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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Dead2222

Cho'gath AP devours all

Cho'gath AP devours all

Updated on January 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dead2222 Build Guide By Dead2222 2,195 Views 0 Comments
2,195 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dead2222 Cho'Gath Build Guide By Dead2222 Updated on January 23, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hey everyone.

I kinda stumbled upon cho'gath to start playing with him. But i was instantly sold to him. You can play cho'gath in any way you want.
- Jungle
- Tank
- Mage

This build is about his power as an ap bomb.
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Runes - Masteries.

As you can see, all the runes and masteries are based upon his ap power. This gives him a huge advantage in the beginning of the game. He wont be able to hold against a long ranged Ad carry like caitlyn or graves. But cho'gath will still be able to harass them with his Q.

If you fight against anything else, his harassing with Q and silencing with W is legendary in the beginning. You can easily half the hp of your opponent with just those 2 skills and a auto attack.
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Early game you can harass players with your Q often. While your harassing, make sure you pick up the minion kills, so you get your mana and health back. When you get to level 3, Start getting closer and getting the skill sequence (Q-W-autoattack) off. Dont try to do more then this in the beginning if your not sure of a kill. Back off imidiatly after the autoattack. Your opponent wont be able to put a skill upon you untill your atleast a couple meters away.

This usually (90 % of the time) result in a chomp of damadge out of your enemy while you are at safe distance with no damadge taken. When you see your enemy low try to mix it up with using your feral scream first then placing your rupture behind your enemy so he cant escape. In this skil sequence you'll have more autoattacks. So you do more damadge, but only do this when you know the enemy will flee.

When your on cooldown in early or midgame, dont engage or make stupid moves, in this build cho'gaths early power comes from his skills. In late game your autoattacks will do amazing damadge thanks to your spikes. so you basicly get the skills of a mage + the autoattacks of a AD.
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Early game your harassing will most likely also damadge the minions, try to pick up the last hits between harassing, but dont go to agressive. When playing solo top, stay near your turret line at all times.

Around mid game you'll have no trouble killing minions, because one feralscream is able to single hit every minion in a cone infront of him.
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In teamplay your the engager. Land a rupture and try to hit as much enemy champions with feralscream at the same time. You'll start taking damadge, back off a bit and let your team make some damadge. repeat this sequence over and over again. If the enemy has a tank. USE YOUR FEAST NO MATTER WHAT. This is so important for your team. Feast does a amazing amount of damadge. but better yet. It does TRUE damadge, meaning the tank's magic/armor resist doesn't work. This will get a big chunk out of his health. Making most of them flee or become more carefull. Making it more easy for your team to pick him off.

After you've engaged the fight, be sure not to go into agressive. You have a 8 second cooldown on your spells. Your autoattacks will do damadge but not as much your enemies.

When there are minions around. USE THEM autoattack the minions in the direction of enemy champions. If your lucky your spikes will also hit the enemy champions.
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Pros / Cons

- Powerfull skills early game
- Feast gives you alot of extra hp. which acts as a substitute for your items
- Stun - silence skill + ulti with alot of truedamadge
- One of the Strongest AP carrys late game

- No armor/magic resist late game. so bit squishy
- Mana doesn't last long in teamfights.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dead2222
Dead2222 Cho'Gath Guide
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Cho'gath AP devours all

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