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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author YouReady

Cho'Gath Ap/Tank

YouReady Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build so I don't say anything bad just show... Some encouragement maybe? Thank you,

Of course this build is about Cho'Gath

Valcombird :D.

Some Acronyms I use:

AP: Ability Power

AD: Attack Damage

AOE: Area of Effect

DPS: Damage per Second

CD: Cool down

KS: Kill Steal

HP: Health Points or Hit Points depends on what you use

ULTI: Ultimate

DMG: Damage

PROT: Protect

CHAMP: Champion...

Remember a minion kill in a fight could help you very much!

Going to update this whenever patch notes happen. Of course only too Cho'Gath.

Will continue this later. Right now not enough time!

Can someone tell me how to put the pictures in?

Please leave a comment if you voted! Or just leave one if want.

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Items *First Champ Build*

Items for AP/Tank build.

The core items are preety much as followed:

Rod of Ages

Rylai's Crystal Sceptar

Warmog's Armor

And Mejai's

Other items:

Thornmail incase of the dps or AD

Force of nature if there are heavy nukes, AOE, and of course the AP...

Guardian Nature Good if you die, you can sometimes can back and eat them :).

Now for the sequence...

Early game.

I usually just pick up a regrowth pendent and a health pot or mana pot. (Doesn't matter which one, whatever you care to get). Now all you need to do is last hit minons/creeps, don't harrass too much unless you have the mana for it. After you lose most of your mana and used your clarity and (If you bought it) Mana pot. Go back and pick up boots of speed. And if you can get a Ruby Crystal.

After some more kills get a Protector. Then just get Mercury's treads, I get these for CC and AP kinda people. You don't need MP if your good :). I sometimes get giant's belt by mid game but don't count on it. If you don't get it you don't get it.


I usually have giants belt by then. If you don't you need to gank/last hit some more minions! After you get Giant's Belt. Start tanking it up and getting some kills/assists. But remember to not get greedy! If your low on hp try killing some minions. If your about to die and you have minions near you... They could save your life greatly! Go ahead and get Rylai's Crystal Sceptar. Once you have it you should start getting more OP. Sometimes you won't until you learn more about Cho'Gath. You should probably be able to get Rod Of Ages by this time too. If not get some more kills...


By this time you should have Rod Of Ages. You should be preety close to tanky. Not saying you will be, but you might be. I like to get Mejai's before all the armor things. But if there are heavy dps/casters. Go ahead and get a Warmog's. Once you get Warmog's (If you did). Get a Mejai's SoulStealer and go tank/get kills. Remember killing minions in a teamfight can save your life! Never forget it! Now you should have enough money for Warmog's (If you didn't already buy it)... Get it. Now if you didn't get Thornmail/Force of Nature save up for one. You can of corse get both but then you couldn't get Guardian Angel. It helps. If you are about to die you can come back to life and sometimes eat one of the people trying to kill you :). If they didn't run away of course.

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Items *Second Champ Build*

Going to update this later! Added more though.

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Team Work

Team work is key for Cho'Gath. You can't be a great tank with this.

What I look to do with Cho. Is ALWAYS try and anticipate the other teams movements. For rupture. When someone sees that you have used rupture their first instinct is too go BACKWARDS. So I usually always put it in the back of them. If not that. Put it a little to the side of them or just plain on minions. Whenever there are Team Fights. You GO IN first. Your the muscle that needs to tank. If you don't go in first. Try and be the leader and coordinate with the team to get the best kills. You always want to prot. the squishy's.

Once your in the battle Silence them. Try and get them all mostly the DPS/Caster. But NEVER go into a fight without your teammates. If its 1v2 your the 1... (Of Course) don't go in. Knowing other people there will be a GANK squad coming in no time. You might not have time to escape. So NEVER go in without at least another person. This could lead to disaster if you do.

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Summoner Spells

I chose clarity and ghost because there pretty much the primary two spells.

Spells you can also choose:

Exhaust, it helps with dps situations and just to slow them down if Rupture is on CD.

Flash, this is very good if you have ghost or cleanse.

Cleanse, very good for getting away if you have low hp.

Teleport, its good if you have a minion nearby a dieing ally and you can tele to them and sometimes save them.

Ignite, very good if you want KS. (I'm kidding never KS, HAHAHAHAHAHA... Yea right...)

Fortify, whats a tank gotta do to help around here?

Ghost, A slow tank? How about some speed for getting away?

Clarity, some mana for the team fights. You can get very mana hungry late game.

Spell NOT to choose for Cho'Gath:

Heal, its only good if your using the tank build, and if you have some squishy people.

Smite, your not a jungler?

Clairvoyance, don't use this EVER, less your in a ranked game.

Revive, NEVER USE THIS. Unless your level 1. Or just screwing around.

Rally, this is pretty good but only for some champions.

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Will UPDATE this later! Not enough time right now!

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Pros / Cons


A good tank, and who doesn't love an ulti that gives hp?
Lots of HP early game.
Has a slow, silence, and a range type thing.
A TRUE damage ulti.
Can get lots of dmg if full build.
Awesome voice...
Good Farmer


Slow getting to the field/getting to fights.
Can possibly be targeted when AP.
Kind of some long CD
Mana hungry the whole game.
Very slow starting.
You may need some feast stacks to kill.