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League of Legends Build Guide Author nomad93

Cho gath is ready to rupture

nomad93 Last updated on January 21, 2011
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This is just a basic guide on how to use cho gath and how to cause chaos with him. This is my first guide so be gentle ;P

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Basic rune setup for tank stack armor, magic res, and health quint. Glyph are really up too on what you want to use, which can be from armor, magic res, or flat health doesn't really matter.

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Did a basic 9/21/0 tank build. The part that's up to you is if you want to stack dodge or not. I usually choose not to stack because 2% dodge doesn't seem to me that much unless you buy ninja tabi with that which gives is 14% dodge rate. Then it becomes much more useful. Other wise i just go health regen and full harden skin.

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Summoner Spells

I get Ghost for chasing mostly and escapes if needed its a must. I get Exhaust mostly for the slow. Makes cho an okay ganker. You just rupture then slow and if your parnter and you are good enough he should be dead by then. Or escapes so then he has to recall so then you push tower with the group.
Good(based on what you like to use)-
-Ignite(great finisher and on champs like mundo)
-Cleanse(if you get this get FoN instead of Banshee Veil)

-Clarity(doesn't really need because of passive)


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Skill Sequence

Basic for cho, max out rupture first then I go Vorpal Spikes for better minion farming. Then maybe a feral scream "here-or-there" for a little more dps and longer silence depending on whom im laning against.

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Feral Screams-

It silences not much more to know. Position is key so you get most of there team for silencing team battle.

Voral Spikes-

Mainly for minion farming


Use as often as possible if you dont have full stacks. If you have full stacks great for doing **** ton of damage on enemies.

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Core setup is Warmog's Armor Mercury's Treads Guardian Angel. Warmog is a must for cho, merc treads help with CC effects and nice magic resistance too. If there's not much CC go boots of swiftness. GA helps with both armor and magic resistance and nice revive to help keep you in battle even though its not likely you should be dieing. But its mostly for Armor and MR. GA can be switched with Levations if your team is owning to get stacks faster. GA helps more early and Levation will be helpful mid/late gameish even with 4-10 stacks but if you want to complete dominate get Levations before GA. I prefer the armor and Mr before i get it.

1st Buy-485
Regrowth Pendant-450
Health Pot-35

2nd Buy-1460
Gaint's Belt-1110
Boots of Speed-350

3rd Buy-1355
Finish Warmogs-1355

4th Buy-850
Merc Treads(can be switched with Ninja/Swiftness)- 850
If you have the money anything from GA

5th-2600(if you bought nothing from last recall)
Finish GA-2600

The rest of the items from this is game situational after these core 3 items. If they have a lot of Magic get Force of nature gives good MR and health regen. If they have a lot of physical dps then get Thornmail or Omen's (omen provides health which is a huge plus but its up too you).

And pay attention to there dps and there items. If Ashe is stacking armor pen then stack health and if she is stacking critical strike stack armor.

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Early game-

Just keep harassing with Rupture and keep minion farming for gold(don't forget about your passive gives you health and mana). Use your Ult when possible gives you huge advantage.

Mid Game-

By now you should have at least Warmogs, Teir 2 boots, and Part/Whole GA. By now you should have at least 3+ stacks if you have 6 stacks, great, this gives you a huge advantage. Now instead of using your ult to finish people/minions off for the stacks, you can use it to start off a fight if you get close enough on your enemies squishies use it on them and make sure your nukes/dpser follow through on it to finish the kill.

Late game- Basically two things will happen you will get focused down in team fights(thats okay) your dps should be picking them off while they do(this choice is usually for when you face bad teams. Against good teams they'll CC in anyway ignore you for the time being kill your squishies and then you. But thats worst case scenario why i get Banshee veil for the CC. Team battles should start off with rupture then silence then ult squishy or the target and continue to rupture and AA all the time.


Rupture is a skill shot with a delay which makes it easier to dodge. This is why position is key for Cho's rupture. So make sure your in the right position, close quarters are your friend. Open areas like directly mid are not it makes rupture easily dodge.

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Thanks to Hell Pet Cho Gath guide for the inspiration

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