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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxleg3ndxx

cho gath the tanking ap monster of the void

xxleg3ndxx Last updated on December 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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introduction- do you want a nuker that can dish out a ton of damage and have well over 3k hp? then look no farther cause ap tank cho is here!

- with this build your vorpal spikes will have a 15% slow with rylai (please cheak the patch notes this is true)
- very high hp pool and for a caster ( around 3-4k hp)
- (if you have mana regain runes) no worries about mana almost the whole game
- HAS A NOM NOM NOM that can hit through magic resist
- has passive that regains mana and hp (unlimited laning time ftw???)

- needs teammates that semi know what their doing
- if your a bad farmer this build can be a little expensive
- really needs the mana regain runes to keep yourself from going oom all the time, otherwise you may need clarity and that ignite is really needed on cho so you shouldnt have clarity

ok you are going to go into a 9/21/0 spec build shown above, you will need the extra hp, armor and magic resist from the mastery tree so you can take some damage.

why ghost and ignite?
ghost-this is a must for cho. he is slow and sometimes he needs that extra speed to get his feast or run away

ignite-cho's damage is ok but not enough in the begging, this really helps land the kill for you and your laning partner. you already have a slow so just have that extra spike of damage to finish them off =)

spells not to get
heal- you already have a massive amount of hp in begging and wont make a difference in the end

clarity- if you have mana regain runes you wont need this. you will have massive amount of mana mid end game dont worry ignite is much more important here.

clairvoyance- you don't need this spell, leave this to blitzcrank or someone with a skillshot

exhaust- your spikes slow for 60% and your vorpal has a 15% slow later on? you start out with 800 hp so do we need this?

flash- your character is very slow and if you flash away they will just run up to you and you will still die. this is the only thing i would consider replacing ghost with so if your a flash junkie go ahead.

smite-please if you even consider this your a noob that will probably -1 this build for no reason and not comment

rally-you could get this for the team but your not really a dps character it wont really help you here.

teleport- good spell to consider but ghost and ignite are much more important than this

cleanse- your really tough but not a full tank you shouldnt be running into them head on, it can save you but still ghost and ignite really important here.

fortify- good spell but let someone else get this.

revive- i hate hate hate this spell, it was made for feeders, it has no good use if you even consider this spell uninstall the game..... 9min cd is stupid and this spell should just be taken off of here. if you find a good use for this spell for ANYTHING please post or send me a msg.

Early game
you are going to start off with ruby crystal. some people will say no no no start with sapphire but when you get ruby and you have masteries and runes you will have over 800 hp and you wont have to worry about dying you can also tank in the begging but not mid late game unless there is no other tank. you can keep your hp up with your passive. but you want to get rupture first so you can try to run in and get first blood. then you will want to get vorpal spikes and farm farm farm. then follow the build shown in order. if you are getting fed you can go straight to the ROA then get boots but if you are having trouble then get boots of speed cause if you don't you will eventually get ganked and die cause u cant run away. dont forget to use your ignite for extra damage and your ghost to mainly get away.

mid game
this is where cho starts to shine, start stacking your feast and feast champs if possible. you should have boots of mobility by now and you should be working on rylai. when teamfights start to happen hit as many people with your rupture and feral, especially when they bunch up. that slow and silence is death to a team fight. when someone gets below half feast them especially if you have all 6 stacks. if your team is sucking it up and dying/running from fights use your rupture defensibly. wait for team to dive on a low teammate and then rupture to save the day and then work in your kill. if someone dives ignite them even if they have a good amount cause your teammates if they are good will focus the ignited one and take him down quick. just remember to ghost and get away if needed and try your best not to die. unless your facing nubs remember YOU ARE NOT THE MAIN TANK YOU ARE MAINLY A CASTER. when you get to the frozen heart and abyssal. you must make a choice. frozen if they are heavy dps and abyssal if they are heavy casters. get one then the other cause you will need both but you can choose which one to get first.

late game
now the fight is going definitly one way and you are losing or winning. if your winning just do you best to rupture and get kills to push and win, but if your losing... defend defend defend. dont run out by yourself and die like a noob. your not invicible remember that. if the team gets to your last turrets rupture them and try to ace. if you ace then you can push and come back.

some last notes
have fun owning noobs and remember league of legends is not all about the item build its about skill as well. also remember no matter what build you use you wont win every game. if you -1 tell me why and have fun with cho!!!