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Cho'Gath Build Guide by The Shroud

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Shroud

Cho'Gath AD/AP WTF!?!

The Shroud Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Hi all gamers
Cho'Gath has the most powerful attack in the game (but he attacks more slowly than my granma)
this build focuses on vorpal spikes , it offers no survivability but Cho doesnt need it much-
3000 health with nothing + lifesteal and spell vamp + carinove =a hard to kill carry/nuker
This is an AP build with some AS for vorpal spikes[all items exept deathcap and gun blade]
Don't rate my build by the ****py way i have wrote it rate it after you have tried it.
Most important thing about the items DO not under any circumstances buy mana items
CHOGATH never runs out of juice [ofcourse he does but he can regain it very quickly]

Guide Top start

your starting item doesnt matter on this build but a pair of boots and 1 potion because you can reagin health with your passive.What is important is to be solo because you will have feast stacks and that will give you high hp in early game.It is not a problem for Cho to fight 2v1 it is even easy if you can play him.But middle is better he is one of the most powerful heroes 1v1 [like mordekaiser,veigar and Warwick].Keep your distance form your opponent/s until level 6. harras them with rupture but don't aim it at them wait until they are close to their creeps. Now you are thinking this guy is kinda a moron, well let me explain-
almost everyone in the game can dodge rupture[when you cast on the creeps and some of them die you gain health and mana so the rupture spell is not wasted] , that is why i get gun-blade it can slow.

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Cho rarely gets ganged because with flash and rupture he is very hard to kill, so don't worry about ganks [that doesn't mean to drop your guard] you should be able to evade them. if you can't runaway and you are sure then don't try stand and fight even 5v1 let there be some point to your death, but do this only if you are sure you cant escape.
Cho is one of the best gankers in late game because his ultimate does about 1000 true damage[with all items]
with his other abilities plus his gunblade and his powerful attack anything beneath 2000 health
[tanks excluded [ but only real tanks not semi-tanks like sion} gets killed almost instantly.
your ultimate deals TRUE DAMAGE I mean it is a tank killer no amout of armor or magic ressit will help your target [ note there are some abilities that nerf the damege from your ultimate [Defense final mastery, full stack leviathan, shen's feint,katarina shunpo buffed by killer instincts,be careful not to waste your feast on heroes that have shielding spell like karma]
an exhaust is a good option for early ganks because you can be sure you will rupture them.

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4.Team role

You are not a tank!!! 3000 health is nothing it will melt away in a split second my solution is to eat them before they can cook me alive[ well i wont be alive then but i will get killed so fast bah you get it]I would suggest changing the last 2 items to better suit the situation. if you can't kill them first then gets some defense but not health .
e.Although you can take a beating make sure there is a tank on your are not a true carry you only rack up about 600dps nothing compared to tryndemire
but unlike a carry your spells are incredibly strong.
you have 3 jobs as part of the team.
1. you cover the team [that doesn't mean tanking!!!] or at least the super squishy ones but try not to be the first to jump if there is nothing tankier than you on your team and you are using this build you are the worst team player ever
[after the fast feed restaurant Garen with a sign - no teammates allowed]
And should never play team games again.
2. using all of your abilities you can disable silence and dish out heavy damage very quickly
your feast is a finisher[stealing tool] but if you are not owning the game i would recommend to jump with it in the fight.
3.if the fight is lost try to save your team fall behind to cover them but do not be the first to run from the fight[with any build not just this one].with your slow and silence you can make sure your team gets out alive [at least someone] you are also good at defending if they try to push the turret you can get an easy kill [ or at least scare them away for a few seconds as i said you can kill anything that's not a tank. so if they push [even if they are 4 and you are by yourself[be super careful you can't make mistakes if they have an advantage in numbers]].

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This is an extra chapter in which i only talk about your team not you you can have any king of champions on your team [as long as there is a tank]
but this is the most effective combination
a)Rammus or Galio-they have a great taunt [Galio taunt is better but Rammus is harder to kill]
both will do well. Shen is also an option but his taunt doesn't last as long and doesn't have
an extra effect[I mean something useful in a team fight i know you can use it to charge in and out[Galio does a lot of damage usually above 1000 and Rammus nerfes their armor]].
b)Vladimir - all he has to do is spam his spelsl the moment Rammus [or Galio]taunt's them
starting with hemoplague.
c)veigar - has one of the most powerful AOE spells in the league dark matter again he has to spam his spells that what nukers do[Vladimir isn't exactly a nuker].Except for dark horizon
that is his stun it would be best if veigar waits until the last second of the taunt.
d)warwick [or any other jungler] so you can solo more if someone else wants to go mid
2. this combination of charecters will not be as effective against an all range team

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5.PUSH!!!!!!and helpful tips 5000words FFS!

Never stop pushing! As condon said the point of the game is to push the nexus in the bible of lol it should be rad by all new players it is educational and funny it contains all you need to know about LOL
the build has some similarities to the Muffin Cho'Gath [Great Humor]
this will be updated
1.if you are mid at level 7 with level 4 rupture you can kill the smaller wraiths without going to them a bit bonus experience plus heal.
2. I need 5000 letters for this to be counted as a guide so i have to write some more... mobafire why don't you add some system to show people how many letter they have written?
4.flash feast is very effective try to slow them first if they have an escape ability [With gunblade!] to make sure you don't waste your flash.
5.Freaking 5000letters sorry no spamming ok i will stop.
6.never get Loch'ness skin it looks like a green browny.
7.he is not as good as warwick but he can jungle all you need is a

hextech revolver

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6.Cho'Gath nerfed?

Still i don't have enough letters so i will write some more mostly screaming at riot games
but it is not spamming i don't repeat my self [too much]
WTF!?! was that supposed to be a nerf???
you weakened his passive who cares still gives enough mana [which you don't need because Cho can get mana sigil[blue golem] easily you made his vorpal spikes take more from AP and increased the flat amout That spell is was strong before now i can have a build focused on it!
AND his FEAST it deals 200 less damage but takes more from AP!!!
the hero is well balanced riot dont read this as a feedback read as not spamming spam
[Seriosly Balanced try kill tank cho buff by morde and galio and you will see balance!]
bottom line he was balanced before and he is balanced now