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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Rawrasarus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rawrasarus

Cho'Gath - Extremely Detailed Guide

Rawrasarus Last updated on May 18, 2012
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For Those Already In a Game...

...and have no time to read this guide, then quickly read this so you can dominate your lane, and perhaps the game.

Cho'Gath is a bruiser, which is in the middle of a full blown out tank, and a full blown out mage. He is usually used as a solo top if there is a jungler on the team as his passive gives both a substantial amount health and mana whenever he kills a unit. Solo top also allows him to level quicker, enabling his ultimate, Feast, to be available and gives him unprecedented laning power, able to hold off for a greater amount of time. During mid-game, he should have an Oracle if there are stealth champions (such as Eve and Twitch) or champions that place wards often. (Teemo and junglers with Wriggle's Lantern) Late game, a well-built Cho'Gath should have 6 stacks of Feast, tier 2 boots, Rod of Ages, 1 Defense Item, 1 AP item, and should be building into another defense item.


    Start with a
Doran's Ring
On 1st Recall grab Boots of Speed and grab either or both Ruby Crystal and 1 or 2 HP Potions
Quickly rush Rod of Ages then upgrade your boots to Mercury's Treads
Build your items to counter your enemies while giving advantages to yourself and your team. These items include, but are not limited to, Frozen Heart, Abyssal Scepter, Sunfire Cape, and Thornmail.
In an event you are not sure what to get, quickly determine if your team is losing or winning, under-leveled or substantially less gold then opposing team, or if it is a close game, then it is up to your discretion on what to grab.


First 4 Levels = (1) Rupture, (2) Vorpal Spikes, (3) Feral Scream, (4) Vorpal Spikes
Then follow this priority Order = Feast > Vorpal Spikes > Feral Scream > Rupture
Feast is available, take it, if not...
Then take Vorpal Spikes, but if not available...
Then take Feral Scream, but if not available...
Then take Rupture.


If you feel like you can control the field to your advantage and a person who is able to see who is MIA (missing in action) at any time in the game...
I suggest Ghost and Exhaust.

If you can strategically use instant getaways and instant movements, for both your team and yourself...
I suggest Flash and Exhaust

If you feel a bit reckless, whether it is quickly taking an enemy down then quickly going back to turrent at low health or is often too focused on your lane to spot MIAs...
I suggest Flash and Ghost

    Use rupture sparingly in early game, don't waste un-needed mana.
    Establish yourself as a bully, as bullies make impressions. However, do not do this verbally, but with your tactics and skills.
    Vorpal Spikes will cut minions down, hitting all units and champions behind the initial target. Use to your advantage when lightly harassing enemies and getting a larger area of farm.
    When facing burst champions, (Ryze, Annie, and most AP casters) silence them after they begin to start. This will cause minimal damage while causing them to wait for the skill's cooldown.
    Feast is a great skill, as it is true damage, and therefore bypasses armor and magic resist. It also allows you to gain a feast stack if you eat a minion. This is
permanent HP until you die. Quickly gain 6 stacks (which is the max amount possible) then save Feast as a finisher.
By mid-late game, most champions will single-handedly beat Cho'Gath in a one-vs-one battle. However, by this time you should not be trying to do single champion ganks with a bruiser. Instead, your role as tank/AP nuke/support will greatly undermine your opponent's damage, while increasing, not only your own's, but the whole team's damage.