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Cho'Gath Build Guide by NinjaForm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjaForm

Cho'Gath Full, O-nom-nom ...

NinjaForm Last updated on August 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Cho'gath is a relatively easy to play champion, but does take some time to master depending on your tastes.

In the following guide, team 1 is the tanky build, and team 2 is the AP build, hope you all enjoy, and please read this whole guide to understand more about this lovely tanky/cc/ap champion.

I play cho pretty often in my games, Watched a lot of TheRainMan's games with cho, and read a lot of other guides, I find cho guides are so similar, but I just like to make one of my own just cause I love this champion.

**** Sorry for lack of Pictures, I don't know how to add them, if someone can comment and tell me how, that would be terrific, Thank you for clicking on this guide. ****

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Pros / Cons

- Even if going ap, have a bonus 150*6 = 900 health bonus from 6 stacks of ulti.
- Ulti does true damage, late game flash to dps carry, land w -> q -> r = dead carry
- very dependable have two disables including knock up and very effective long AOE silence during fights
- can change between ap and tank build anytime through game, disregarding masteries
- 1350 ip for this awesome champ, need I say more?

- W isn't the easiest to land, avoidable
- one big fat slowpoke
- so big, ppl notice you so much
- as you can read, these cons aren't really that important, since cho is a pretty well-rounded champ, not much cons

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Some people ask me, why go armor and mag.resis for both ap and tanky builds.

In my opinion, even though cho might want to go ap, the power of tankyness should still exist. I would never want to play a champion that dies immediately, unless he deals enough damage to destroy in an instant, but cho isn't like that. You want cho to stay in there, do damage, and land knock ups and silence. That's what wins the game.

- Mag.pen, pretty obvious, no other better mark runes.
- Armor. For the "tankiness" factor. I was also thinking of mana regen, but on second thought, it does help him beginning game, but later on with ages, his mana wouldn't be that important, that extra bit of armor might help more than mana regen.
- Mag.Resis. For the "tankiness" factor. Some people like going cdr runes, I don't dissagree, but I like the mag.resis better.
- Depending on tanki, or not, ap/health quints are pretty good.

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Ok, let's start off being tank. Usually for 1400+ Elo when teams are more balanced, less trolls and more serious players who have support, tank, and ad+ap carries


- Shield: For safe early game health regen and armor. Good for laning, and last hitting bravely
- Ages: Good bonus for ap and health. Never hurts to be bigger, can be changed into BV if opposing team is more ap heavy.
- Force of Nature: Since you have so much health, why not have an item even if you lose 99% of your health in a fight, it'll heal right back up in a minute?
- Frozen Heart: Good cdr and slows ad. Pretty self explanatory
- Guardian Angel: Death = lose 3 stacks. 3 min to eat it back. Why lose stacks?
- Zhonyas: Good bonus of ap + armor. Can run into fight, when almost dead, kaboom no damage.

- Sheild: Same as top
- Ages: Same as top
- Rylais: Good amount of more health and ap. Double the goods.
- Deathcap: Don't all ap get this?
- Abyssal: Good amount of MR + ap. As I said above, I build cho even if ap pretty tanky, so can be more of use during team fights. Cho can't ap carry, so why not be more useful.
- Zhonyas: Good ap, saves you from dying, good armor

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Skill Sequence

Get one knock up, and since the effect is the same, I mas out Q and E first for easy creeping, and good damage from silence. Cho is relatively weak in the beginning game, Just farm up.

Get ulti when ever you can, obviously, pure damage = super strong

Some like maxing out Q and W, it can be done if you play more aggressive, but if playing passively, and want to preserve mana more, max out Q and E for those important last hits.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Escaping, and engaging. For those who are experienced with flash only. You can easily chow down their ad carry by flashing up. Hopefully landing a W while ur at it.

Ghost: Fast running for chasing? If you are ahead of them, easier to land your Q since u can aim ahead more accurately

Exhaust: Slow and for ad carry. Need I say more?

- Ignite: Good for killing, and more aggressive play, but I aim for cho to be more "useful" than powerful.
- Teleport: Pushing lanes, and ganking. Not much more use.

Others summoners aren't so recommended.

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Ranked Play

Cho is good for both normal and ranked plays.

For Normal Games:
Aggressive play is often seen with cho, and depending on how your team is playing, it is fine or not fine. You normally see cho with higher kills than deaths during normal plays, if team is doing good.

If cho is the tank, he has to lead into fights, landing those spikes are key to engaging, boom, silence, in fight, flash to carry, and eat. Then just continue going for everyone else. You have done your job of engaging, now everyone should be running off and about with their targets.

If Cho is ap carry, he follows immediately after the tank to engage. Since cho even if ap, he is pretty damn tanky, and have crazy ton of hp, so he can be the "other tank" if required. Same, land spikes, silence, and ulti. Done.

During ranked games:
Cho is normally seen not as aggressive, and kills aren't usually higher than deaths, but his assist is amazingly high. Landing those key spikes, and silence wins the fight. Don't forget that. Eat down on the carry.

Tanky or ap cho play is same as top as though in normal.

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Creeping / Jungling

Creeping: Cho can CS amazingly well. Landing your W then running up and just hitting the back wave of creeps = insta death, then finishing off front row creeps. Cho can destroy a wave of creeps in matter of seconds. He can ks towers of cs too as long as you time your hits, since you get a great bonus from your E when hitting creeps.

Jungling: Don't steal the jungler's creeps if not need to. Depending on what side you are and what team you are on, if you are on golem lane, on the way back, I like eating a golem and then porting back to build stacks beginning game. Later game, stealing the blue, unless obviously if your ap carry needs it, it lets you caste your skills so much more = win.

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Team Work

Refer back to ranked play section.

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Beginning game:
You have your shield, so you should be able to lane for pretty long time. My CS score for top lane is usually around the 100 cs mark by the time it hits a bit longer than 10 minutes. Depending on who you are going against. You can pretty much take down the whole wave no problem. First shopping trip would be best if you can grab a catalyst, and boots. So that's 1325 + 350 Gold I think. So have around 1650 when porting back. It would be even better if you can grab a ward for gank prevention, and some pots if u want.

Mid game: You can cs like a pro now, just keep doing it, get your items, if team wants to fight, be there, you are the tank, or "other tank" plus your team probably needs your cc during fights too. Grab golem if noone wants to claim it.

End game: You can do w/e u want. Be pro.