will lose your stacks. But, if you are ganking a lot, then get Sword of the Occult. I do not recommend leviathan, but if you really want the health, go for it. And you'll guess why I haven't included Mejai's on a DPS hero if you have >5 IQ.

killing Order
Get Make It Rain at level 2, because you can harass the enemy like it's the 4th of freakin' July. However, max it last because your other skills are far superior. The slow at level 1 is enough. Get ultimate whenever, because it's freaking awesome.

Summoner Abilities
I use ignite and ghost, but any two of the following are fine.


Miss Fortune has no escape mechanism (strut won't help you if they hit you) so flash or ghost (or both) is advised.

Pros / Cons
Very good damage lategame.
Awesome AOE damage ult.
Good lane control.
Good map control, with strut (451 movespeed with this build).
Great farmer.
Average, but somewhat reliable AOE slow.
Has two very big..guns.

Will be targeted first.
Shutdown easily.
Bullet Time can easily be dodged with Flash.

As you can see, with this build (NO FROZEN MALLET) my effective hp (EHP) is not quite over nine thousand, but it's over two and a half times my actual health.

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

Lvl 18 With Bonuses
Hit Points 2062.2 (+97.2)
Health Regen (per 1) 3.36 (+0)
Health Regen (per 5) 16.8 (+0)
Physical Damage Health 5217.31(+1896.46)
Magical Damage Health 3980.05 (+1425.55)
Effective Health 4598.68 (+1661.01)
Mana 2246 (+1350)
Mana Regen (per 1) 4.91 (+2.4)
Mana Regen (per 5) 24.55 (+12)
Lvl 18 With Bonuses
Attack Speed 1.442 (+0.275)
Damage 358 (+258)
Ability Power 13.6(+13.6)
Armor Penetration 24 (+24)
Armor Penetration (%) 40% (+40)
Magic Penetration 0 (+0)
Magic Penetration (%) 0% (+0)
Critical Chance 22%(+22)
Critical Damage 260% (+60)
Lvl 18 With Bonuses
Armor 137 (+68)
Magic Resist 93 (+63)
Dodge 6.75%(+6.75)
Lifesteal 25% (+25)
Spell Vampirism 0% (+0)
Mana Burn 0 (+0)
Cooldown Reduction 5.85%(+5.85)
Range 550 (+0)
Movement Speed 380 (+70)

Creep Jungling
Miss Fortune cannot jungle effectively to be honest. However she can get golem/lizard buffs from level 6 and on. See Phreak's Spotlight. Later on, depending on your farm, you can kill the golem/lizard without ulting. Of course, lifesteal makes it easier.

Don't jungle from level 1; Miss Fortune is NOT Chuck Norris. Besides, you're a ranged hero with plenty of lane control. Put it to use.

Working in the team
Miss Fortune does a fair bit for the team. She has good map control with strut, and her ult does extreme AOE damage. Make It Rain reveals target area, making it useful for scouting brush. She is a fair ganker - good AOE slow, and does very decent damage. In teamfights you want to drop Make It Rain, then Bullet Time over as many enemies as possible. You also want to make sure that you're far enough away from enemies so that your ult isn't cancelled, but close enough that it does decent damage. In a 1v1 fight, auto attacking is much more efficient than Bullet Time. I've tested it over and over, on equal items, skills, runes, masteries, EVERYTHING, Miss Fortune vs Miss Fortune. Auto attacking is superior from when you get Infinity edge onward. And before that, you can just move out of Bullet Time anyway.

As a wise Phreak once said,"I cannot stress last hitting as a more important skill, when playing a physical carry." He's right you know. Farming is very important for Miss Fortune. Make It Rain and Double Up makes it very easy to clear creep waves, and in emergencies (eg huge waves pushing your turret), Bullet Time clears waves in no time. You need to make sure to farm as much as you can; Miss Fortune is CRAZY when farmed.

However, I wouldn't recommend teleport as a summoner spell. You have 451 base movespeed with strut full. You wouldn't get teleport for Teemo. If you would, please, get help.

Well that's it. I hope you learned SOMETHING. If not, you wasted 5 minutes of your life.

In short, farm up in lane. In fights use Make It Rain > Bullet Time > Impure Shots > Auto Attack + Double Up. I'll update this guide when needed, especially if she is patched.

Overall Miss Fortune is balanced, and does NOT need a buff or debuff. If you people are crying over "OP ULT HURR DURR" then you should go back to school. She is EASILY shut down and very squishy.