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Cho'Gath Build Guide by ColonelMidas

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ColonelMidas

Cho'Gath, a True Gentleman

ColonelMidas Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is the way I play my Gentleman Cho'Gath in 5v5. There is a LOT of Magic Resist, which means champions like Ryze, Annie, and even other Cho'Gaths are going to be at a disadvantage. This is manly, however, a health tank build. The major thing to remember for this build is to NEVER back down from a fight. I get ganked 2v1, and with this build, I pick up double kills. Cho'gath is exceptionally good at taking and dealing out punishment, and you need to remember to let yourself get hit, ESPECIALLY if it means someone else on your team doesn't. This is a tank build, and if you ask me, any tank should be willing to sacrifice his/her-self to save another teammate.

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I went with straight up Dodge and Magic Resist per level runes. I prefer the per level to the base bonuses, because while those base numbers are nice at level one, they quickly pale in comparison to the per level bonuses. An alternative could be Health and Health Regen per level or Cooldown Reduction per level, to let you feast more often.

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Masteries/Summoner Spells

As you might have noticed, I maxed out literally everything in the Defense tree except for the three summoner spells I'm not using. This is because this build is a tank build, and a very heavy duty tank build at that. I chose Fortify because it's never a bad idea to have at least one person on your team who has it, and with the mastery upgrade it does 50% splash as well as double the attack speed, which really tears through built up minion waves. The teleport is because it is a very useful spell on 5v5, because it allows you to teleport to turrets being attack, whether you go to help attack or defend, and it also helps you get around the map to do your job, AKA absorb damage in team fights.

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Skill Sequence

Most people prefer to max out Rupture ASAP. I would very, very strongly recommend getting it at level one, because it can be the difference between getting first blood and being it. However, after level one, I prefer to max out vorpal spikes first, because most of the items in the build are rather expensive, and the spikes help you farm a TON. The other nice thing is that Cho'Gath has serious mana problems early and mid game, and maxing out rupture right away just maeks it even worse. Vorpal Spikes are still very useful without sucking up mana. Being level 9 with Vorpal Spikes maxed out also make your basic attacks hurt, a lot. Remember to turn them off when your breaking towers though, because if they hit a champion through the turret they give you turret aggro. I don't worry about the Scream until I've got the others maxed, but it doesn't hurt to grab one level of it early, just make sure you still max out the Spikes ASAP, and keep a careful eye on your mana, using both abilities a lot will drain it like nobody's business.

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The Force of Nature, the first Warmog's Armor, the Sunfire Cape, and the Banshee's Veil are all must haves. As for boots, Ninja Tabi is what I prefer, to increase that dodge chance. People don't expect a Cho'Gath to dodge every fourth attack, and it will really help against AD champions. Boots of Swiftness are also nice because they let you catch up to fleeing enemies to feast them and Mercury Treads are good boots because of the Tenacity and the Magic Resist. Finally, the last item is completely dependant on the game. Is there lots of AD going around? Thornmail. Are you having trouble holding onto Feast stacks? Grab a GA. Is your health still dropping fast? Second Warmog's or Spirit Visage will help you out big time. Need to tear down some turrets? Nothing better than an Atma's Impaler.

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This is not a build recomended for 3v3 play. This is also not a build that dishes out lots of damage. This is a build that will probably get you more assists than kills, but it will help your team win the game. At level 18 and with all of your items, you won't really die. Ever. The main thing to remember is Cho'Gath's passive. That will keep you alive and in the fight throughout the entire game. Whether you kill some wraiths or wolfs in the jungle, nom down on some minion waves, or even kill an enemy champion, you'll get healed a bit, and grabbing Spirit Visage will make that healing even more effective. One important thing to remember, part of the fun of being Cho'Gath is to be big and intimidating. Get those feast stacks ASAP! However, when you're in a lane and about to feast, wait for a cannon minion. The feast does about 1000 damage to minions, and until late game cannon minions won't be able to survive it, just keep an eye on how much health they have so you don't waste your feast accidentally. The main reason you want to target cannon minions though, is because if the enemy cannon minion suddenly disapears but your's is still there, your minions have an advantage. Cannon minions take the longest to kill, especially for towers, so being able to eliminate them in one hit is invaluable, as it gives your lane the advantage.

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2nd Cho'Gath Build

This is a build of my buddies thought up, and we put it together. It's basically a bruiser Cho'Gath. Malady, Madred's Bloodrazer and Vorpal Spikes add magic damage to each of his hits, Atma's Impaler turns feast nobus health into attack damage, Frozen Mallet and Boots of Swiftness make it easier for him to chase down runners, and the Hextech Gunblade makes both his attacks and his spells (including Vorpal Spikes) heal him, which combined with his passive, and base health, armor, and magic resistance still gives him decent survivability. Works even better if teammates have Stark's Fervor/Will of the Ancients for extra healing. This build is mainly for ***** and giggles, but it actually works to some extent, mainly because no-one ever expects a Cho'Gath building physical attacks.