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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaxPower

Champions you need to play if you want a higher ELO

MaxPower Last updated on August 23, 2012
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Hi all this is my second Guide here. It is not about how to play a single Champion in general. It is more about how to get a real chance to climb up the ELO ladder from low to medium ELO. Of course I will tell you why I chose these Champs and explain you why they are more effective then other Champs.

The thing is: after each patch there a Champs who are stronger then other Champs. In this case stronger doesn't mean that some Champs have more dmg then others. It means that their skill setup is really strong on their individual position.

In the following I will tell you why the choosen Champs are better then others. And you shouldn't forget that I chose these Champs because of the experience I made in ranked games.

All I say is that you have a better chance to win your lane with these champs then with others.

Each single champ I pick has at least one cc no matter hard or soft.

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Beating low ELO enemies

Sharing my experience with you doesn't mean that you will win every single lane from now on. If you want to win most of your lanes my guide may be the first step in the right direction but you need to practice, practice, practice.... Only then you might be able to win many of your lanes.

The most important thing if you want to win lanes is that you need more knowledge then the enemy laner. A better knowledge prevents you from doing stupid things which ends up that you are dead and the enemy gets fed. The less mistakes you do the higher is the chance your enemy is doing one sooner or later.
As we all know there are many summoners outside who doesnt have the clamness to win a lane by CS. At some point they want a kill and tower dive you and you can pick up an easy kill.

Another fact is that many summoners are on low elo cause they dont have enough map awareness. Eg when your own jungler is getting counterjungled and all teammates stay on their lanes and watch how the own jungler is dying instead of helping him to get out of the situation and pick up a kill maybe. So watch the mini map and react to pings and save some lives.

Try to ban the rigth champs or champs your mates tell you to ban. Try to avoid troll bans like Temmo or something else. Focus on champs who can ruin the game for you, like: Shen with his taunt and ult, Morgana with her ult, Malphite and many more. Maybe the Champs I mentioned above.

The next important thing is DON'T RAGE OR FLAME!!!!!!!
The saying that Flamer never win is true! If your team mates do mistakes correct them in a polite way and don't srceam at shout at them. Flaming won't make them play better.
The consequence of flaming is that they will play even worse which makes you lose the game for sure.

Next fact which worked very well for me: if you lost 2 ranked games in a row stop playing. You can't win if you are in a bad mood. Take a break and do something complete different. This rule helped me a lot. A friend of mine just kept playing and got one loss after another.

These are some general aspects you should know. Comming now to the single champs I mentioned.

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How to play properly on each positions

In the folowing chapters I will try to explain to you how to play on each single position in the team.

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How to play AD Carry

Now I'm gonna explain how to play AD Carry refered to my play-style of Corki and Vayne.

Your main goal should be farming as much as you can. Cause 15 cs difference is like a kill (at least in early game when you get about 20 gold per creep). You better wait for ganks and engage with your jungler together. Even if you can't manage to kill someone, you can force him to go back to base, which gives you an advantage in lane cause you have free farm now.

But don't hesitate to harass your enemy if you are able to do so. With Corki try to land a Q and some AA. Even your AA do some nice dmg early cause of Corki's passive which adds true dmg to each AA. With Vayne you should be more passive until lvl 4 or 5 since she has a weak early game. If you harass your enemy after that lvl try to land at least 3 AA for your silver bolt true dmg.
With Vayne your positioning is very important: e.g. you have a support blitz on your side you should stand on the river side of the lane to be able to stun the enemy into the wall if blitz is able to grab someone in the bushes.

If you have an skill shot based AD Carry as enemy like Ezreal or Kog'Maw with his ult always try to move in fights and dont stand on one position all the time while fighting. With Vayne try to tumble around him so hitting you will be much more harder for them.

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How to play Support

As support the laning phase doesn't need to be boring while you are watching the ad carry farming up. Try to zone the enemy. That means go if possible to the sec bush and move between creeps and the enemy. With Sona this is easy cause you can land a Q on the enemy if they come to close to you. With Sona you should be safe most of the time cause you will get away since you are ranged.

With melee supports like Leona or Nautilus or Alistar you have to get very close to them to deal some dmg. The good thing is: even on lvl 1 they are tanky enough to handle some dmg. I like to have all my skills at lvl 3 so I can harass with my full combo. Try to grab them and do some dmg. Make sure that your Carry is in range to land some AA or skills too. And then back off.
The next important thing is: know the CD times of your enemies. Another example: I played the Vayne/ Taric combo on bot lane and the enemy Ashe/Ali combo harassed a lot at lvl 2. So I had to hug the tower. At lvl 4 or 5 I knew that I could beat Ashe in a 1 vs 1 figth. I told Taric to facecheck the bush where Ali was waiting. As expected Ali then used his combo on Taric while Ashe used hers too. Taric took some dmg and Ashe and Ali tried to back off. But then our time had come. Taric landed his stun on Ashe while I was attacking her all the time, and the poor Ali couldn't do anything to protect his carry since his abilities were on CD. That's how I got one kill and domination in lane. Thx to a smart play of my support.

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How to play on Mid Lane

On mid lane you should cover your jungler and pull him one of the buffs. Then go to your lane and farm. As in all lanes your main goal is getting more CS then your enemy. Of course you can try to zone your enemy but this will make you vulnerable to ganks. Another option is taking the wraith camps all the time (at the moment this is common meta game play style). Best thing is if you can take the enemy wraith camp. If you are afraid of going in their jungle take your own wraith. Try to get wards on both sides of the river. If you dont have the money ask you jungler to ward one side for you. But normaly you should be able to buy 2 dorans + pots + wards after you based first time. Try to harass your enemy and force him to base and try to deny him farm. If you cant get kills mid you need to start roaming. Make sure that one of the side lanes isn't warded. Roaming a lot will make you win cause many team member will get some gold for an assist. Which will help them alot.
Next think is: watch the mini map. If you see that your own jungler is aggressive counterjungling try to cover him up if he gets in trouble. Or help your your jungler if he gets caught in his onw jungle by running to him and fight with him and help him with warding the jungle entrances.

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How to play on top lane

On top lanes you have to farm too. What a surprise!!! xD.... As in mid lane cover your jungle and help your jungler on buffs if needed. The more you help the faster you get ganks. Be aware for early ganks on top since you wont have wards till you base the first time. This is advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Neither you nor the enemy top laner will have wards in the river. So be carefull. Especially when you have one of these awesome lvl 2 junglers in the enemy team like Lee Sin or Alistar for example.
So get wards all the time you base and then you will be safe when the enemy jungler comes. With a warded river you can play more agressive and zone the enemy or harass him. Try to set up dragon fights which means push the lane to the enemy tower and move down to the dragon camp. Most of the time you will have a farming battle on top lane cause you and your enemy will have lots of sustain.

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How to play in jungle

I don't want to go in detail here like what route or what start items are best for what jungler. There are many many good guides about jungling here. I just want to point out some main thoughts about jungling.

Jungling is the best way to support your whole team. A good jungler will help the lanes to get the lead on the lanes. A good jungler needs a very good map awareness. So he needs to time his jungling route with proper ganks. Therefor the lane mates have to prepare too eg. stop pushing a lane....

Nowadays a good jungler has to counterjungler and prevent beeing counterjungled at the same time. Of course he can't do this alone. He needs a team which supports him with warding in both jungles and helping the jungler to get the buffs from the other team and move into the jungle when the jungler gets in trouble. This needs a lot of teamplay.

I have to say I didn't see this much often in my actual ELO range. Sometimes a Shaco who is successfull cause the team doesn't react. No matter if the Shaco in my team or in the other. But mainly you have your jungle for yourselfe. So try to counter jungle and get yourselfe an advantage compared to the other jungler. You will see very fast if your teams goups up to help you or not. If you can't count on their help don't try to counterjungle, just clear your jungle and try to gank as much as you can. Even if you can't kill someone you may force them to go back into base which gives your lane free farm and a little advantage everytime you gank.

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Team Work

In teamfights you have to make sure to focus the right enemy champ. Most of the time this will be the enemy ad or ap carry. Sometimes a fed bruiser, like their jungler or top laner. No matter what role you are playing in this games try to shut down the biggest thread to your team as fast as possible. No matter if you use all your abilities on this target get the most dmg on it or try to cc him as often as you can. That he has no chance to land all his dmg on your team mates.

Get map awareness. Ward all the time and see the enemy comming. With that you can't get caught out of position if you don't do stupid things like chasing the enemy into their base which will end up with you getting killed all the time. This brings me to the next important point:

Don't overextend. Never try to get get kills and risking getting killed instead. Just back off and try it once again. At some point you will get him.

Follow your team and don't go one man mode. That's why I lost games too. Beeing the overfed ad carry made me think I am unkillable cause of my high dmg output. Well 2 times in late game I got caught out of position and gave away a sure win for my team. So make sure what role you have in your team. Don't engage if you aren't suppose to be the one who should engage.

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With this said you should be able to rise your ELO. But be aware that it will take some time.
Following these advises will give you a good advantage to win your lane and gives you the oportunity to help your team on other lanes.

Since I am not back at that ELO I'd like to be, pls leave a comment which may help me to improve this guide or my play style.


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